Beyonce’s ‘Making the Gift’ ABC Special a Ratings Winner

Published: Tuesday 17th Sep 2019 by Rashad

With little warning Beyonce took to social media Sunday (September 15) to deliver a gift to her beloved fan base (better known as the #Beyhive).  Packaged in the form of a behind the scenes ABC special (as we reported here), the diva offered viewers an inside look at the creation of her ‘Lion King’-inspired album, ‘The Gift.’  Zooming to #1 on Billboard Soundtrack and R&B Album charts respectively, the set – kicked off by the anthemic ‘Spirit’ – was lauded by critics for its inclusion of the who’s who of the Afrobeats scene, feminist concepts, and socially conscious lyrics decorated with unapologetic themes of pro-Blackness.

In an effort to show fans how all that magic came to be, the Grammy-winner unveiled ‘Beyonce Presents: Making the Gift.’  Airing Monday (September 16), the special may have given viewers little time to prepare but still managed to hold its own against the night’s many forms of ‘must see TV’ including sports, news, and scripted programming.

Look inside to see just how many people tuned in.

Viewership = 2.49 million

Among broadcast airings Beyonce led the way for her viewership hour.  Drawing 2.49 million viewers at 10 o’clock, the special – alongside ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – helped ABC dominated Monday night ratings with ‘reality programming,’ besting the scripted offerings of competitors CBS and CW and the reality show efforts of NBC and FOX.


Curious to see who dominated the competition among cable shows on September 16?  Look below to see:


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  1. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

    Meanwhile Rih Scheduled was to busy Rih Scheduling lol bey gon win dat Oscar and Blue gon win that Grammy for wrighting Brown Skin Girls (the soundtrack to @??? entire Existance lol) I bet this Doc wins The Oscar for best Documentary and bey also wins best Director. Bey wrote every song on the Gift so I bet she wins atleast to grammys for producing the Gift

    • Datredd23 September 17, 2019

      Your the same fat b**** saying she would get a Emmy didn’t happen meanwhile Rihanna is becoming a multi billionaire shut your ass up and eat a twinkie

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 18, 2019

      If Queen B Jasmine dont record it OR MrWorldPremier aint got it o line it was NOT a ratings winner to urban audiences. Period. RHOA and RHOP and RHOBH pull in over double the amount of viewers in one night and that aint no “special”. Dwight Howard’s interview this past Sunday pulled in over quadruple ratings!

      Beyonce? Yeah we like her but girl get lost for a couple years. We tired of looking and hearing u all the damn time. Real talent aint got to be in your face all the damn time.

      • MsYonce September 18, 2019

        If 2.4 million tuned in with just one day notice then with promo it would’ve done better. Beyonce has been MIA since idk when its not like she’s dropping s*** every two weeks. Her rollout strategy is a mess! Every since self titled she’s been going for that surprise strategy , the tide is turning and people don’t care about that its not 2013 anymore. No one announced stuff one day in advance or do surprise drops anymore. They would’ve a couple years ago but not anymore. Everyone has gone back to promoting now because that’s working.

      • I Told You September 18, 2019

        um lets not act like GP knew it was coming. the special was announced less than 24 hrs before it aired. these are great numbers.

    • ??? September 18, 2019

      Lmaooooo go eat a turkey, fatso. the oscars will pay this flop DUST just like the emmys did. Rihanna is becoming the richest female singer alive, while roach is becoming the biggest FLOP of the decade lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #BishhEvenFlopsOnTV

      • Clocked you September 18, 2019

        And she still has more money and respect than you’ll ever have lmao. Sounds like you’re the flop

    • Cory September 18, 2019

      Beyonce’s numbers are actually horrible. 8.2 million watched the first hour of DWTS, 7.8 million watched the second hour and then the network lost over 5 million views for the 10PM hour when Beyonce’s special started. A rerun of Bull at at 10PM on CBS had nearly double the viewers.

      • I Told You September 18, 2019

        the ppl who watch dancing with the stars is older white ppl. you think they wanna see beyonce (a black woman) stanning for africa and afro beat music? she did what she had to do.

