Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Face Worrying Divorce Reports

Published: Monday 15th Oct 2018 by David

Sources who claim to be close to the beauty and entertainment mogul Kim Kardashian allege that she is “secretly planning” to divorce her husband Kanye West.

A potentially baseless, yet disconcerting, report below…

‘Crazy Days & Nights’, the Blind Items website which broke news of Harvey Weinstein‘s antics years before they were covered by the mainstream media, stunned Kanye fans with this report recently…

This A list reality star spent two hours on a conference call yesterday with the same lawyer who handled her previous divorce. All totaled, there were six people on the call all discussing steps to be taken and how they can be implemented on short notice. The writing is on the wall with her celebrity husband.

Kim Kardashian/Kanye West.

The loving couple have three children together and are yet to respond to the report which suggests that West may not be aware that Kardashian is mapping out an exit plan.

If true, a split would make West Kim’s third husband and overshadow the Reality TV royal’s philanthropic efforts on a press front.

One of the causes Kim has been hard at work on? The imprisonment of Ms. Cyntoia Brown.

Do you believe the rumour?

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  1. Jaybee October 15, 2018

    Is this why he’s trying to be cool with Donald trump?

  2. Xoxo October 15, 2018

    If true I don’t blame her

    • XYZ October 15, 2018

      My first thought. Kanye is crazy. Just look at his eyes. He looks like he is planning a massacre. Crazy Ass dude

      • Anon October 15, 2018

        Everyone goes crazy living with the Kardashians :p

  3. Achooo! October 15, 2018

    They both have inflated ego and both use each other. She need constant validation because she has no talent and he is a lost soul with deep self hate issues. Ant body Kim needed someone with a big name and Kanye was the fool. I personally don’t think they will divorce she is planting seeds to get full power attorney over Kanye. I can see Kanye being suicidal after Kim or to be killed by them. We all know Kanye has loose lips and could potentially destroy Kims brand so they will kill him before they let that happen. They want you to think he is crazy and rogue. He miss his mother! The only person who kept him in check.

    • Meiz October 15, 2018

      Damn. Who gave birth to you??? You are so bitter

      • Achooo! October 15, 2018

        The beautiful GODS that you worship gave birth to me. Bow down to Queen of the universe. Sychopant!

  4. Realtalk October 15, 2018

    In Kim’s defense this marriage was over when Kanye couldn’t get the famous couple Beyoncé/Jay z to attend the wedding 👰 and all it f*****y. Kim has lawyers been that bi**h and it really came out when she told her sister she wasn’t worth looking at no one care she was the least nd her b**chness really came forward.

  5. Arthus Nico October 15, 2018

    She deserves better, he’s a clown

    • Anon October 15, 2018

      She’s not perfect herself though, or 😕

      • Arthus Nico October 15, 2018

        No but she HATES to be embarrassed and he keeps on saying crazy s***

  6. Real deal Honey October 15, 2018

    It could be true or another PR move. Kanye is desperate for attention, it is terrible. He needs to phsycatric therapy or something. Doing the silliest most out here.

  7. Bravo!! October 15, 2018

    I don’t want to believe this report. Just the thought of Kanye harming his self or other around him. I just hope if he have those thoughts he think of the bigger p

    • Bravo!! October 15, 2018

      Of the bigger picture which is his kids*

  8. Caleb October 15, 2018

    I knew it would be she who left him honestly. Although I imagined it playing out that she would cheat on him and he would be devastated and broken-hearted as it seems he truly loves her.

    • Anon October 15, 2018

      She’s all he has :/ (from his interview with Charlamagne) not surprised he’s been faithful

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