Police: Jussie Smollett Attack Wounds Self-Inflicted, Staged Crime Due To Dissatisfaction with ‘Empire’ Pay [Video Highlights]

Published: Thursday 21st Feb 2019 by Rashad

With actor Jussie Smollett now in police custody after being formally charged with ‘filing a false police report’ for his alleged homophobic and racist attack (click here to read more on that), Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson led a press conference just moments ago to clear up any rumors that preceding the 36-year-old’s apprehension.

Details inside:

Video starts at 26 min mark:

Video highlights:

  • Phone records show Smollett spoke to the brothers before and after the attack

  • “Empire” actor staged the attack on himself because he was unhappy with his salary
  • Police did not give Jussie Smollett’s reported hate crime any extra attention or effort because of actor/singer’s celebrity status
  • The two men, who were wearing gloves, punched Smollett “a little bit,” superintendent Eddie Johnson said. However, the scratches and bruises on his face were likely self-inflicted
  • Smollett wrote a check for $3500 to pay brothers for attack (did not pay them in cash).


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  1. Fancy BISH February 21, 2019

    SAD! He did this all for financial gain smh ? Jussievelli is forever cancelled! He’s an easy write off with his corny behind lol

    • Wordonthestreet February 22, 2019

      its sad that the CPD is grandstanding as if theyve done something and people are murdered daily all over the city! Why dont They dont go this hard for all those murders that occur in the city. The police chief is nothing but a lazy bureaucrat SmH.



  3. Clarkson February 21, 2019

    Damn how is he going to pay back the Chicago PD for wasting their time and resources?

    how is he going to pay those expensive lawyers he hired to defend him

    Homeboy about to go broke.

    Trump supporters and republicans have every right to gloat and celebrate about the outcome of this incident. Imagine u being accused of something u didn’t do and the truth comes out that u are innocent, wouldn’t u celebrate.

    Trump is definitely gonna win 2020 now.

    • Bam February 21, 2019

      Yeah well they shouldn’t be gloating much when one of their own was planning a massive terrorist attack.

    • Lana Del Fan February 21, 2019

      Your “Magical Thibking” is showing. Please take your pills and have a seat.

  4. LB February 21, 2019

    Its hilarious that everyone believes the police in this instance. This whole situation plays perfectly for Trump and will be perfect for his re-election campaign.

    • Erica February 21, 2019

      I mean that’s true, but if the evidence is what they’re saying you just got to face that he scam us & now he’s making trump look good he f*** up

    • Fancy BISH February 21, 2019

      The Chicago police have been under heavy scrutiny for a VERY LONG TIME..they acknowledged their faults in this press conference FIRST…so I believe they are trying to get some credibility back with being 100% transparent and honest with this case in particular! Imagine if they were lying about this case? They would never recover!

    • tisha February 21, 2019

      i feel the same way!

      something isnt adding up!

      $3500 is all that was paid for this to happen come on people.

      something muich bigger then this/

      Trum FBI all behind getting this mans name diurtty and help re election

      • Shontarka laquifa Jackson February 21, 2019

        Bish please. They have two Nigerians who confessed to this deplorable scam. Jussie deserves a cell with bubba.

      • LiberalsAreIdiots February 21, 2019

        You people are idiots…. the police aren’t lying… jussie is

    • Megan February 21, 2019

      After all the evidence has been presented, there are still clowns saying how do we know if this is true. Stfu and go suck a ? like Jussie will be doing behind bars!

    • Lana Del Fan February 21, 2019

      How does one incident correlate to DTgetting re-elected? You people are dumb as f***

  5. Jj February 21, 2019

    Welp! Columbus short route you go! Buh bye

  6. Shontarka laquifa Jackson February 21, 2019

    A pos this guy is. Enjoy prison. You will be popular.

  7. Shontarka laquifa Jackson February 21, 2019

    Jussie deserves a razzie for this ABC interview. He had me fooled. Way to ruin your dying career and give trump another million fans.

  8. Angel February 21, 2019

    Jussie you trending on twitter. All for the wrong reasons. Trump fans are having a field day.

  9. DeanD February 21, 2019

    I feel for his sister Jurnee. She’s the DCEU’s first black superhero about to breakout in a blockbuster comic book movie and has to deal with this PR nightmare. There was already backlash to her being cast as Black Canary due to her race and now how her brother is in the middle of a national scandal allowing MAGAs to feel superiority over the disenfranchised gays, blacks, victims, survivors, advocates and allies. Jussie has screwed a lot of people and their sacrifices all for what? A pay increase, yet now not only will he be broke from law fees but FOX just said they’re exploring their options regarding his employment. And he did it all to himself. Damn.

    • KingMark111 February 21, 2019

      Half Black. Stop calling mixed people Black people.

      • DeanD February 21, 2019

        She’s also half Jewish which means her history is pain, suffering and subjugation on both sides and has felt that, especially in the entertainment industry since being a child actor, and transcended that to a stable career two decades later. But you’re missing the point, Jussie has messed things up for everyone!

      • Nicky February 21, 2019

        Stop classifying people based on a color that has nothing to do with how one actually looks.

  10. stan February 21, 2019

    did he seriously write them a check instead of paying cash?


  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 21, 2019


  12. WakeUpBlackFolk February 21, 2019

    That Grape Juice is looking stupid right now, they have been on Team Jussie since he mailed the anthrax letter to himself…. Stupid Liberals

    • Clarkson February 21, 2019

      They will soon delete ur comment, the same way they deleted mine cause I called them out.

  13. Lake Erie February 21, 2019

    Ungrateful smh. So many people are grinding trying to be in his position and he selfishly wanted more. Too bad it’s costing him now. I don’t feel bad for him. Show’s what type of person he’s always been. A schemer.

  14. Tino February 21, 2019

    This BS has nothing to do with Empire. His ego was hurt when his singles and album flopped last year. He thought he should be getting more attention and buzz.

  15. Boytoy1814 February 21, 2019

    Wow!!!!!! May God have mercy on his soul.

    • Wordonthestreet February 22, 2019

      Damn he didnt kill anyone lol! Your overreacting however i hope he doesnt hurt himself over this mess so in that respect your correct

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