Gayle King Reflects On Behind the Scenes Action of Bizarre R. Kelly Interview [Watch]

Published: Friday 8th Mar 2019 by Rashad

Days after CBS aired its explosive R. Kelly interview with resident anchor Gayle King that showed the singer vehemently denying newly surfaced allegations of the sexual abuse of minors (click here to watch), the journalist took to Stephen Colbert‘s ‘The Late Late Show’ (March 7) to reflect on the bizarre experience.

Recounting experiences from the sit down (which have since gone viral) that saw a belligerent Kelly flailing his arms, crying uncontrollably, and shouting expletives, King informed viewers how she kept her composure during the outburst and noted other incidents that did not make it to camera.

Curious to see what went down behind the scenes?  Look inside for Gayle’s take on the interview with the R&B royal:


The third and final part of Gayle’s sit down with Kelly will air via a CBS primetime special tonight at 8p, 7p CST.

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  1. Brent Christopher March 8, 2019

    she honestly thinks that she has really achieved something monumental in life. if Oprah weren’t her good girlfriend, she would NOT be interviewing ANYONE. it’s so irritating to see people like her exist across certain platforms — especially when they do nothing spectacular or challenging to earn the spot. and Gayle DESPERATELY needs a new damn wig!

  2. Meme March 8, 2019

    Somethings going on. They conveniently got Gayle and Oprah to do these interviews because they knew if they got someone white and with less power it wouldn’t be as affective. I don’t care how guilty r kelly and Michael is, Gayle and Oprah should have not agreed to do these interviews.

    • dee March 8, 2019


    • SMH March 8, 2019

      They’re both opportunistic media wh0res, that’s why they did the interviews. Oprah Winfrey is a sellout dirtbag just like her little carpet munching flunky Gayle.

  3. king z March 8, 2019

    Gayle’s wig literally looks like it just came out of a dryer with some Gain dryer sheets.

    if you are gonna milk this situation and go on a whirlwind press tour please refrain from looking like u literally just came out of a whirlwind.

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