50 Cent Slams Emmys Again For Snubbing ‘Power’: ‘[They] Can Kiss My Black A**’

50 Cent‘s not done going off on the Emmy Academy.

The business mogul, who serves as producer for STARZ’s flagship series, ‘Power,’ made headlines last month when he asserted racism was the reason the show has yet to be honored with a golden statuette.  Beyond garnering acclaim from viewers and industry critics alike, the Omari Hardwick-led drama has been ratings winner over its tenure – a feat repeated after its season 6 premiere on August 25th.

Topping the night’s viewership numbers among all scripted series on cable, ‘Power’ drew in over 1.47 million viewers (as we reported here).  Despite its ongoing popularity, it continues to be ignored by the Emmy Academy and now 50’s had enough of the disregard.

Taking to Instagram, he went on a profanity-fueled rant to let them know just how he feels ahead of the ceremony’s telecast live from Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 22.  See it below:


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?The EMMY’s can kiss ? my black ass ? in slow motion. Fuck em I’m #1 They a bunch of Bengay my back hurt smelling ass old people anyway. ?LOL #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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  1. R@$putI@ L@tt!m0re August 28, 2019

    I like POWER for the concept but I find the acting is sub par. Every character is 1 dimensional.

    • Jamon_84 August 28, 2019

      I agree about the acting. Lala really sucks as an so called actress. It’s hard to watch her scenes. There’s not range or award winning performances in this show. People watch for the drama. The emmys are about performances and creativity. There’s a lot of “Power” related shows, with more range and standout performances. I like the show though.

      • Shayla Queen August 28, 2019

        I was talking to R@$putI@ L@tt!m0re

    • Shayla Queen August 28, 2019

      Like you and your many accounts. Maybe you should all do your own Hermaphrodite Power spin-off. IN YOUR HEAD.

      • Jamon_84 August 28, 2019

        Maybe you should respect people’s opinions. If so don’t agree, move along ??‍♂️

      • Jamon_84 August 28, 2019

        Maybe you should respect people’s opinions. If you don’t agree, move along ??‍♂️

    • Florence August 28, 2019

      If one of the hijackers had just showed up in the ER with cutaneous anthrax, which would not be “skin irritation “ or a single lesion and not been diagnosed and aggressively treated he would probably have died… Read more <===

  2. Lol August 28, 2019

    He wants validation so bad

  3. Nicky August 28, 2019

    Grow Up!!!

    You are a terrible, immature person . Sometimes it’s also about the people who represent the show. They don’t like you !!

  4. Say August 28, 2019

    why do these people look to these white washed awards shows like the grammys or the oscars etc… for validation? you still have a hit show without that stupid award.

  5. i ain’t even LYING bOO August 28, 2019

    i don’t watch it just because of 5 Dimes’ problematic ass. f* 50 & anything attached to makin him a dime.

  6. Romeo August 28, 2019

    He really acts like he owns starz… sir.. you are just an executive producer. Your attitude ruins this for everyone and he just does not seem to understand that. He should be cancelled and blackballed just for the way he treats his son. This is just an awful person .and karma is going to come at him so hard.

  7. The Truth August 28, 2019

    I’m surprised it only drew 1.4 million views. I thought for sure this was getting 5 million + views.

    Anyways, maybe it’s getting looked over because of YOU 50 Cent. Nobody in the industry likes your antics. Unfortunately, even if your product is good, a nasty attitude will get you blacklisted (i.e. Azalea Banks).

    • Dc August 28, 2019

      Stars is not abc u pay that’s why

  8. Vaughn August 28, 2019

    She is such a drama queen by night TROLL by day! Power SUCKS

  9. B**** pleeeaasssssthe August 28, 2019

    Oh what’s up with this gay boy again?! ??

    • King z August 29, 2019

      Why do U – a gay man – use “gay” as a diss?

  10. StarXavi August 30, 2019

    I’ve watched one episode of this show and I know that the acting is not on the caliber of winning any Emmy’s. 50 is reaching. That Emmy will never come!

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