50 Cent: Wendy Williams Is A “Crack Head”

Published: Friday 29th Mar 2019 by David

50 Cent has christened Wendy Williams a “crack head” after she revealed that she is battling substance abuse issues.

The latest low in their ongoing battle awaits below.

50 and Wendy have been at odds for years and saw their feud reach unfortunate lows today when the rapper sent her a get-well soon message on social media.

The only trouble? The message itself.

50, real name Curtis Jackson, seized the moment to taunt the embattled talk show host, saying:

“I knew some thing was up with this b*tch, it was the drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to the rehab every day Crack Head. ?get the strap”


Oh no!

Williams is yet to respond to his diss nor has she issued an official statement on the news that her husband has welcomed a baby girl with his longtime lover. A lover, said to be at the heart of Wendy’s heartache.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Zion March 29, 2019

    Karma is coming for her

  2. Karter March 29, 2019

    As much as I don’t care for Richard Williams, 50c b!+{# @$$ is wrong for this, can’t stand him.

    • P**** Galore March 30, 2019

      And she deserves compassion after all? She has put several celebrities (even a few unknown people) through hell and back, she spread rumors, attacked them, shamed them all in the name of gossip.
      Know she’s getting all the hate she spreaded over many years back, I don’t think that’s unfair.
      People are simply taking her advice and going through some “Hot Topics” from her life.

  3. Xoxo March 29, 2019

    This is not right

  4. Bravo!! March 30, 2019

    Whitney Houston & Wendy Williams radio interview.. How the Mirror has reverse MISS Wendy Williams..LoL

    • P**** Galore March 30, 2019

      Omg thank you for reminding me of that moment. That epic interview on which Whitney puts this hag on her place.
      And her words are valid even today. She created all this sh!tstorm around her no she can’t xomplaint. It’s called Karma baby and it’s real…

    • I hate b&w b itchezz . and blaccc men T not sht March 30, 2019

      part one..of the interview how Wendy said Whitney na me…3times in a row…before Whitney even started talking….

  5. I hate b&w b itchezz . and blaccc men T not sht March 30, 2019

    She a crackhead ……and gotta pay child support.haha

    Whitney Houston who killed herself cause of people like Wendy……. Making fun of her……life…she out of all. Places in the world come to Wendy Williams…and on live radio ask her about crack…all of them snort….Wendy your a crackhead..

    I know Whitney was hurt y’all mutha fcksa kept Wendy and not Whitney…y’all have that butch a tv show…woooooow. Who is she????? The greatest singer the bodyguard, waiting to exhale was a huge for Whitney a gain why did even have a career after she dis.respected Whitney Houston like that..

    • MessyBoots March 30, 2019


      I now regret ever supporting Wendy in the first place after she dissed the legendary Ms. Houston.

  6. Romeo March 30, 2019

    Although I dont care for Wendy’s antics..no man..especially over the age of 40 should be acting the way this man acts..karma coming for him to…

  7. SMH March 30, 2019

    Lmao. Wendy knows better. She will not respond to 50, because he’ll REALLY drag her ass to the death and she knows it lmao.

    • Phyl April 4, 2019

      YESSSSSSSS…LOL…. #SMH…your comments delight me!!!

  8. Yup March 30, 2019

    Maybe she should stop making fun of mental illness (Britney, Mariah) any time she gets. It all makes sense now. She is so miserable and has her demonds..is why she attacks others. She’s completely projecting.

    • Yup March 30, 2019


  9. JOHNVIDAL March 31, 2019

    She must have known all these years that she was going to have it hard one day after having a show about gossiping about every body and all types of situations and people´s problems. What I don´t understand is how any of you ever took her seriously or watched her programme. You support that? Really? Do better in life and inform yourself about real things

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