‘Rent’ Starring Tinashe Tallies Lowest Ratings Ever for Live Musical

Published: Monday 28th Jan 2019 by Sam

Tinashe racked up praise aplenty for her turn in FOX‘s ‘Rent,’ however ratings for last night’s broadcast were anything but stellar.

In fact, it registered the lowest ever numbers for a televised live musical.

Details below…

Even before airing, the special was marred by an accident, which saw cast member Brennin Hunt break his foot. With little time or choice, the network were forced to inter-splice live performance was pre-taped segments.

With the overnight ratings counted, it’s been revealed via Variety that ‘Rent’ averaged a 1.4 rating in adults 18-49 and was watched by 3.4 million viewers.

This means it now ranks below former last-place holder, 2017’s ‘A Christmas Story Live’ – which commanded a 1.5 rating and 4.5 million viewers on the same network.

With the live musical format proving potently popular in recent years, it’s also several m’s off the 4.6 rating and 18.6 million viewers who tuned into NBC’s ‘Sound Of Music’ in 2013.

Still, it’s imperative to note that ‘Rent’ (which also starred Mario, Jordan Fisher, and Vanessa Hudgens) was amongst the highest-rated shows broadcast last night in the all-important 18-49 demo.

Indeed, it notably topped the competition in each individual hour of its three hour duration, pointing perhaps to other variables being at play (rather than flat-out disinterest).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Culture Vulture Grande January 28, 2019

    I need a much better record label than RCA to make Tinashe great again.

    • aj January 28, 2019

      Any nobody gonna make her great again cause she was never great in the first play. “2 On” was riding high atop a waive of many DJ mustard productions at the time and got some serious airplay on Radio and clubs. Everything since has been an attempt at rehashing “2 On” or throwing every sound at ‘re wall until something sticks. She has no personality or individuality. We don’t know who she is. Her vocals aren’t even that strong. She might be one of those entertainers better suited to song writing a.k.a. wynter gordan

      • Culture Vulture Grande January 28, 2019

        Shaaaaaaaaaade but facts (unfortunately)

    • Jasmine January 28, 2019

      i dont think her label is the problem. It is Timashi’s ability to sell music that is the problem.

      • Shayla Queen January 29, 2019

        Like your ability to sell your corroded old box

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        Bow Down and lick the ground I walk on lessor.

      • Mrs. Rasputia January 29, 2019

        I’m make so Tinashe didn’t really appeal to my testosterone point of view but she’s s***. I got 2” of hood D for her

      • Mrs. Rasputia January 29, 2019

        I meant “im male”

  2. Dc January 28, 2019

    It sucked

  3. Cruz January 28, 2019

    Watched last night, she was perfect for the role. The entire show was really good, highly recommended. Also didn’t realize how good of a vocalist Vanessa Hudgens is.

  4. Seth January 28, 2019

    Bc she’s not a star and only a limited audience know who she is. She hasn’t had a hit song EVER

    John Legebd and Carrie Underwood slayed in their roles

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon ?) January 28, 2019

    Alot of people on here acting as if this musical was just her leading it.
    Hudgens, Mario and others were involved. Plus, the dress rehearsal was aired due to one person injuring himself.

    Stop bashing Tinashe, if you don’t like her or don’t see IT then why are you still checking on her since “2 On”? Lol hehe so so so….. OBSESSED! 🙂
    HASHTAG: #MakeSensePlease

  6. ~The Acrade~ January 28, 2019

    Still bopping that “No Drama” and “Throw a Fit”??

  7. BYISI January 28, 2019

    I blame blogs and social media for this generation not quite understanding marketability, longevity, and how the music industry works in general. Every artist isn’t going to be a star and every career doesn’t last. The older millennials understand this, it’s the younger generation that doesn’t. Tinashe had ample opportunity to build a solid career, she and her team dropped the ball. It should’ve been easy for her, but because her singing voice is blah, her personality is blah and she’s just unrelatable and unlikable it hasn’t worked. Add that to the fact that her fans are extremely overzealous and delusional when it comes to her. RCA wasn’t the problem, the problem is Tinashe.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon ?) January 28, 2019

      If Tinashe is blah, then why are you here?
      Make it make sense!
      HASHTAG: #Obsessed 🙂 xoxo

      • aj January 29, 2019

        What he says makes perfect sense. Instead of becoming a keyboard warrior go out and buy Tinashe’s music. That’s the problem with her fans… they don’t care enough to buy/stream her music

  8. MUSICHEAD January 28, 2019

    She stay losing

    • 2bad2bme January 29, 2019


  9. James dean January 28, 2019

    It was BAD

  10. H** January 28, 2019

    I mean it’s also RENT, on FOX. It’s not your family friendly musical and it has gays in it. It doesn’t have the demographic for tv viewers.

  11. eric January 29, 2019

    It was not a good production. Too many cuts between cameras made the scenes look and feel scattered. I couldn’t get into the songs or much of anything really. My favorite between NBC and FOX is The Wiz, and Grease was kind of cool too.

  12. BeyGr8 January 29, 2019

    Damn another L for Tinashe. She has a lot of perserverance though I”ll give her that!

  13. Brandon Woods January 30, 2019

    I don’t understand why u have to use Tinashe’s name as if it’s her fault it flopped. It’s not like she was the most famous person in the cast. She’s a new actress. Leave her alone.

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