Halle Berry Says ‘Catwoman’ Deserves 2nd Chance Thanks to ‘Black Panther’s Success

Published: Friday 13th Apr 2018 by Rashad

Halle Berry‘s portrayal of infamous DC Comics character, “Catwoman” (in the 2004 movie of the same name), not only came as one of the franchise’s poorest box office performers, but also the most critically panned film of the Academy Award winner’s career.

Earning her a Golden Raspberry Award (also known as “Razzies”), the industry-wide disapproval of the flick – an opinion Berry implied she shared at the time – hasn’t hurt the actress’s career too bad (we’d like to think), but now the 51-year-old is changing her tune.

Speaking to a much-receptive audience at this week’s GLAAD awards, Halle did a little more than hint she’s not only interested in reprising the role, but that it deserves another scratch at the box office thanks to the mega-success of ‘Black Panther’ (currently the most successful superhero movie of all time).

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Berry (source):

“Each story builds on the next. It’s like that old saying goes: behind every Black Panther is a great black Catwoman!” she said while presenting an award onstage. “You know, I’ve gotten a really bad rap for this role, and I think Catwoman deserves another God-d*mn chance, don’t you?”

After the audience erupted into cheer and applause, Berry, 51, said, “I knew this room would understand.”


It’s assumed she was joking, but hey…never say never!

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  1. Bryant April 13, 2018

    Ehhhh, maybe a Netflx release or something, sure.

  2. Jasmine April 13, 2018

    I would rather see her as storm in xmen. The problem with Catwoman was not just the bad writing but the bad acting and plot as well. In theory the role would be good but her paps with a different actress and different writers rather than a rehash of the overall bad meshing that took place with the 1st one.

  3. Jake April 13, 2018

    It did ! 5 years ago with Anne Hathaway has the lead . Now let’s just reboot the whole thing . Only Catwoman I acknowledge these days is Selina Kyle on Gotham .

  4. Bam April 13, 2018

    She had her chance and if she would’ve taken the initiative to actually read a catwoman comic she’d have seen what’s in the comics is much cooler, sexier, and empowering than that mess they brought to screen. She’s do better to try to play vixen now.

  5. puh-leasssse April 14, 2018

    If Catwoman is to be rebooted then a better script needs to be drafted (not one about Catwoman vs. The MAC Makeup Company) better acting, and a better Catwoman costume, and maybe instead of a starring role how about Halle gets a cameo role?

  6. David April 14, 2018

    No she doesn’t not leave the comic book for the professionals she is whack you already f***** up storm

  7. whatever April 14, 2018

    She was clearly joking

  8. Divvy April 14, 2018

    Maybe she’s right after all. Cat Woman still has a change to get linked up with The Black Panther

  9. SMH April 14, 2018

    True, why not. The problem with her film wasn’t her performance, it was the horrible writing & storyline.

  10. TRUTH TELLER April 17, 2018

    She was Joking everybody. lol However if Cat Woman had been done correctly it could’ve been an Amazing Movie. Maybe in another Ten Years when everybody forgets someone else can come along and recreate it.

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