‘Girlfriends’ Movie Update: Creator Eyes $60 Million Budget To Do It Properly

Published: Friday 13th Jul 2018 by Sam

It’s been a decade since ‘Girlfriends’ aired its last episode and fans are still eager for closure on the big-screen.

Anchored by Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan), Golden Brooks (Maya), Jill Marie Jones (Toni), and Persia White (Lynn), the much-loved sitcom shared the lives, loves, and losses of four women.

Its somewhat abrupt end after 8 seasons in 2008 left many hoping for a movie to tie-up all the loose ends.

Over the years, key cast members have expressed interest – as has creator Mara Brock Akil, who was quizzed on the subject by Wendy Williams.

On the host’s pink coach to discuss new show ‘Love Is__,’ Akil offered an update on the potential ‘Girlfriends’ flick.

Head below for details…

Speaking candidly on the matter, Akil revealed that she could have (and, at a point, would have) shot the movie with a budget of $2 million, $5 million, or $ 10 million. But at this juncture, she’d be looking for a deal in the ballpark of $50-60 million to execute the vision properly because the franchise has a following and a pedigree that simply deserves it.

Hit ‘PLAY’ to see her elaborate…

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While some may scoff, we totally get where Mara is coming from.

If shows such as ‘Sex & The City’ (which averaged very similar ratings) can leverage their TV audience towards two big budget movies, why not ‘Girlfriends’?

The fanbase is there and it’s safe to say that the show’s core audience (see: “Urban”) have more than proven their box office power of late (see: ‘Girls Trip,’ ‘Black Panther’ and the like).

Fingers crossed that a studio green-lights what we’re all waiting for.

Your thoughts?

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  1. QC July 13, 2018

    Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow!!!!

  2. BaddieVix July 13, 2018

    I hope this happens! My teenage years were spent watching all 8 seasons!

    I’d definitely support any future endeavors pertaining to the show and characters!

  3. Casual July 13, 2018

    No effing way. They should make it in the $5-10 mil range, perhaps a little more if it will make a big difference production-wise. Girlfriends was a good show, but it never crossed over; and to make big money, you have to cross over.

    And . . . exactly WHAT are they going to spend $60 mil on? They’re not making a picture that will have any action or stunts.

    The budget for Girls Trip, a similar movie to what this might be, was $19 mil.

    • Kizzy July 14, 2018

      It doesn’t need to cross over. It was still a successful show. Furthermore production cost more these days then it did a decade ago and Tracee Ellis Ross is a bigger star nowadays which who I’m sure demands mire money to film and promote

  4. Lana Del Fan July 13, 2018

    Sounds pretty ambitious for a movie that only caters to a small part of the population. We have insecure now. We don’t need a girlfriends movie

    • CW July 13, 2018

      Speak for yourself! I still love my Girlfriends and would love to see them on the big screen. However, a budget of 10 million would be sufficient in creating a story that provides fitting closure to an excellent and beautiful piece of black pop culture (yes, it is a part of black pop culture: it’s one of the longest (if not longest) running black sitcoms ever).

  5. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 13, 2018

    This article is not accurate with its comparison to SATC. SATC had 10.6 million viewers at the end and Girlfriends ratings were at 2.1 million. This data comes from Nielson ratings and it is also cited on wiki. During its prime, SATC was at 6.4 million viewers while Girlfriends was at 3.6 million viewers.

    While Girlfriends deserves a reunion movie I find the comparison to SATC ratings a total lie and not relevant. The problem here is that Girlfriends only appealed to one demographic whereas SATC appealed to multiple demographics and includes a bigger cast made up of two well known tv actresses (Parker and Catrall). Tracer is OK as an actress and has a name for herself but she is no proven movie star like Parker and Catrall were. The other 2-3 cast members of Girlfriends are low budget tv actresses that even I do not know their names. I say the director needs to come off her high horse or let somebody else direct it with a smaller budget. Tracee is more than capable of directing a reunion movie so let her direct it.

  6. Adele4life July 13, 2018


    $20Millinis more than enough and if he was any good, he’d be able to do it for $10Million.

    I am not sure why he thinks he needs the budget of Think Like A Man multiple times over…

    • Lana Del Fan July 13, 2018

      So he can pocket 55 million and use the rest for the movie

  7. Adele4life July 13, 2018

    SITC was a worldwide phenomenon who was playing on all continents in just about every language.

    Stop being delusional. This is not a Beyoncé project. No need for the hard spin from you guys.

  8. G7Pat July 13, 2018

    This in no way requiresthat big of a budget 25 mill tops

  9. eric July 14, 2018

    I have not been able to change the station quickly enough any time one of Mara’s shows has come on TV. There isn’t enough of a fan base to justify a $50 million movie, and she also has to consider that her one screenwriting credit (Sparkle) was a huge disappointment for fans and for investors. No one is looking to help her repeat that.

  10. FactsOnly! July 14, 2018

    Honestly… Why follow the SATC route with movies. Like people didn’t love either really and hated hard on SATC2 film.

    Why not in the age of reboots, just reboot the show for TV!? I mean can BET not afford to pay for it, they certainly need some original programming. If not them VH1 perhaps, both Viacom but we see how L&HH works for VH1 and that’s primarily black geared audience.

    • TV Insider July 15, 2018

      While a reboot would be ideal, you’re missing one major thing. Tracee Ellis Ross currently costars on Blackish and more than likely cannot shoot a second scripted series due to contractual and time constraints.

      In interviews for other projects, she has even stated that while interested in doing the movie(s), she’s pretty busy and would more than likely have to film when Blackish is on production hiatus.

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