Mo’Nique Reflects on Beef with ‘Malicious’ Oprah / Slams Steve Harvey in New Interview [Watch]

Published: Wednesday 24th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Funnywoman Mo’nique wasn’t exactly smiling when she reflected on her ongoing beef with media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Referring to the talk show Queen as ‘cowardly’ and ‘malicious,’ Mo minced no words when asked about her current relationship with Winfrey.  In the same interview that’s now gone viral, the 51-year-old also had words for fellow comedian Steve Harvey.

Just two months ago, she extended a show of support for Harvey after his highly publicized loss of not one, but two gigs at NBC (click here to read more).  Now, she’s reminding viewers that she feels he too is a ‘coward,’ who put ‘the bag before his principles.’

Yikes! That’s not all she said. Look inside to hear more:


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  1. Erica July 24, 2019

    This was so powerfu, I believe Monique would say it’s time for her to moved on, but she can’t because this is stopping her bag.

  2. Jasmine July 24, 2019

    Mo’nique is the type to manufacture issues with someone just because they don’t act the way she wants them to. Carrying one-sided beefs year after year is a strong sign of mental illness. Oprah, Tyler, Steve, and Lee have no beef with Mo’nique. Mo’nique DECIDED to be mad at them because they don’t act the way she THINkS they should act. Mo’nique needs mental help. Whoopi tried to tell her the issue but she is too stubborn to listen to anyone other than that old fairy of a husband she has with zero management or entertainment experience.

    • Erica July 24, 2019

      Sis did you even watch it? She clearly has a reason to be mad at Oprah

      • Jasmine July 24, 2019

        I watched the first 5 minutes. She is mad at Oprah because Oprah invites her abusive brother and her family on the show after telling Mo’nique she would not interview them without her.

        Translation: Mo’nique wanted to stop her family from getting a little check by telling Oprah not to interview them so when Oprah interviewed them Mo’nique DECIDED to be mad at Oprah because she did not do what Mo’nique felt she should do.

        I am a realist and so is Oprah. Realists are going to do whatever they want and no one can dictate their actions! Oprah have Mo’nique the opportunity to get in front of the story by being there for the interview but Mo’nique decided to act like she was in elementary school by not going and then claiming Oprah betrayed her when Oprah never a had any obligations to Mo’nique. Mo’nique soes not know how to play the game. She just whines and pouts like a small child when she does not get her way or if people don’t do what she thinks they should do. Grow up Mo’nique.

      • SMH July 24, 2019

        So she’s supposed to let the brother that sexually abused her and the family that took his side when she told them “get a check” just because Oprah said so?

        Girl stfu, you sound stupid. Monique has. EVERY right to be angry at Oprah’s fraudulent sellout ass.

      • Jasmine July 24, 2019

        Am I talking to elementary school children? It is NOT up to Mo’nique! Mo’nique only has the right to dictate her own actions And NOT other people’s actions. I NEVER said Monique’s does not have the ‘right to be angry at Oprah’ so don’t even try to twist my words to mean anything other than what I wrote! She is mad at Oprah for not doing what she wanted Oprah to do! She is mad at her brother for going on the show despite using to hear his apologize for over 30 years! She mad at Tyler and Lee. She mad at Whoopi. She mad at Steve.

        The joke is on Monique. Clearly all that manufactured rage she has for these people has caused her to age well beyond her years while the same people she is mad at are not even thinking about her and getting their money bags. Her brother was interviewed in 2010. It is almost 10 years post that interview and she is still mad. Some people just like being mad! The joke is on them.

  3. Clarkson July 24, 2019

    Monique dont come out looking like that. Get ur hair and makeup in check before giving interviews. That said oprah isnt who she portrays herself to be. She’s a fraud

    Monique u have something that oprah or miss Lee Daniels or house n1ggah Steve Harvey or lady boy Tyler Perry would never have, which is an oscar.
    Go meet Ryan Murphy he would give u a part in pose or American horror story or go meet shonda Rhimes she would give u a whole show with u as the lead, like how she gave viola Davis or Kerry Washington

  4. Jasmine The Real Princess July 24, 2019


    • Gworl Bye July 24, 2019

      Bwahahaha! I guarantee tgj won’t do a post about that?

  5. Ropeburn July 24, 2019

    The only thing you can fault Oprah for is neglecting to tell Mo’nique that the rest of her family was gonna be on the show. But that’s not malicious. If it was malicious she never would have called her up before the show to warn her. If it was malicious she never would have given Mo’nique the chance to quash the show. And if it was malicious she never would have called Mo’nique after the show to see how she was doing. Mo’nique been carrying around way too much hatred for way too long and you can see it’s aging her prematurely. Let it go, sis!

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 25, 2019

      @Rope.. – You clearly are stupid and you CLEARLY didn’t listen to the interview. Oprah knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She didn’t notify Mo’nique until LATE in the game. She stated from the onset that she was NOT okay with the interview when it was her brother who approached Oprah and it was further deaden when she found out about her mother being added.

      I do agree that Mo’nique should have a plan to move forward and have that speak LOUDER than the things that have her at this point (speaking out) but I don’t see an issue with her speaking her truth and giving light to the darkened places of some of the one sided points of view of some commentators on the Entertainment/Hollywood side of the camera. (i.e. Steve Harvey interview)

      • Ropeburn July 25, 2019

        Bish, is you deaf! Here’s Mo’nique word for word:

        “She [Oprah] said ‘if you don’t want me to have your brother on the show I will cancel the show. No show will happen. But I wanted to call you up to see how you felt first.’ When I hung up that phone brother, I looked at my husband and said ‘THAT BISH IS ALRIGHT WITH ME!”

        Does that sound like someone who was distraught over her brother being on the show?!

        At the end of the day, Mo’nique is mad because she felt like she didn’t tell Oprah how she really felt about it after the show aired. But that ain’t Oprah’s fault. Mo’nique is letting that bitterness eat her alive while she busy arranging 3-ways with that worthless husband she calls “Daddy.”

  6. Jj July 24, 2019

    Another Oscar I know she not lying but I was mesmerized like it was a Oscar role

  7. Faye July 24, 2019

    I think that Monique needs to move on with her life. She’s toxic and keeps rehashing the same old same old stuff. She just wants attention but, nobody cares about her vitrol about Oprah and Steve Harvey. Stop acting like a victim! Give it a rest because people are tired of her tirades. Get a life!

  8. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 25, 2019

    These were really great interviews. Solid points and I totally understand what she was fighting for. In essence, TRUTH, RESPECT, and true seat at the table.

  9. Dee July 25, 2019

    MONIQUE has my respect. We know Oprah is a snake. I am glad she got a chance to tell her truth. It is time… ..time to move on from the Oprah topic. The next time an interviewer asks about Oprah, it is okay to say, I’ve already discussed it.

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