Petition To Fire Evelyn Lozada From ‘Basketball Wives’ Surges Past 4,000 Signatures

Published: Wednesday 29th Aug 2018 by Rashad

‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada‘s seeing her name bounce across headlines after a heated, on-screen confrontation with a co-star saw her hurl a racial epithet – a move that’s landed her in hot water with the show’s fans.

CeCe Gutierrez, a newcomer on the series, was the recipient of the attack as she was branded “Lee Lee” by Lozada during the altercation.  Sending viewers into an uproar, Evelyn eventually took to social media to offer an apology for her comment but it appeared to be too little too late as some fans of the VH1 reality TV show are petitioning its executive producer and star, Shaunie O’Neal, to fire her for the infraction.

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Video courtesy of TheJasmineBrand:

#EvelynLozada apologizes to her #Basketballwives cast mate #CeceGutierrez for referring to her as “Lee Lee” ***SWIPE***

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“In the heat of a verbal battle things are sometimes said that are hurtful, untrue and totally out of character. It’s not cool – but regrettably it happens. I understand why many are upset by my derogatory, stereotypical reference of another woman of color – and for that I’m so sorry.” 

 Going on to say:

“I extended a heartfelt apology to my cast mate CeCe Gutierrez a few weeks back in which she graciously accepted. Moving forward….I have to do better.”


The petition, which has surged past 4,000 signatures in just a matter of days, can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Rasputia Lattimore August 29, 2018

    As much as I don’t like that missing edges ho Evil Lynn I don’t think the comment was that bad. CeCe Gutierrez does look filipino or asian so calling her “lee lee” really is not that bad. It’s not like she called her a bad slang word. Plenty of shows historically have used racial slang words and nobody says anything. People need to get a life more and stop living vicariously through these nonsense scripted “reality” shows.

  2. IG @ mixedboy August 29, 2018

    Chhhhhhh they doing the most. She’s apologized and ol gurl has accepted. Y’all know what these damn tv shows bring. DRAMA!

    • Ejai August 30, 2018


    • China August 30, 2018

      Ms. Girl– this boring ass show needed some DRAMA. FINALLY. Tami is not fighting or slapping people because she SO SICKLY SKINNY she might break. EV is gorgeous and I like her Realness and shes a AssHole and is the ONLY chick with Personality on that DRYASS show…..where Draya????

      • Rasputia Latimore August 30, 2018

        They replaced Draya with Evil Lynn after she quit the show. Evil Lynn has some great one liners which is why as much as I dislike her she is needed on the show. I laughed when she described Tami as a woman who stands there drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette, looking all nasty.

  3. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) August 30, 2018

    How would Evelyn feel if someone called her a mayate or consuela? Fire her!!

    • China August 30, 2018

      BISH EV is so beautiful, she’s swing her tracks and laugh in her Gucci sweatshirt. She a bronx bish. She good. Old Ling Ling needs to get booted off The show for having ZERO personality and cattlebag implants

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) August 30, 2018

        F*** that old build-a-body jump off

  4. Ughhh August 30, 2018

    If we are going to fire her over a simple stereotype comment that she has now apologized for, put in the same fûcking effort and hold the same fûcking standards and accountability for our current president. Put your energy into things that actually effect your life. I hate people y’all are so tired

    • Rosy August 30, 2018

      I agree these hypocrites wanting people off shows stfu why nobody start a petition for trump and lee lee is racist now what the f*** next y’all too sensitive eve ignore these petitions it’s tami and her jealous followers ass doing this eve is

  5. Achooo! August 30, 2018

    Evelyn will always be that hoodrat from the Bronx. Matter of fact I never met a articulate educated Puerto Rican or Dominican they are all gutter with Third World mentality. Evelyn its Ling Ling not Lee Lee and you were not suppose to say it on national television. I hate Fake Shaunie O’Neal the worst friend

    • China August 30, 2018

      And you Stink. you smell like Sh!it hoeass. STFU Latino people are lawyers, Doctors and Judges also. How old is your dumb A**? STF and swallow Bleach H**.

      • Achooo! August 30, 2018

        You just proven my point. Bye Ashy with that bad Spanish shape! Master your verbiage cause I’m a dragon slayer. I slay dragons!

    • Caleb August 30, 2018

      “Third world mentality”?! You ain’t s*** for that comment. You obviously don’t even know the meaning of “third world” because if you did it wouldn’t be throw around as an insult.

  6. Voncille August 30, 2018

    She’s a bully. You can call someone dumb and use racial epithets but when she calls you dumb then she’s wrong. Shaune should be ashamed of herself as well. You said and meant what you said, remember “you can be ghetto”. You and Jen have bullied CeCe since the beginning.

  7. Caleb August 30, 2018

    This whole show is trash and always has been.

  8. Sonja August 30, 2018

    She need to be fired, she’s just a big bully and have the nerves to be a spokesperson for domestic valance. ?SMH

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