Netflix Issues Statement Urging Against #BirdBoxChallenge

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019 by Rashad

Are you among the many so enamored with Netflix’s wildly popular ‘Bird Box’ film that you’ve attempted to navigate a day in your life blindfolded (much like the movie’s main characters)?

If you are, the streaming giant has a suggestion:  don’t.

The statement above was lifted to Netflix’s official Twitter account once execs got word that some viewers of the film had initiated a #BirdBoxChallenge, which calls for its participants to attempt to carry out the tasks of their day (i.e. crossing the street, going down stairs, etc.) blindfolded like the characters in the movie.

For those unfamiliar with the popular flick’s plot:

‘Bird Box,’ a horror concept film available exclusively on Netflix, stars Sandra Bullock. In the movie, Bullock and her children, Boy and Girl, are forced to wear blindfolds and navigate a river and spooky forest to protect themselves against the evil monster that, if seen, causes people to kill themselves. [source]

Its popularity, evidenced by its record-breaking viewership (as we reported here), was further demonstrated by the countless memes created to reference aspects of the film.  The challenge, though helping keep said acclaim afloat, isn’t exactly the best idea.  So, please don’t try it at home kids.

Your thoughts?

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  1. XYZ January 3, 2019

    People are getting dumber and dumber

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