Adrien Broner Threatens To SHOOT Gay Men In Homophobic Tirade

Published: Thursday 21st Mar 2019 by David

Adrien Broner wants gay men to know that he will respond with violence if they dare to pursue him romantically.

Full story below…

The boxer stunned onlookers by recording a video in which he blasted the men he says have been moving to him and threatened to teach them a lesson they’d never forget if they went too far. That lesson? To shoot them.

Some of his supporters argue that he has been on the receiving end of several unsolicited advances from men and was setting boundaries for those who were thinking about following in their footsteps

Others slammed him in earnest:

It appears the genesis of the drama started with a back and forth with Mr DeliverT...Andrew Caldwell.

Have a nice day.

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan March 21, 2019

    He has every right though.

    • Paulo March 21, 2019

      You really think posting this type of homophobic cave man s*** is really gon wash it off of you… the self-hatred level is sad

    • Lana Del Fan March 21, 2019

      And Tunashe has every right to KHS because she can’t find a hit if she was in the boxing right WITH Adrien.

  2. ayyye March 21, 2019

    he crazy in general, but these cissys need to stop tryin it…everybody is not gay

  3. I.D. March 21, 2019

    *looks at him up and down*

    Nope, he ain’t even got it like that for me pursue in ANY type-a way…….


  4. thanosoftitan March 21, 2019

    That’s a lot of talk for someone looking the way he looks.

    People seem to have this false impressions that gay men are attracted to any and everything.

    We do have standards and a lot of straight men simply don’t make the cut. This miscreant obviously doesn’t have access to a mirror.

    I can’t imagine there are too many gay men anxious to shack up with an unsightly, washed-up professional boxer.

  5. SMH March 21, 2019

    Normally I would cuss him out, but nowadays with these tacky, ratchet & classless gays of this generation following everything they see on reality tv, I kinda don’t blame him.

  6. jem March 21, 2019

    Trash man and trash responses by most of the people below.

    Nobody should pursue anyone who doesn’t want to be pursued, but responding but responding with violence is so WEAK. **** him and **** the dumb ones who want to pursue his ugly a$$

    • Paulo March 21, 2019


  7. Lana Del Fan March 21, 2019

    It’s ALWAYS the ugly str8 guys that are so threatened. Adrienne, you’re not cute. And for the people saying he has a right to commit murder due to someone htting on him, y’all are just as ret@rded as him. Those people (the gay men) have families, friends, loved ones that care about them, and y’all are saying they deserve to be removed from earth if they flirt with a str8 man? So should all str8 men be killed if they hit on a girl who’s not interested?

    I known thtet the Internet brings out the worse in people, but it’s scary to think that people actually condone murder due to someone being gay. Death is something you cant reverse. It’s a finality. And if you think finality is ok for being gay, then please go KYS because I’m ok with your finality.

    In conclusion, MURDER ISNT OK!

  8. StarXavi March 21, 2019

    Straight men pursue women all the time who have no interest in them whatsoever. That has never stopped them. Why should gay men not take the chance and shoot their shot? I think straight men should take it as a compliment as long as its not done in a disrespectful manner. I don’t think a gay man complimenting or approaching someone who is “straight” is inherently disrespectful, but the way it is done can come off that way.

  9. Jamie March 21, 2019

    Please shoot me. I could use some extra cash. Taxes didn’t turn out the way I thought they would have.

  10. Ty March 21, 2019

    Please, gay men, are not going to risk shooting their shot at a crazed violent lunatic… Especially a black man at that. His a down low idiot probably going to get exposed for liking trannies or gays and just looking to appear straight before the s*** hit the fan smh!!

  11. Clarkson March 21, 2019

    Gay panic, He is hiding something. Besides which gay person wants this ugly toad?ew

    He was beaten black and blue some few weeks ago in the ring by a man in his 40’s. A disgrace

  12. Caleb March 22, 2019

    But why is mister “I’m not gay no more. I’m delivert. I will love a women women women women” sliding in this man’s DMs for 4 months if he was ‘delivert’. Guess he wasn’t able to “pray the gay away” after all.

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