Tyra Banks Reveals She Is Still Hurt By Naomi Campbell Feud / Says Rival Was “Extreme”

Published: Monday 17th Dec 2018 by David

Years after the TV special launched to help them bury their feud, Tyra Banks has revealed that she is still disturbed the ferocity of her spat with fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Speaking to ‘BuzzFeed‘, the business woman revealed that she believes their clashing was one-sided as she lacked the power she says Naomi had to pull the plug on the drama when it was at its worst.

A fresh perspective from Banks below…

She got very nervous and was extreme in her nervousness.

Campbell is yet to share her thoughts on Banks’ remarks.

What do you make of this development?

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  1. Mark111 December 17, 2018

    Girl it’s time to move on. Matter of fact, it’s a decade past due.

  2. Generous queen December 17, 2018

    Oh tyra girl move on.

  3. Kara December 17, 2018

    She is so fake

  4. 2bad2bme December 17, 2018

    This was so unnecessary. Ya’ll just be digging up drama.

  5. Mother December 17, 2018

    Girl, move on ?

  6. Bravo!!! December 17, 2018

    Stfu Tyra! She should be happy how here life turned out two decades later

  7. truthteller December 17, 2018

    I will never forget when Tyra interviewed Naomi on her talk show. She made such a fool of herself acting all traumatized, while Naomi remained unbothered by Tyra’s nonsense and looked amazing

  8. Team Kash Doll December 17, 2018

    Tyra let it go, y’all discussed this over ten years ago and made peace. Worry about them busted wigs you wear and keep Queen Naomi name out your mouth.

  9. I.D. December 17, 2018

    How many years has it been now….? Wasn’t that issue resolved and put to bed? Guuurrrrrlllll, build a bridge and get over it, for goodness sake.

    Plus, the choice of clothing is very interesting, indeed…..


  10. Karter December 17, 2018

    Tyra…let that hurt go, sis. You’ve interviewed her, shared your thoughts and feelings (while Ms. Campbell sat there on YOUR couch, unbothered and nonchalant) on the matter. You made it to be a top model and mogul regardless of how she may or may not have treated you. Let. It. Go…it’s just tired at this point.

  11. Sandra December 17, 2018

    I have to roll my eyes. If any of these top model chicks were to complain about the way you treated them you would’ve told them to be grateful. Decades on Naomi still looks flawless and you decended into nose jobs, boob jobs and bad weaves.

  12. Bey and Rih lives December 17, 2018

    Lol these comments were riding hard for Tyra a few weeks ago when it was Winnie…. what happened? ??

  13. Caleb December 17, 2018

    I’m so tired of hearing her talk about Naomi when Naomi doesn’t ever pay her any mind. This is a very one-aided feud.

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