Tiffany Haddish Blames Bombed ‘NYE’ Performance On Exhaustion

Published: Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 by Rashad

Tiffany Haddish is still feeling the burn from disappointed fans who continue to weigh in on her disastrous showing at Miami’s James L. Knight Center on New Year’s Eve (as we reported here).

Raking in jeers and boos from audience members for her forgotten lines and flat jokes (as some even walked out of the performance in disgust), the backlash and negative press from the incident not only led the 39-year-old to offer an apology, but now an explanation.

Taking to TMZ, Tiff shared:

“See, your brain is an interesting thing when it don’t get the proper amount of rest,” she said. “You gotta understand, I’ve worked almost every day last year.”

Look inside to see what else she said:

“I worked all the way up until New Years, I get out to Miami, I wanna celebrate this prosperity… I’m mad it went a little bit overboard,” she continued.

Going to explain that she was only home for 40 days in 2018 and slept in her own bed just 28 times, Haddish also had a few words for the critics who continue to judge her comedic missteps:

“I think people should get on stage and try it 10 times, and see where they end up,” she stated. “It’s a lot of work to get to where I’m at.”

Click here to see what else she had to say about the failed performance.

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  1. ERIC January 3, 2019

    I’m “exhausted” from her excuses. If you know you have a comedy gig coming up, get some sleep or don’t book the show. Plain and simple.

  2. Bam January 3, 2019

    Here’s the thing and it’s a classic lesson almost all young people need to learn, LISTEN TO YOUR ELDERS! Whoopi Goldberg told her on the view last year to take a break. Whoopi said this not cause she is an old lady that don’t “get it” but because she’s an old lady that does. Of course Tiffany was exhausted that was obvious even in her off remarks about PETA and BLM. I personally don’t find her funny outside of Girlstrip but still it’s obvious she needs to sit her ass down for her own health.

  3. XYZ January 3, 2019

    Or your brain just doesn’t work if you‘re drunk af

    • Casual January 3, 2019

      This! If she had just forgotten her jokes, she could have excused herself from the stage for a few minute “bathroom break” to read back over her routines, but that wouldn’t have solved the real problem.

  4. Nicky January 3, 2019

    No audience wants to hear an excuse. Bird brain.

  5. Meteorite January 3, 2019

    No offense you’re not funny.

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