#SurvivingRKelly: Alleged R. Kelly Victim Opens Up About Experience On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Wednesday 9th Jan 2019 by Sam

With the flames of fury still raging following Lifetime‘s ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ the code of silence that has encased the allegations against the singer has been well and truly shattered.

Lisa Van Allen, one of the star’s alleged sexual abuse victims, has long been vocal about her time with Kelly and notably testified against him at his 2008 trial.

Now, following the broadcast of the Dream Hampton docu-series, she opened up to ‘The Breakfast Club’ and expanded on her experience.

Her harrowing story after the jump…

We’re still picking our jaws up from the floor following the broadcast and ultimately hope justice is served.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Generous queen January 9, 2019

    We want to know where Reshona Edward’s landfair, or reshonda Edwards landfair the girl he peed on, the family he paid off, sparkle niece, r kelly God daughter, the girl that was in 4 the cause music group

    • The Truth January 9, 2019

      Reshona Landfair is 34 years old and was born on 9/26/1984. Currently, they lives in Hillside, IL; and previously lived in Oak Park, IL. Sometimes Reshona goes by various nicknames including Landfair Reshona and Reshona Landsair. Their ethnicity is African American, whose political affiliation is currently a registered ; and religious views are listed as Christian. Reshona is now married. Other family members and associates include Gregory Landfair and Gregory Landfair. undefined has a reported annual income of $90,000 – $99,999 and a current net worth value of $100,000 – $249,999. View All Details

      Source: https://www.mylife.com/reshona-landfair/e463963954266

      You can also google her images and her teenage msuic group name, “4 The Cause”

  2. The Truth January 9, 2019

    “4 The Cause” hit song in Europe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnbL0js_spo

    Makes me sick to my stomach knowing R. Kelly did that to this poor baby in this video, Reshonda Landfair … while Reshonda’s father knew all along.

    • Nikki January 11, 2019

      Could Greg Landfair Jr be her Husband not brother… because Reshona used the last name Edwards…her Uncle was the actually ther manger of the group she was in (4 The Cause) his name is Leroy Edwards. He testified in the trial saying it wasn’t her in the tape.

  3. Jasmine January 9, 2019

    I don’t think it is nice to put a possible victim”s personal business on social media. What did she do to you for you to be attacking her?

    • Samantha Mumba January 9, 2019

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    • NoShadeBut January 11, 2019

      @Jasmine you can’t “leak” information that is already PUBLIC knowledge. Her group she was fun was exposed to the public way back in the 90s. Their popularity couldn’t reach the same level as Aaliyah, but they had a whole album come out and a couple singles. If you knew who the group members were, you could go to any Database website and find the names of the members and narrow it down. Her social media profiles were a completely PUBLIC up until a couple days ago, so she’s always been in plain view.

      So her info is not being “put out there”. It was always out there. Anyone with Google and a working internet connection could find this information.

      Unfortunately, her parents and fam are about to be doxxed for taking that hush money and not speaking up when they had the chance to put Kelly behind bars more than 10yrs ago. It’s no fault of Reshonda’s herself; I imagine being in her shoes, seeing everyone rallying around your abuser rather than you, including your own family and even your parents, the two people who should have protected you. It’s not completely her fault, but she also has become an abuser herself, R Kelly uses her regularly to “recruit” and “train” aka groom young girls for R Kelly’s benefit.

      Her mom looks so smug, grinning from ear to ear, clearly enjoying that hush money, and her wack ass dad continued working for R Kelly (as his guitarist) like he ain’t see that mf urinate all over his young daughter. Which, she was R Kelly’s goddaughter and I think that element makes it even worse. Smh.

      It’s no “mistake” that Lifetime “leaked” her father’s name on the Docuseries. At least I don’t believe it to be. Eventually they need their day of reckoning anyway. Can’t be walking around calling yourself a Christian while facilitating a predator and allowing him access to your child. He’s just as sick as Kelly for that one smh.

      • NoShadeBut January 11, 2019

        Her group she was from*

      • Abdur-Rahman Muhammad January 11, 2019

        I have been posting quite a bit about this on my Facebook page, pictures, addresses, and everything! These “parents” need their day of reckoning, they are a disgrace to the human race. And you are absolutely correct, the mother, Valerie Landfair, is as ratchet as it comes. Go check out the receipts on my Facebook page, we all must expose these wicked bastards! https://www.facebook.com/abdurrahman.muhammad.92

  4. Jasmine January 9, 2019

    I Listened to Lisa”s interview and I believe her story. Unlike the other women, she testified against Kelly which means she is not after money. My only issue with Lisa is that she chose to date Kelly when she was 18 knowing he already had a wide. Nothing good comes from dating a married man because when he”s done he has to go home to his wife. She played herself here but it is unfortunate that she thought dating a married man and playing his sexx games would lead somewhere. Shame on Kelly for cheating on his wife. Shame on Kelly for having 3 some’s with this woman and a teenager. Shame on Lisa for having sexx with a married man.

  5. Sarena January 22, 2019

    Wow… appreciate that insight

  6. Ann September 23, 2019

    That man is a p********. Shame on his soul and shame on America for letting him destroy lives.

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