‘Black Mirror’ Hit By “Gay Agenda” Criticism Following Shocking Episode

Published: Thursday 6th Jun 2019 by David

The latest season of ‘Black Mirror’ found its way to Netflix this week and has been met with generally positive reviews from the millions who call themselves fans.

Unfortunately, the wave of outstanding reviews it has earned finds itself forced to compete with rising criticism surrounding the episode ‘Striking Vipers’ which stars Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Full story (and spoilers) below…

‘Vipers’ tell the tale of a pair of friends (portrayed by Mackie and Mateen) who bond over their love for video games as they share an apartment with a woman (Beharie) who goes on to become Mackie’s character’s wife.

Once married, they lose contact with their former roommate but find themselves reunited with him years later when he shows up at a birthday party baring a gift…the ‘Striking Vipers‘ video game.

Keen to recapture the youth he lost when he became a husband and father, Mackie soon finds himself returning to his gaming ways and joins his old friend (a fun-loving womaniser) in the interactive world where they enter the bodies of the fictional characters below.

Submerged in the game’s wild world, the friends find themselves trapped in a web of lust, fire and sexual desire when their characters fall for each other.

Viewers had this to say…


Some felt the episode was forged to push what they believe is a “gay agenda” into the black community.


Others loved it…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sam June 6, 2019

    So offensive how people talk about homosexuality e.g “gay ass s***”. If you want to make a point, then make a considered intelligent point with the correct use of the English language then maybe people will actually consider it.

  2. Kane June 6, 2019

    Only negative comments are from the ones from the hood ? if anything there’s need to be more gay black males; every race has gays we are the only ones who aren’t pictured in gay media!

  3. Bam June 6, 2019

    It’s always an “agenda” when people don’t like something…

    Black or (POC) agenda-White man tired of seeing more than one black (or other minority) character on a show/movie

    Gay agenda-straight people mad at a show or movie for having a gay couple or storyline

    Political agenda-people would rather not see kneeling or forms of protest during sporting events or award shows

    It’s all dumb as f*** watch or don’t stop the b*+ching.

  4. Truth June 6, 2019

    All these dudes knowing they all experimented with a guy before… I seen this type of behavior all my life from guys I had a past experience with some way or another…it’s all psychological…

  5. Selina June 6, 2019

    Have to be honest. In a perfect world it wouldn’t matter because there are gay people in every race but the Western world’s history with Africa is why people have good reason to think this. Black men were emasculated when they were enslaved and in some cases were r**** if they didn’t accept that the s**** master was the man of the house. You can deny it all you want but this is going to affect us today because we are literally the descendants of those men and women. For this reason masculinity in the black community is highly valued because it’s seen as the reclamation of the power men lost when they weren’t able to protect themselves or their loved ones from white brutality. Please follow me here. Hollywood is ran by wealthy white gay men. We all know that black men are seen as the most sexually desirable within the gay community but also the most unattainable because most are homophobic. This is why the downlow fetish is so popular in p0rn and why gay white men have developed an almost animalistic desire to see straight black men engage in acts with other straight black men. This puts a pressure on black actors that isn’t placed on their white counterparts who are allowed to play big strong alpha characters. Black men are never allowed to be a straight forward straight guy. If he is a nice guy he is considered to be “white “ and if he is straight acting he is placed in the “thug” category. That’s why people think there’s an agenda. It’s white gay entitlement. When they find someone attractive they feel entitled to them. Look at what happened to Nick Jonas and why he is always being asked to play gay men.

    • D June 6, 2019

      Agreed. In addition to those historical influences that you mentioned, black men and women in the United States of America are being systematically killed, r**** and beaten by ‘the law’ and said law is not being held accountable by TPTB—on the contrary, the entire legal and governing apparatus of the US is complicit in enabling and cloaking these genocidal crimes.

      Art is art and art in a perfect world should be free from the constraints of societal bigotry, but this isn’t a perfect world and the (largely Jewish owned) mainstream US media is definitely a key player in the mistreatment, exploitation, and degradation of black people.

      Who owns the record labels that sign, pay, and promote degenerate music? Who owns the Hollywood studios? Heck, who owns and operates most of the private prisons ?

