‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Tops Box Office With $630 Million Opening

Published: Monday 30th Apr 2018 by David

Disney’s ‘Infinity War‘ is making millions at the box office with help from the superheroes it employed to fight the villainous Thanos.

Awesome news below…

Powered by performances delivered by Danai Gurira, Tom Holland, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Evans, Letitia Wright, Idris Elba and others, the movie pulls from each and every Marvel story to tell the tale of Thanos‘ quest to destroy the world as they know it by killing half of its population.

This morning saw Disney reveal that it has earned a monumental $630 million from ticket sales globally and are elated to learn that $250 million of that figure was earned in the United States.

Epic news, as this means it has already recouped its $300 million production budget!

Why do you think Marvel movies fare so well?

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  1. blue April 30, 2018

    do guys know anything about movies?
    the production budget was 300M, marketing was mos def around 200M
    total cost is around 500M, meaning they will need to hit 1B(which they will) to see any profit as of now, they haven’t recouped anything

    • DeDot April 30, 2018

      Are you dumb? 200 Million for marketing??? There has not been one movie made with a 200 million dollar promotional budget…. EVER!

      • blue April 30, 2018

        you are the dumb one, movies at 200M production spend an additional 100M on marketing alone, Justice League had a marketing budget over 150M. marketing has gone up, most due to the rising price of tv spots…most blockbusters spend over 150M and most marketing hardly touches that of infinity

  2. Levi April 30, 2018

    Marvel is using the black panther to draw people into a movie that arguably would not have faired as well in my opinion. #blackmagic

    • blue April 30, 2018

      seems more like #blackmagic is using marvel to make itself look good.

    • stan April 30, 2018

      marvel has been building up to this moment over the past few years and they’ve gone all out with the promotions.

      black panther’s popularity helps, but you’re delusional if you think this movie wasn’t going to blow up.

    • Darius C April 30, 2018

      lies black panther used avengers movie to get successful spinoff black people act as if black Panther was only superhero movie avengers already gonna bet black panther in money

  3. Beystansince1997 April 30, 2018

    Both of you above are wrong! The cost to make this movie cast and crew included (which was leaked by Britain’s Documents) was$321.2 million. The cost to promote this movie was NEVER disclosed (so I don’t know where you guys are getting these random figures from! Either way the made the budget and promotional cost back. The next few months will bring them TRUE PROFIT! Congrats to everyone involved, the movie was awesome!

    • blue April 30, 2018

      at 321M they would need to pull in 640M to break even, so they still have a little more to do to make back their budget unless they spend nothing on marketing.

      and the 200M is simply a estimate based on the size of their marketing.

  4. JOHNVIDAL April 30, 2018

    Just one more useless sequel blockbuster with basic plot and zero artistry. I wish their fanboys could stop thinkg they are great movies and 9s our of 10s LOL

    • Hmmm April 30, 2018

      Why are you always so steam pressed when it comed to these Marvel movies?? First it was Black Panther, now Avengers. We get it, you don’t like the movies…doesn’t mean you have to troll every single post.

  5. Belladonna April 30, 2018

    The movie was amazing & I’m going to see it 2more times this weekend! Sidnote I wish the Music industry worked as hard to promote & level up the way the movie industry does. The Music industry sucks compared to the movie industry.

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