      • ADELE4LIVE September 18, 2019

        TGJ is delusional trying to pass all of Beyonce’s recent disastrous flops into successes.

        She’s getting closer & closer to Leona Lewis territory

  2. Iamme September 17, 2019


  3. Clarkson September 17, 2019

    Embarrassing numbers. Another L for beyonce

    Adele’s special on NBC brought in 11 million viewers. She didnt exploit her family or child for views. It was just her performing on stage.

    But I told yall, did I lie?

    Shots of Beyonce playing with her kids, check

    Beyonce acting like all the concepts are her own ideas, check

    Beyonce in the studio calling the shots, pretending to be producing, mixing etc, check

    Beyonce talking about Africa and her roots, check

    This chic is so predictable, her formula is tired. that’s why she’s still Emmy-less.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

      Solange and 2 of beys cousins are song writers… Are they lying about writing also? bey co-wrote songs on solange first album that sjes not even on as well as song on tge gift that she’s not featured on… The biggest evidence is the credits on the SURVIVOR …very FEW writters and producers outside of bey creditted on that album her father Mathew is also creditted bey said she wrote every song on survivor and won ASCAP song writers award that year…. The one Cardi B won recently but I guess cardi b lies about writting also

      • King z September 17, 2019


        We know you are ether resident beyonce hater but be serious. You are comparing adele’s Top selling album and HOLIDAY SPECIAL to bey’s side project and random summer special

        I assure u had Adele done a special on the making of her James Bond song while she was OUT OF ALBUM PROMO season it would not have had 11 million viewers

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Oh now ur calling this album a beyonce side project the same way u guys called everything is love a side project. Lol

        Firstly adele will never make a trash album like the gift.

        Adele will never sell 900 copies in any country in the world.

        If adele were to curate a sound track album it will be good and it will sell like hot cakes the same way Kendrick Lamar black panther sold.

        Skyfall reached the top ten in the us, it won a golden globe and an oscar. Skyfall had no music video.

        Beyonce spirit didn’t even crack the top 50 in the us after a big budget video.

        If adele did a documentary on how she made skyfall, trust me more than 2 million people will tune in. Her carpool karaoke with James Corden was one of the most watched episodes ever. Nicki minaj albums stated selling on iTunes again thanks to adele single monster on that episode.

      • ADELE4LIVE September 18, 2019

        So The Lion King (5th biggest grossing movie of all time) which original soundtrack became one of the top selling soundtrack of all time and resuscitated Elton John’s career in the 90s is now a side project?

        All we could hear for the past year is how it was gonna slay all our favs and make ASIB look like a flop.

        Flopping with TheLionKing really is embarrassing.

        At least she should have had 1 well performing single like: See You Again, or Shallow…

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 18, 2019

      I agree with Clarkson on this one.

      • Clocked you September 18, 2019

        Clarkson you imbecile it is a side much as you and all the rest of the undercover Beyoncé fans keep up with her you should know that no Beyonce fan considers anything she’s released lately traditional Beyoncé. Ragging on someone for have 2 million people watch the process for making an album with wonderful African musicians. Just reading that sounds stupendous. But alas you live your life on here attacking successful people because you aren’t successful and you’re jealous

  4. Pat September 17, 2019

    DWTS residue

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

    Blue Ivy also been writing songs since she was still in beys Wound! She wrote her verse on BLUE from self titled… Yes it was a very short verse at the end but blue did write it while bey wrote almost everything else including partition and flawless

    • ??? September 18, 2019

      Lmaooooo stop lying, roach can’t even write her own name without help. and how tf did navy blue write songs in her WOUND??? lmaooooo you need to get yo fat ass out of the kitchen and learn how to read and write yo damn self lmfaooooo ? ?? ?????

  6. JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators September 17, 2019

    Her family is beautiful!

    • Okay? September 18, 2019

      Yes, beautiful and healthy family!