      The decorators above can attempt to discredit these twitter users by calling them ‘hood’ or ‘ghetto’, but having gone to school in the US ghetto I have seen and experienced more than enough to know that masculinity, as a black man, is not just a requirement for safety within the black community, but is essential to survival against a genocidal, anti-black government, media, and economic system. Ugh

      • D June 6, 2019

        *detractors above

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate June 6, 2019

        These are valid points above, especially with the perspective of the majority ethnicity of who runs Hollywood film studios and the Media (i.e. predominantly White Jews). It’s is only today we are seeing an increased emergence of visible black writers and directors bringing more storytelling into the mainstream. However – even because of the historical context of black men and masculinity – and the white Hollywood majority – this is not a reason not to portray black on black gay characters and narratives. There were ZERO when I was growing up.

        As the comment above says – we need more balanced and rounded portrayals of black on black gay characters on TV – and if we don’t want to characters written from a white perspective – then Black writers should tackle the topic more in the mainstream.

        I don’t agree that because of the painful past it should remain an off limits subject – the fact that there are so few stories like this in mainstream film and TV is another reason why some of the black twitter comments are so outraged and offended – this is Black Mirror – an extremely popular and well written series that crossed racial divides into the black community and now its tackling a black on black gay story black people are offended they were served this narrative because of the reasons above relating to governmental institutional racism, the historical context and Hollywood white majority.

        But again, this is not a reason for the narrative to be off topic. You can still be aware of the above and have the story told well by black writers (not sensationalised like Lee Daniels on Empire). And if you don’t like the story because it starts evolving into a gay plot line switch it off before the end.

        Finally, someone commented about the use of language terms like “gas ass s***”. On the one hand if you don’t have any openly gay people in your community, work or family who are accepted and respected you’re going to default to not speaking about them in a way that relays respect – this is more ignorance and homophobia than anything and needs to be tackled with better role models of visible balanced and rounded black mainstream gay men.

        And yes – I am a black gay man.

    • SMH June 6, 2019

      Spot on and very well said. While the term “gay agenda” in itself is ridiculous, you have to admit that there is an obvious agenda at play when the media is constantly portraying black men as effeminate and weak. A media, like you said, that is owned operated and controlled by white men.

      • D June 6, 2019

        ? ?

    • Product Red June 6, 2019

      The only thing I disagree on though is your comment about “We all know that black men are seen as the most sexually desirable within the gay community”
      That couldn’t be further from the truth. Gay black men are the least desired. Create a fake account on G***** or Tinder etc and see how many clicks and blocks you get. Slim pickens. Or, check the instagram of white gays and see how many black friends, male or female they have. Won’t find many. Yes, you do have a select few who fetishize about BBC (big black “caulk”) but that’s it. Romantically and or for friendship, black men (and women) don’t really exist in the gay community. To get any kind of attention in the gay community you have to white or Spanish/Latin and in decent shape. And that whole thing for gay rights was intended for gay whites.

    • DioraCouture June 7, 2019

      WOW! @Haterz Gon‘ Hate….

      You really hit the nail on the head there….very eloquent

    • Samson August 22, 2019

      Lol white gay privilege and Hollywood owned by white guys. That is some good comedy right there rabbi.

  6. XYZ June 6, 2019

    Shows how dumb these hoodrats are

  7. Haterz Gon‘ Hate June 6, 2019


  8. Kevin Kaoz June 7, 2019

    Wow…to see so many educated black men talk like they never had a comprehensive s** ed class, or truly know the difference between “orientation”, “preference”, “what is and aint gay” “who is and aint gay”…is MIND BLOWING! Look, brothers, if the gay agenda is a thing, then that means there is a straight agenda. A band of merry white men – cuz ya’ll know despite all the hotep talking ya’ll secretly want his validation, coin and white women/men and in between- are sitting in a sports bar, smoking cigars and planning an ultimate takeover of the world, forcing the ideas like monogamy and marriage (neither have ya’ll been able to get right as evident in the vast amount of single mother homes and divorce rates) down the throats of every human. Since this country was “”stolen”. That means, that since your birth, there secretly has been a war waged, pitting the crumbling Babylonian western world into blind, hypocriotical and unsuccessful lifestyles, where misogyny, pedophilia (cuz most p********* identify and live as heterosexuals), breeding and unprotected s** with your partner as well as shaming of all types are some of the main tenants of aforementioned lifestyle. One that has corrupted the hearts and genitals of millions over the years and stilll STILL to this day, features unsaid norms and nastiness, rivaling the sin in the Sodom & gomorrah parable. That most of ya’ll never see the parts saying men & women were having a fukk load of sin along with the GAYS that ya’ll only seem to see in the story.

