Keyshia Cole Announces BET Pregnancy Special

Published: Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019 by Sam

Keyshia Cole is bringing her pregnancy journey to BET.

Full story below…

The R&B belle has long embraced reality TV and will be chronicling her present pregnancy in a special for the network.

As reported, 37-year-old Cole is expecting her second child with 23-year-old rapper boyfriend Niko Khale. She has a 10-year-old son from her previous relationship with Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson. 

She said of the show:

Had a awesome FIRST WEEK OF FILMING ? KEYSHIA COLE IS COMING BACK TO BET!!!!! ? But this time ?? She’s bringing Something SPECIAL! A BABY

Additional details are expected imminently.

The venture extends Cole’s long-time relationship with BET, following the successful runs of ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ and ‘Keyshia & Daniel: Family First.’ She also appeared on fellow Viacom network VH1 for a brief stint on ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’

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  1. KB July 23, 2019

    Still love her. ?

  2. lora July 23, 2019

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    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 23, 2019

      If you made all that money then why is your ass still here commenting this s*** every day?

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 23, 2019

        @Jasmine..- LMFAO!!
        #Tell It!

  3. Cee Squad July 23, 2019

    Ain’t she still married ?

  4. Miss Salt Gawl July 23, 2019

    Their age gap is so weird to me. Niko could be Daniels big brother and Keyshias little brother. So gross, but she like it I love it.

    • Maxx July 23, 2019

      It’s gross because she is an older woman, but men in their 40s can date a 20 year old & it just makes them hip to some….double standards. I admit it does seem weird..gross no..they are both adults & he is a man..he just looks like a lil boy. Now if he was 6 feet tall with a grown man face we wouldn’t be so weirded out by it…I BET!

  5. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 23, 2019

    My God! 23?!
    #No Way, No Thanks

    • Jasmine July 23, 2019

      So Mariah can do it and Keisha can’t? These celebrity women who are post 35 ain’t gonna find a quality affluent man to be with because they waited too late to find a good husband. Keisha is cute but past her prime. Older men ain’t gonna wife her unless they are broke old men. I say if u are a cougar get it in. Ain’t nothing wrong with a younger man.

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