Watch: Mo’Nique Reacts To Steve Harvey Losing NBC Gigs [Video]

Published: Thursday 16th May 2019 by Rashad

It’s been over three months since Steve Harvey and Mo’nique rocked headlines for their on-air clash over the comedienne’s industry black-balling and documented ‘anti-‘ behavior (click here to watch again), but that hasn’t stopped critics from assuming the ‘Parkers’ star isn’t somewhere celebrating the wave of losses Harvey’s suffered in just this week alone.

As we reported here, the 62-year-old’s long-running daytime talk show – ‘Steve’ – was cancelled just days before reports rang out that he was being replaced on NBC’s ‘Little Big Shots.’  With the bad news building up, memes began surfacing (like that seen below) that suggested his highly publicized failures were karmic as forewarned by Mo in that now infamous interview.

Mo – fed up with the influx of GIFs and memes that depicted her as proud Harvey was experiencing the bevy of bad luck – took to her official Youtube account to offer her true feelings.  See it inside:

“We do not celebrate what appears to be someone else’s demise. We do not stand and applaud and say ‘Yeah, look what’s happening.’ ‘That’s what you get.’ That’s not where we’re coming from. That’s not a stance we’ve ever taken,” Mo’nique said. She continues, “So what I would ask y’all to do…we gotta love our folks through it.”


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  1. Jasmine May 16, 2019

    Good response

  2. GG May 17, 2019

    Who I feel like she had a different conversation with her husband lol the way he smiling in the pic lol

    • SMH May 17, 2019

      Agreed lol, you know they had a good laugh over those memes and dragged him in private too lol.

    • Casual May 17, 2019

      Total co-sign.

  3. Marva May 17, 2019

    Let America know you play the game to get ahead you let them know that they are in power so they tested that power in strip you of everything that they gave you. As an African American on this stolen soil you have to know how to do things smart tv i
    remark came back to bite poor Steve and I absolutely love him but that just was the wrong call you can’t let people know they have that much power over you because they going to come and take it back

  4. eric May 17, 2019

    He was overconfident in what he said about playing the game, but I think he’ll bounce back with other opportunities. This is no different from the other times he moved from one thing to another in TV and in radio. This will only teach him to be more strategic and more successful.

    • Maxx May 17, 2019

      I agree. I bet he already has something else in motion as he knew this was a possibility months ago. Steve ain’t got no worries.

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