    Yes, you know like I know, thats some b*******. Although partly true, the real truth is this my N*****…This is where using that word is apropos. MEN AND WOMEN BOTH ARE MADE OF BOTH SIDES OF LIFE. MALE AND FEMALE. SO EVERYONE IN A SENSE FROM BIRTH holds both sides in their blood. If you str8 n***** didnt make a “decision ” to be str8, then know there is no such thing as “deciding” to be gay. Aint no secret push to try and kill more black men off this way…I’m going here because to yall gay is synomous with A*** which ya’ll still think means DEATH. Na, they have law enforcement, wtf is wasting time “turning” black men gay in order to break down the home structure and “village”. Naw, homie, it isnt a choice. Yea we see more black men doing these things in media cuz guess what, not all black men are ignorant enough to feel that playing a gay role is gonna TURN them into anything other than paid? Its 2019..THATS WHY U SEE SO MANY BLACK GAY MEN IN TV…CUZ GUESS WHAT GENIUS: THEY BEEN AROUND, even during this so called R***-O-dus that we all went on during slavery. It’s 2019, smart people know that no one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do, If we were Kings, Gods and all this other fairy tale s*** ya’ll tell each other, then def no one woulda been able to do s*** like that . Stop lying to these kids about this s***. No one can decide what someone elses orientation is or should be. No one, including a Dr should be identifying what someones gender should be, cuz they make mistakes all the time, and mad kids get mis-gendered in the hospital…maybe that can help u wrap your cells around Transgender and Intersexed people, cuz sinjce the beginning of time they have existed. Its just yall subscrived toyour slavemasters narratives, and dont use your brains to gain your own definitions. …Cuz no matter how blue the clothes are or pink the toys, that baby is going to be who they feel they were born to be. We ask ourselves why we cant get ahead, cuz we always look like idiots in the narrative for how we represent and recycle our tired ill educated ideas. Most yall Phobic cuz your cuzin is, or father was. BUt that makes you a bigot…you may not have the ability to be a racist, but the bigotry def lands you in the trailer Trash West Virginia slot. No better than the enemy we profess to be more righteous than. Cuz gay men dont make you cheat on every woman you date. Or fukk off on your fatherly or job responsibilities. The gay agenda didnt make you date r*** that college classmate either, or pimp out your lil cuz Kim because these “fast h*** just love an older n****”. Nawwwwwwww b…you aint s*** you aint s***. Truth is in many cases we do your women better than you ever couold or would because your machismo/hypermasculine-like s*** you been taught by the male figures that were also pieces of s*** and taught some backwards thinking and reasoning around sexuality. If you that weak to be controlled by two men kissing in public or on film, I suggest you turn your concern elsewhere, like beat the ass of your 39 year old friend that always try to mack on the under 15 yo gurls leaving the middle school in your hood. Thats some perv ass s*** that str8 black men have taken pride in and made locker room talk. where pussie ass dudes talk about the s*** they aint getting ….P****. That logic makes you sound immature, dumb and easily swayed by the real agenda, THE MAN TRYING TO KEEP A BLACK MAN DOWN and steal our everything. The one that send cops to execute you, but gay men along with q**** womyn became the driving force behind a movement you house n***** still cant even support, that formed to stand up FOR YOU. gays show up, i cant wait for str8 black dudes to get comfy with their own sexuality and stop believing that any of that s*** matters day to day…. Realize too that they str8test homie they know, sucked a mean d*** in college and still does during Pride month. But that dont make him any less of the man he is. And will continue to be. Ya’ll on the other hand…

  9. Mika September 29, 2019

    The gay agenda is real. It seems like every TV show and movie HAS to have a gay in them these days.Way over represented. It was better when gays had their own shows to watch and weren’t injected into EVERYTHING !

    Nothing worse than watching a decent show and then, wait for it…here we go, here comes the token homosexuals. Hard for me to watch modern media anymore.

  10. G February 2, 2020

    Header should reflect the fact that the so-called backlash was little more than Twitter’s hashtag mafia whining and moaning.

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