Terry Crews Faces Homophobia Claims After Asserting That Children Need Both Parents

Published: Sunday 3rd Mar 2019 by David

The family man Terry Crews has faced claims that he is homophobic after asserting that a child has the right to be raised by its mother and father.

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He shared…


His remarks on the importance of familial structure inspired the responses below…

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  1. Fancy BISH March 3, 2019

    Great parents are great parents, point blank period! ?? If your mother is Mommie Dearest and your father has a temper like Joe Jackson without wanting the best for his kids then you have a problem! ? Two dads or two moms, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Love is what’s important! ❤️ But if you have two dads like the creep from The Shining or two moms like the bish from Misery, then you have a serious problem chile ? Nobody wants Precious’ mother or Ike Turner for parents! ?

  2. Cinnamon March 3, 2019

    He is speaking BIG FACTS!

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN March 3, 2019

      Exactly!! People who are single parents I’m sure would prefer to have the other parent in the house.

  3. Pedonika March 3, 2019

    Tired of fägs being offended at every little thing. No wonder god hates y’all.

    • Proud F.A.G March 3, 2019

      But not as much as he hates u.

  4. Brent Christopher March 3, 2019

    I am a gay black male who was raised in a middle class household by both parents. I have ALWAYS felt that mothers should NOT be recognized on “father’s day” — as they are not equipped to instill in a child the male energy, direction, guidance or level of esteem that a non toxic, strong minded male figure can do for his kids. and I also agree that a man or father cannot effectively deliver to his children the same types of nurturing, guidance, support & other character strengths that derive from their unique relationships with a mother or mother figure. Everything Terry Crews said was one hundred percent TRUE!

  5. ERIC March 3, 2019

    How to Get Away with Murder is one of several top rated shows that promotes same-s– relationships and even they implied in a storyline just the other week what Terry is saying. Children can grow up well without a mother in the home, but there is absolutely more to benefit from when a good mother is there to provide it. If you don’t want to accept that as truth, that’s fine, but don’t turn around and give your own opinion as truth and label the other person as being wrong for doing the exact same as you. Heterophobia is as real as homophobia.

    • SNF March 3, 2019


    • XYZ March 3, 2019

      So there is no Problem with lesbians having a kid? ?

  6. SNF March 3, 2019

    He is speaking facts and most ppl are triggered bc it applies to them. Mothers CANNOT provide everything a Father can and Fathers CANNOT provide everything a mother can. Gay or straight what he said was spot on.

    • dee March 3, 2019

      You better speak the truth! Amen

  7. Whoops ??‍♀️??? March 3, 2019

    Wtf? He’s right! Same s** couples can successfully raise a child, even a single parent can successfully raise a child, BUT positive maternal AND paternal influences are the best situation for the child. You can be the most loving and supportive gay man that you want to be, but maternal instincts still isn’t something you can buy or learn. Twitter needs to stop this foolishness. This wasn’t even homophobic adjacent. ?

  8. Bey and Rih lives March 3, 2019

    There’s also kids growing up without moms but yea

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