City Of Chicago Sue Jussie Smollett Over Alleged Attack

Published: Thursday 11th Apr 2019 by Sam

Jussie Smollett may be a free man, but if the City Of Chicago gets its way it’ll come at a cost.

For, authorities have followed through with their threat and filed suit against the ‘Empire’ star over the January attack they still insist was staged.

Full story below…

As widely reported, Smollett filed a police report claiming he was beaten in an incident that was fuelled by racism and homophobia. However, the investigation soon turned to him and he was hit was a 16-count federal indictment for allegedly staging the entire episode.

Those charges were dramatically dropped last month when the case collapsed; yet the City Of Chicago insist that was due to matters outside their immediate remit and re-asserted their belief that the 36-year-old was guilty.

Now, they’re demanding – via civil court – that Smollett pays the cost of investigating his claim.

In today’s filing, the sum being sought wasn’t immediately disclosed. However, it’s believed it could total mid six figures, as just last month $130,000 was requested from Smollett to cover the overtime.

With this filing, attorney fees and additional charges are now being factored in.

Smollett continues to assert his innocence, with his legal reps expressing that it is he that’s owed an apology.

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  1. Duck April 11, 2019

    Good! Sue him for all the pennies he is worth!

    • Bey Best April 11, 2019

      $13.13 worth of pennies to be exact. ????

    • Jasmine April 12, 2019

      Leave him alone! He made a mistake. He learned his lesson.


  2. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 11, 2019

    Chicago is not sh it when $$$$$$ is printed …inot surprised they want %$$$$$$$ that is why they locked R.Kelly up for the bail $$$$$$$ also Chicago know them bitchesss are lying…but $$$$$$$$ is why they want these guys to pay over hundred thousand dollar

    .thanks I’ll never go to Chicago..

    • Bey Best April 11, 2019

      But you cannot even afford a bus ride to Chicago. The city is great without you, sis.

      • Bey and Rih lives April 11, 2019

        You talking like 12 didn’t get shot while you posted this in Chicago stfu ?

  3. Clarkson April 11, 2019

    Damn it’s a lose lose situation for him

    If he refuses to pay, they go to court and the details of the case is made public which will show he is guilty and he really staged the attack

    If he pays, it will mean he is guilty.

    Girl u are screwed either way.

    • Meme April 11, 2019

      He will literally get drag if he decides to fight in court. That plus all him paying a lawyer will cost him almost just as much.

      I think they are fed up with him because instead of going away quietly homeboy came out talking smack.

  4. Bey Best April 11, 2019

    Get him, Chicago!!!

  5. 2bad2bme April 11, 2019

    I find it funny how the City of Chicago is on his behind for PERSONAL gain over their pride because he won the case. They don’t put this much energy in the killings that happen on a day to day basis there. Just hold the L!

  6. AB April 12, 2019

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