Wendy Williams Reveals The Truth About Divorce In Tell-All Interview / Denies New Allegations

Published: Wednesday 7th Aug 2019 by David


Wendy Williams is rubbishing reports that she plans to remain in business with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

The mogul recently spoke to ‘Sway in the Morning‘ about the changes she is experiencing in her life and revealed that a recently revealed story claiming she was gearing up to stay in business with Hunter is false.

She also revealed that she is eager to divorce him after learning that he fathered a child outside of their marriage and hopes that he and his new family are enjoying their lives now that she pulled the plug on their relationship.


Watch her bare all on that and more below…

Her time on the show also saw her reveal that she is still adjusting to her life as a single woman and that she suspects that some men are intimidated by her wealth.


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  1. Kurtz August 7, 2019

    Love me some Auntie Wendy hope she doesn’t work with him again
    and he gets not that much coinage!! the scum he is.

    • What would Whitney do. WWWD August 7, 2019

      Maybe she was a b**** and not having s** with him so he started another family.

      B**** faking like she didn’t know that he been cheating.

  2. Tachycardia August 7, 2019

    In all do respect, she needs to get better. I think that she has not yet healed from her wounds and she is she putting a brace face when she is still hurting inside. If she was really done with him; she wouldn’t be working with him. Looks like she likes that “hurting myself” life.

  3. Debra Anderson August 7, 2019

    She needs to stay away from her ex-husband in focus on her new self and her son she is a beautiful woman and she has it going on there are so many nice men that would treat her like the queen she is how you doing Wendy I pray for her for everything She Wants in life she has had enough hell in her life

  4. June August 7, 2019

    You did the best thing he was unfaithful divorce his sorry ass you will be just fine something good is going to happen to you go brave with faith and God you go girl awesome

  5. Cevia A.Bishop August 8, 2019

    I am glad that she survived all the backlash and disrespect from her worthless, money using ,low life husband and his worthless uneducated side chick. Bless you Wendy.!!!

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