Tisha Campbell Accuses Ex-Husband Duane Martin of Physical Abuse

Published: Monday 28th Jan 2019 by Rashad

Nearly a year after the announcement, the bitter, highly publicized divorce of actors Duane and Tisha Campbell Martin has garnered intense media attention again after Tisha unearthed shocking claims that she suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her estranged husband.

Details inside:

[Tisha] claims her estranged husband has been abusive for years … alleging he flew into a violent rage as recently as last month.

The “Martin” star filed for a restraining order against Duane Martin … alleging he once punched her in the chest with a closed fist. In the docs, she says in December, Duane “grabbed me by my arm to try to get me in the bedroom.” She claims she filed a police report in January about multiple alleged physical altercations.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Duane started physically, emotionally and mentally abusing Tisha at the start of their marriage in 1996. She says he berated her about her weight and inability to land roles because of it. 

A judge has now granted Tisha the temporary restraining order, which requires Duane to stay at least 100 yards away from her. [source]


Tisha also hit back at critics who were wondering why she waited until now to say something.

“I can no longer live in fear of retaliation … the need [to] press criminal charges for his acts overshadows the embarrassment of making his crimes against me public through this report.”

As of time reported Duane has not responded to the allegations.

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  1. Jasmine January 28, 2019

    She just wants full custody. If the court labels him ‘violent’ she has a better chance at full custody.

    • Labels January 28, 2019

      Stfu you dirty bih!!! Were you there s****???

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        Save your abusive language for your garbage mother who spewed you out of her dirty stank disease filled box. I will not tolerate being spoken to like that u TRASH! Humble yourself. You can lick the ground I walk on and eat bricks!

      • ??? January 29, 2019

        lmaoooo girl shut up, she has restraining order & complaints on file with the police. you love defending pedos and woman beaters dont you, sounds like you have daddy issues lmfaoooooooo

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        SHUT UP! If u don’t like my opinions then ignore them. You are NOT entitled to disrespect my private life. I call a spade a spade and I always have RECEIPTS. Here are receipts that backs up my opinion:

        1. Custody Issues last month:

        2. This receipt proves Tisha is capable of lying. Here is she is kissing a man she alleged sexxually abused her 20 years later:

        3. NO WHERE on this WHOLE DAMN POST can you quote ME ‘defending’ anyone. I just stated my opinion on her motivations behind her allegations.

        4. Accusations and allegations are simply just that. They are not proven FACTS that have been proven in a court of law. Notice I did not speak my opinion on whether or not I believe Tisha’s allegations and accusations. I simply said my opinion on her motivations. If I was married to an abusive man I would want sole custody too. Stating that she likely wants sole custody plainly in NO WAY says I believe or disbelieve her allegations!

    • Shayla Queen January 29, 2019

      Humble yourself old h**!!

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        Bow DOWN and lick the ground I walk on abuser! You should be good at it since your main position is on your knees!

    • SMH January 29, 2019

      You must have a man at home that’s beating your asss on the regular. You’re always the first to comment on these posts, and its always to support the abuser. Seek some help.

  2. Jeans January 28, 2019

    Are they still doing the Martin reboot?

  3. GiGi January 29, 2019

    What’s wrong with folks that have to be ignorant because someone shares THEIR opinion that may not align with YOURS? It’s ok to disagree but do we have to do it tastelessly? Stop being so ignorant. PUHLEASE

    • ??? January 29, 2019

      lmao youre on the wrong site dear lmfaooooooo

  4. Linda MCLEAN January 29, 2019

    Like a lot of women we feel as if we have done something to cause the abuse especially if we have suffered childhood abuse. She’s in the public eye so I can understand her reluctancy to file charges in the beginning of the marriage. Men know what they are doing, he knew she loved him and her NEED for him to love her back, instead he belittled her by calling her names, ie…fat and god knows what else. I’ve been there and shes doing the right thing Now that’s whats important

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