Don Lemon, Terry Crews Slammed for “Poor Attempts” To School Each Other on “Black Lives Matter” During Their Heated Debate

Published: Tuesday 7th Jul 2020 by Rashad

Though recent years have seen him lean more to the side of ally on Black issues, CNN anchor Don Lemon is no stranger to criticism for his sometimes controversial commentary on racial politics – often finding his views opposed to that of the Black majority.

For that reason (and a few others), Lemon is back in the hot seat for trying to school actor Terry Crews on the true meaning of Black Lives Matter.  Fans of Crews know he has been under fire in recent weeks for criticizing the movement (as we reported here).

Yet, when the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star took to ‘CNN Tonight’ Monday (July 6) to double down on his BLM stance, Lemon used the opportunity to educate him on why it was problematic.  The result?  The two engaged in a heated exchange that led both of them to being roasted on Twitter.

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  1. eric July 7, 2020

    Terry’s point is that black people are labeled a sellout if they don’t go along with the approach of ‘burn it down’ if demands are not met, and that we have to be careful not to allow those particular people to dictate what it means to improve our way of life. I’ve experienced it myself when arguing a different point of view.
    What I found interesting this week is when Atlanta’s mayor–who is a strict proponent of BLM–changed her tune talking on CNN about the 8-year-old black girl shot and killed over the weekend. Mayor Bottoms is now saying what I’ve been saying: In addition to police brutality, we need to also be able to have a conversation about what’s going on in our own community and do more to fight “the enemy within.” That’s a conversation we need to have simultaneously with police brutality and racism, she said, and Terry’s point is the same.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 7, 2020

      Now see I find your point well articulated by yet sadly many will not comprehend or become straight ignorant on it. You and Terry are still for BLM we simply need to approach these issues wisely on Meanwhile defeating enemies within our communities that contribute negatively as well with police brutality. We gotta end the hatred and violence on both sides.

  2. Bigbabyjezuz July 7, 2020

    Thoughtful comment and you explained Terry’s stance better than he did! But I have a hard time believing that Terry’s and Mayor Keisha’s ultimate arguments are the same when he continues to try to peddle a false “black supremacy” narrative that does not (and will not) exist. I understand that ‘burn it all down’ is not a position that everyone can support, but “black supremacy” does nothing to further the movement. At best, it reinforces white fragility and, at worst, provides fodder for flagrant racists. Mr. Crews can take many seats. Still, appreciate your viewpoint! Just wish it was Terry’s!

  3. Detruth July 7, 2020

    BLM unfortunately is not just about police brutality and blk ppl killed by other races with no consequence. That’s why I’m supporting the movement but not the organization. Most blk ppl are upset about ppl that look like us being murdered with no consequence for the murderer. We need stop the violence movements in our communities too which we have but let’s not let ANYONE tell us we have to put them both in the same category. If a black person does a crime and evidence is available they are charged, convicted, and sentenced longer sentences on average than other races. The two issues are not the same and we do not have to listen to anyone saying the opposite regardless of their race. There will always be murder’s in every race that WILL NOT stop but we CAN stop racist ppl and cops from getting away with murder with no consequence.

  4. Only Facts July 7, 2020

    Both of them are c_oons

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