Whoopi Goldberg Accused Of Bullying Sunny Hostin On ‘The View’

Published: Tuesday 9th Jul 2019 by David

Viewers of the hit ABC show ‘The View’ have expressed concerns about the way its moderator Whoopi Goldberg speaks to fellow host Sunny Hostin.

Hostin, a fan favourite, is best known for using her platform on the show to speak out in defence of minorities and – in many ways- address issues “establishment Democrats” choose to steer away from.

What happened when she tried to explain why Joe Biden wasn’t doing enough to explain some of the more questionable chapters in his political story?

Sharp glares and dirty looks below…

Watch from the 5 minute 24 mark onwards.

Viewers had this to say…



The disrespect is so apparent to fans that a number of them have created compilations like the one below to highlight it.


Do you think Whoopi disrespects Sunny?

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  1. Ugggh July 9, 2019

    Anyone who watches the View knows these ladies all like each other and when the topic is hot, they get passionate. Majority of the time Sunny and Whoppi are on the same page. They aren’t going to agree all the time.

  2. truthtea July 9, 2019

    I agree that Whoopi coddles Megan too much but everything is a flat out lie! I watch this show pretty much every day and Whoopi has a very interesting and unique personality which isn’t for everybody! She’s a comic as well so the facial expressions that may come off condescending are just her sense of humor! Get over yourselves!

  3. Shayla Queen July 9, 2019

    Saying to get rid of Whoopi and Meghan… I see… Y’all only like a “debate” with one-sided views and no one to challenge your own opinion… Sad a$$ losers.

  4. Anne July 9, 2019

    Sunny irks me too. Whoopi is telling her the TRUTH. If Democrats want to win we need to stop publicly cannibalizing each other. It’s too risky and the stakes are too high. We are shooting each other in the foot. It will only end up strengthening Trump and dampening democratic voter turnout just like last time in Trump will be sitting in the White House for another 4 years. When will people learn?

  5. ERIC July 9, 2019

    This was one of the rare times I happened to sit at the TV and watch part of The View. I will always like Whoopi for some of the movies I loved growing up, but I wasn’t buying her opinion and the reasoning she gave for it yesterday. Let’s be honest though…this show wouldn’t last long if they all agreed with each other and didn’t have a little drama every now & then to keep them in the news. If you want to see women who are nice to each other and tend to agree on everything, watch The Talk or The Real. Both are better shows even with a few flaws.

  6. Jerilyn December 16, 2019

    Whoopi is so dismissive of all, maybe excluding Abby. Today (Monday, Dec 16th) I think she was SO disrespectful of Meghan! I think they all have something worth listening to & although I have always voted Dem since 1972 & once Rep (in fact, Bill Weld, as governor of Massachusetts who is running against Trump in 2020) I had tremendous respect for John McCain. I didn’t “meet” Meghan until the View. She AND the others have a bad habit talking over each other and always interrupting, which makes it very difficult for us to hear. However, the way she cut Meghan off today was so belittling! She treated her like a child.
    I like Whoopi as an actress, but I think being primary host on the View has gone to her head. I’m sorry she was ill a few months back, but to be honest I am always a bit relieved when she is not hosting.
    Not that she is reading this, but maybe someone from ABC will get wind of this whole thread…
    Whoopi, would you like to be treated as you treat others? Do a little soul searching : /

  7. DebbieD April 3, 2023

    Sonny IS a bully, no question! Never have liked her. Needs get over herself. Spend more time with boots on the ground in Puerto Rico.

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