Mo’Nique & Steve Harvey Clash Over “Blackballed” Drama [Video]

Published: Wednesday 13th Feb 2019 by Sam

It’s almost a year since Mo’Nique‘s infamous Netflix boycott and the comedienne is still making headlines.

This time it’s due to a televised clash with longtime friend Steve Harvey.

The funnyman invited Mo onto his show to promote her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

During the visit, the conversation took a turn towards tense when the pair proceeded to have a frank dialogue about her allegations of being “blackballed” by notable Hollywood figures.

And while prior narrations of the matter have seen Mo take charge, Harvey did not hold back in unpacking how disappointed he was in her methods.

Declaring that he was coming from a place of love, he denounced her aggressive approach and rhetorically questioned how she felt she could be helping anyone while consistently X’ing herself out of important circles.

Watch the explosive exchange below…

Can’t say we disagree with Steve.

In any case, catch the full interview below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. SMH February 13, 2019

    Toxic masculinity at its finest. He was nothing but rude and condescending throughout this entire interview, interrupting her and talking over her. And this fool basically told her she should choose money over self respect and integrity, and instead shuck and jive for a check from massa like he did. Steve Harvey wins the award for C00N of The Century.

    • Jj February 13, 2019

      Naw he told her the right things. She lacked integrity to disrespect them on stage and they owe her an apology too but they not gone get there by her recording conversations and bashing them. Look mo needs to work and be seen that’s her legacy. There is no inspiration if there’s no work. She’s so stubborn and fake with the my sister my brother she don’t mean that because it doesn’t come out genuine. She really be mad when people disagree with her. She needs to listen people are trying to be nice but tip toeing around the fact that her manager is not a good manager he’s not getting her results and mo so stubborn she called Whoopi the help but Whoopi don’t need to speak her work does it. People are inspired by her because she keeps going

      • SMH February 14, 2019

        Um, no. Money NEVER takes precedence over self respect or integrity, no matter how you try to rationalize it. Steve Harvey sold his soul years ago, he needs to keep his “advice” for some other c00n willing to sell his soul for a dollar.

  2. Ratedxxx February 13, 2019

    I don’t understand how she’s still blaming everybody else but herself..

    She thought because she won an oscar that she’s supposed entitled to everything

  3. gina February 13, 2019

    Steve Harvey was cancelled when he joined c00nye in that ass kissing fest with Trump. He is in NO position to give advice to anybody.

    • Lanafan1 February 13, 2019

      He made like one comment. Chill out!

  4. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 13, 2019

    stevie did a great job TAMMING thay wild beast ?

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 13, 2019


    • Lanafan1 February 13, 2019

      Tame your weight baby!

  5. Lanafan1 February 13, 2019

    Team Monique!

  6. Yolanda February 13, 2019

    I’m with Mo – whatever she decides. I hope she accepts nothing less than a public apology. She deserves it. (Lee Daniels telling her to shut up — after her Oscar nominated role launched him into mainstream — what??) (And don’t get me started on Oprah.)

  7. Moti February 13, 2019

    she owes them! She was wrong for going on a smear campaign point blank, and it back fired! That’s on her. She knows her husband is an idiot! This could have been resolved along time ago behind the scenes, but NOOOOO she had to blast them on her comedy show! And she needs to quit trying to hide behind being a comedian. Wrong is wrong, and disrespect is disrespect. Then she’ went on all these interviews bashing them. And to top it off boycotting Netflix? ARE YOU A MORON LADY? No, adults handle things professionally and behind the scenes. Not all these headlines and drama b*******! And she can blame her lame ass husband for leading her to s***. It’s a shame because she is hilarious to me. Mayb one day she’ll see

    • SMH February 14, 2019

      The most pathetic comment on this post.

  8. What’s The T??? February 13, 2019

    TGL writers remind me of Steve Harvey.

  9. Fancy BISH February 13, 2019

    MoNique is looking great here! Makeup on point, styling on point ??? I wish the best for her…it’s time to move on! Take your talent to the next level ?

  10. ERIC February 13, 2019

    Steve ain’t wrong. I hope they all come together and fix things, because like Steve said, no one wins the way things have been going. Mo’Nique should not want this to be her legacy. She has to start doing something differently and they all need to reach a compromise.

    • SMH February 14, 2019

      Riiight, we all win when we sell our souls to massa and bend over for his table scraps. Ok.

  11. GetOut February 14, 2019

    Wow. Wow again. Why am I not surprised…. A black man attack a black woman essentially telling het to shut up and be a happy being a C00n if she wants money and TGJ “can’t disagree with him”. And this blog is frequently bragging about being the biggest, best, most popular urban blog out there. This is the last time I’m coming here, Aunty Harriet must be rolling in her grave.

    • SMH February 14, 2019

      Absolutely 1005 correct. I can only imagine the magnitude of shame our ancestors have for this generation of slaves.

      • SMH February 14, 2019


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