  7. Music lover September 17, 2019

    Wait a sec! How many views did the VMAs pull??

    • Datredd23 September 18, 2019

      This was on a major tv network hun not cable

      • SMH September 18, 2019

        Which makes these numbers that much more horrible, hun.

  8. Jaquan September 18, 2019

    Umm this narrative is all sorts of f***** up. 2.49 million is not a lot of people. Plus they aired this at 10pm eastern time on a school night/work day/during the week- which means no one was staying up late to watch this s***. I tried and I fell asleep it was so boring!

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 18, 2019

      Dwight Howard special pulled in 4 times as many viewers on a school night. People just tired of Bey.

      • MsYonce September 18, 2019

        Lol her haterz live and breath for herr she will never be tired. Her haterz run into every post when they see Beyonce they compare he to everybody she will always be relevant. She can retire now and still wont be irrelevant the girls wont allow it. These numbers are great considering that she only announced it the day before everyone else actually promotes their s*** but the the numbers are still amazing

    • ADELE4LIVE September 18, 2019

      All type of lame excuse for this flop.
      If they put it at 10pm, it’s because they already knew people would not be interested.

      Same reason why they put piece of sh!t movies in January…

      • Clocked you September 18, 2019

        Haha haha you are so mad. Beyoncé is relevant did wonderful numbers and you are sad and jealous hahahahaha you sure tuned in didn’t ya?

  9. MsYonce September 18, 2019

    Congratz Queen you stay stay winning!! Since she only announced it a day before and it was even in the tv guide I expected wayyyyyy less. I didn’t think expect it to do so well especially the way she handled it, which is always her problem. But still good numbers congrats

  10. Gee September 18, 2019

    Her team played it smart by tying it in with audience that watches DWTS as it is geared towards the family demographic. But under 3 million people on a major network that you do not have to subscribe to is underperforming if we being honest. I love that she showed moments with her children and showing respect to African arts. But without being bias these numbers are underwhelming.

    • MsYonce September 18, 2019

      The numbers are not underwhelming because she only announced it one day in advance and it was not in the tv guide or anything, if anything its surprising. I didn’t think it would even do that well because of the whole surprise strategy she is still working with tbh. I was expecting way less.

      • SMH September 18, 2019

        Stop making excuses. 2.4 million viewers on a basic TV network is horrendous, especially when paid subscriber cable shows pull in twice that amount.

    • My Plan September 18, 2019


  11. Gee September 18, 2019

    I think that Beyoncé should switch things up and do away with the surprise releases for a while because as of late it has not worked out for her with the last couple of projects. But it does not take away from her celebrated career.

  12. Okay? September 18, 2019


  13. ??? September 18, 2019

    Lmaoooo flop album sales, flop ratings, roach has become the new Ciara lmfaooooo ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

    • Swirly September 18, 2019

      You f****** tried that. Ciara wishes she had a sprinkle of Beyoncé’s success and that’s no shade to Ci.

  14. ROCK September 18, 2019

    Someone needs to tell Beyonce that the music is the main thing.All these visuals is beginning to alienate people.She can do a thousand visuals but if the music is wack it will still flop.

  15. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 18, 2019

    Rest in peace to Whitney Houston The phenomenal actress-singer

    2 million views is not impressive her career is going nowhere…… Her career is stale.

    • I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 18, 2019

      I know Jay-Z is happy that he is managing Megan that’s all I have to say…….

      Beyonce who cannot sing like Whitney Houston’s career is basically stale at a stalemate….. only. 2 million views

  16. Darron September 19, 2019

    Beyonce’s album FLOPPED hard as hell…. She’s a has been

  17. Jay September 23, 2019

    There’s a lot of hatred on here and it saddens me. How many of you are out here trying to produce work and bring light to something positive. Weather people chimed in that night or not the music and the visuals was paying homage to Africa and the beauty of culture, and that’s why it’s unique. Giving other artist a name and a platform so they can too flourish. Beyoncé has been more than successful she don’t need to continue and if you don’t know these are side projects.

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