‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Claims She Was Left Traumatised By The Series

Published: Sunday 11th Aug 2019 by David

Jeana Turner is the latest ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant to condemn the show for its supposed mistreatment of competitors.

Turner was a contestant on the show’s 24th cycle and took to the net recently to detail her experiences on the show and why she felt compelled to breach her contract to protect future models from falling into its thorny trap.

A trap, she says saw the ladies forbidden from eating or leaving their rooms without permission from producers or the security team employed to monitor their comings and goings.

Her distressing story below…

Turner claims that she reached out to Tyra Banks with hopes doing so would force her to step in and protect her models from the abuse and manipulation they were subjected to.

She read my message…and left it on seen. She never responded to me.

Winnie Harlow recently made headlines when she made a similar complaint.

Learn more here.

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  1. Justme August 11, 2019

    Girl bye. Even Rupaul didn’t let the girls come and go as they please. Seeing this is a competition and you can’t be going free and leaking things to the public.. also you are again in a competition so you can’t act like your at home and eat when you want too.. I’m sure everyone had to do it together as a group.

    • ? Suga Lopez August 11, 2019


    • Kalorie August 11, 2019

      Seriously! This chick had more lives than a cat in her season. This is a competition where everything is very monitored, this is not big brother.

  2. MessyBoots August 11, 2019

    I remember her on that season. She had some kind of scalp disease I believe alopecia. She made it Top 4 but her attitude was SO nasty and so rude toward the other girls. I did not enjoy her one bit.

  3. IAMME August 11, 2019

    Have a SEAT…

  4. Ugggh August 11, 2019

    Girl bye. She lost and had to leave after making it to top six then came back after Tyra brought some girls back to compete for their spot back on the show and she made it to the finally. If it was so bad, why did you come back?

  5. Clarkson August 11, 2019

    Tyra is toxic trash.
    Remember when she criticized yaya for being too African.
    Remember when she put white models in black and brown face

    She’s a terrible person. Naomi warned us about Tyra years back but we didn’t listen.

    • Fancy BISH August 11, 2019

      Tyra is an ICON. You need to understand what competition is and how cut-throat the modeling world is! Tyra has detailed her own experiences and the show was a reflection about how it really is! The fashion world talks about models like they are dispensable…too skinny, too fat, too black, too commercial…Tyra has heard it all…and she’s an ICON, shrewd businesswoman and savvy investor! Naomi is GOAT and Iman is MUVA! Sometimes the world doesn’t hold your hand hunnie ? Go cry in the bathroom, get it all the way together and go out there and WERK that runway ?

      • ? Suga Lopez August 11, 2019

        Her legacy is ruined. You can list all of her achievements but the fact remains. She will go down in history as a professional mean girl which is unfortunate but deserved.

      • Fancy BISH August 11, 2019

        That corny show isn’t her legacy lol..I hardly watched it! The only thing memorable and iconic was the “we were all rooting for you!” line and the beautiful Eva Marcille, who LOVES Tyra by the way …like I SAID, Tyra is a businesswoman…she knows how to bounce back! ??

      • MessyBoots August 11, 2019

        @Fancy ???

  6. Kimberly August 11, 2019

    They don’t get out much, do they?

  7. Kimberly August 11, 2019

    Welcome to LIFE..spoiled brats!

  8. EJai August 11, 2019

    Better yet…..you weren’t kidnapped…..you don’t like the rules? Then leave!

    • ? Suga Lopez August 11, 2019

      And risk being sued for 5 million? You clearly didn’t watch the videos. At least half of the girls on the show tell the same story. It’s corrupt.

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