‘Real Housewives’ Star Porsha Williams Officially Announces Pregnancy Spin-Off On Bravo

Published: Thursday 28th Mar 2019 by Sam

Since joining the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ six years ago, Porsha Williams has emerged as one of the Bravo show’s most loved peach-holders.

And in a testament to her potent popularity, it’s been confirmed that she has landed her own spin-off.

Details below…

Last week, the new mother welcomed her first child with fiancé Dennis McKinley – a daughter named Pilar Jhena.

It’s been revealed that the cameras have been chronicling her journey, for she officially announced a special aptly titled ‘Porsha’s Having A Baby.’

Per Williams’ reveal, the show will premiere on April 28th after the concluding instalment of the RHOA season 11 reunion.

No word yet on the number of episodes, but what is for sure is that Porsha is winning!

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  1. Jasmine March 28, 2019

    Kenya is SEETHING while Ms. Williams is getting checks (RHOA checks, DISH Network checks, and SPINOFF checks). LOL

    • Jasmine March 28, 2019

      Porsha WON the fight literally, figuratively, and financially.

    • LUCKI March 28, 2019

      I doubt it, seeing as though they’re friends now. Kenya would still have a peach if she were willing to chronicle her marriage & pregnancy.

      • MessyBoots March 28, 2019


        Kenya and Porsha have reconciled. She attended Porsha’s baby shower and vice versa. They’re both first time mothers and happily boo’d up with successful businessmen as partners.

        Stop trying to create drama where there is none.

      • Jasmine March 28, 2019

        You CLEARLY don’t know the difference between a ‘friend’ and a co-worker. I don’t make this sh|t up and best believe I always have receipts. Porsha and Kenya (aka ‘Monster’) are NOT ‘friends’.

      • Jasmine March 28, 2019

        @MessyBoots NEVER tell me what to do b|tch. If you don’t like my opinions then don’t read them b|tch,

      • Monica’s Dove March 28, 2019

        They are no longer co-workers though…

      • Jasmine March 28, 2019

        Yes they are.


        Common Sense. You will NEVER see Porsha and Kenya together WITHOUT cameras. Case Closed.

      • MessyBoots March 29, 2019


        You’re such an idiot I cant even with your idiotic commentary.

        NOWHERE in my reply did I say they were friends you dumb h o e.. I said they RECONCILED, there is a difference you dumb h o e!!

        Like I said, they RECONCILED, which is evident when inviting each other to their respective baby showers, sending well wishes to each other on IG, and both have clearly moved on, friends or not.
        Unlike them, you are clearly stuck in 2014 somewhere holding onto a feud that no longer exists.
        Stay bitter h o e!!!!

      • Jasmine March 29, 2019

        @MessyBoots when I addressed you I put your name in the comment b|tch! You are trying to take my comment to another person as if I was speaking to you!

        Jasmine to @MessyBoots:

        “@MessyBoots NEVER tell me what to do b|tch. If you don’t like my opinions then don’t read them b|tch,”

        CLEARLY my comment to you does not mention ‘friends’ so get lost with your dyslexic ass. You tried to tell me what to do b|tch and I put you in check b|tch. Simple as that!

      • Dev March 29, 2019

        Kenya is not seething. She wasn’t offered a show because of the same reason she wasn’t on the last season.
        It was documented that her husband didn’t want to be on TV as regular as the other husbands and this was an issue for Bravo. They were already annoyed that the wedding wasn’t saved for TV and also that Kenya wanted to keep that aspect of her life pretty private.
        Porsha got the gig because she was happy to give Bravo access to her life during this period and nothing more.
        It’s all business, and to be honest Kenya made the smartest move. If you have had problems conceiving along with being the age that you are, why would you be on T.V and have possible stress to cause complications or even possibly a miscarriage.
        §do be basic people.

      • Jasmine March 29, 2019

        @Dev you are PRETENDING like Kenya is over the show when the TRUTH is she was fired and she wants / needs her BRAVO check! Kenya is SEETHING right now because Porsha is getting the checks she wish she could. Kenya ain’t got sh|t going on and no checks coming in.

    • zuzu March 29, 2019

      Who gives a CRAP!!!!

  2. SNF March 28, 2019

    Love Porsha… Congrats Mama

  3. [email protected] March 28, 2019

    I love her because she can admit her faults, make fun of them, grow from them, forgive, and move on! Keep shining boo. Love you

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