Donald Trump Applauds Kanye West Following ‘Kimmel’ Interview

Published: Saturday 11th Aug 2018 by David

Kanye West‘s inability to criticise Donald Trump has seen him score a fresh set of compliments from the troubled President.

West made his way to ‘Kimmel’ days ago and sought to defend his love for Trump but found himself unable to explain how he could continue to support him in spite of his horrific acts.

This, much to Donald’s delight.

His thoughts below…

Sad stuff.

Why do you think Kanye loves Trump?

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  1. ??? August 11, 2018

    lmaooo all massas love their house ni@@er$. And he needs to stop trying to make that low African american unemployment lie happen because nobody is buying his fake news except his idiot cult members lmfaooo???

  2. Mateo August 11, 2018

    Okay, so African American unemployment is at it’s lowest when trump is in office. However, what about the percentage of black owned businesses and entrepreneurs? We are still working for other people, making the Rich richer! Yeah, low African American unemployment sounds great to white america because they want African Americans supporting their new slavery infrastructure. Also, why does Trump get to benefit from the results of Obama’s hard work of fixing the mess George Bush left. It takes years to do this and now we are seeing change, but it was mainly Obama’s efforts and Trump is just coming in.

    • Flw August 11, 2018

      Obama gave iran millions of dollars for terrorism, this man isn’t qualified for nothing.

      • Caleb August 11, 2018

        That was Iran’s money in banks that the US refused to return to them in the first place! Know what you are talking about first.

      • Cbeylive August 11, 2018

        All the other things said and all u could focus on is Obama point proven ?

  3. CZeal August 11, 2018

    It’s offensive that when he sees Kanye all he can talk about is African American unemployment.

  4. 122122121 August 11, 2018

    who the fck gives money to terrorists you dumb westerners?

  5. #TheTruth August 11, 2018

    Can we talk about :
    – him calling out Mexicans rapists ?
    – refusing to shake hands with the German leading Lady ?
    – pushing everybody to be in the center of the photo at the G20 ?
    And the list goes on and on.
    He is childlish and classless. This is not a tv show. What kind of example are you setting ?
    Bravo on having Bush 8 years at the head of the country and now… this.
    USA doesn’t have a real democratic vote system when they keep acting in the name of freedom : speech, guns and the list goes on.
    You want real freedom ? Voting right away for the person you want to elect instead of having the Big Electro filter in between.
    Hilary Clinton had over 2 million popular votes in her favor… so if the country spoke in her favor, why isn’t she President ?
    Wake up America, wake up.

    • #TheTruth August 11, 2018

      Big Elector* filter

  6. What? August 12, 2018

    Kanye is ashamed of his race, which is why he married a non-white woman, and now he is kissing up to a known racist. This is the definition of a true c***.

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