Jennifer Hudson Confirms Being Cast As Aretha Franklin In Biopic / Spills On ‘CATS’

Published: Wednesday 26th Sep 2018 by Sam

Jennifer Hudson is booked and busy.

Currently starring as a coach on The Voice, the Grammy and Oscar winner stopped by the Ellen show to plug the series.

While there, J.Hud opened up about her upcoming projects.

One of the most notable is the much-talked-out Aretha Franklin biopic – for which she confirms she’s been cast as lead.

She also dished on the hotly anticipated ‘CATS’ biopic, which she’ll be starring in as Grizabella alongside Taylor Swift and James Corden.

Peep the interview below…

It’s been a decade since ‘Dreamgirls’ and Ms. Hudson hasn’t missed a step.

We’re buzzed for both the biopic and ‘CATS.’ Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Selah September 26, 2018

    No. Jennifer Hudson bores me to no end. She’s an obnoxious singer and mediocre actress.

    • Brent Christopher September 26, 2018

      I agree 150%!

    • Maxx September 26, 2018


      • thanosoftitans September 26, 2018

        Thank you!

    • Vernell Hill September 26, 2018

      I am not a fan of Jhud’s vocal tone or style, but Aretha loved her and we can’t argue with that.

  2. JCP September 26, 2018

    I love JHud! Looking forward to both ventures involving Ms. Hudson!

  3. Luke September 26, 2018

    Amazing news! She’s stepping into the biggest era of her career thus far – Dreamgirls included! Can’t wait for both projects!

  4. Tori September 26, 2018

    HELL NO! When I see Jennifer, I DK NOT even see Erma, let alone a damn ARETHA! And will she be singing or lip syncing because…listen to Arethas ENTIRE catalog, from 1956-2014 and then listen to Jennifer’s. She is not as vocally (or musically) versatile as Aretha. That sorry ass tribute that the media hailed as the holy grail then didnt even talk about afterwards, is the prime example. She screamed her ass completely off like she was being murdered and Aretha was the killer. Did she even audition or did th dr y literally give her the roll?

    • Maxx September 26, 2018

      She didn’t have to audition. Aretha wanted her to have the role because she obviously knew she is talented AND the best one to portray her. Jennifer is not only a GREAT singer & SKILLED actress, but she is a beautiful role model. Sometimes she comes off as kinda fake, but that is because she has some walls built up due to all the drama she has had to endure, but I love her endurance & her strength. Love you Jennifer Hudson!!! Keep up the great works! ♥

      • thanosoftitans September 26, 2018


  5. Keith September 26, 2018

    Don’t care about anything with Taylor Swift but looking forward to see what Jennifer does with an Aretha biopic. I think Jennifer’s very talented (loved the JHUD album) but somewhat adrift in the music industry, which is unfortunate…

  6. Vernell Hill September 26, 2018

    I have been watching old Aretha performances on YouTube since her death, and she was a remarkable singer since she was a child. There’s a performance of her singing in church at 14 years old that will blow your mind! When it comes to Jennifer Hudson, she just can’t compare but who really can? Aretha was a once in a lifetime talent. She didn’t just scream or belt, you actually FELT HER SOUL in every note she sang. Jhud just doesn’t do that for me, but Aretha chose her so we can’t argue with the queen. RIP Aretha. You will forever be a national treasure, ALL HAIL!!!!

    Jhud, don’t f*** this up sis….

  7. stan September 26, 2018

    hopefully she’ll do a great job, but i’m not that interested tbh.

  8. No name September 27, 2018

    I love Jennifer and I couldn’t see anyone else playing Aretha.
    She can her face off

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