Report: Kevin Hart Sued for $60 Million By Sex Tape Partner

Published: Monday 16th Sep 2019 by Rashad


2019 just hasn’t been Kevin Hart‘s year.

As if being ousted as the Academy Awards host for resurfaced homophobic tweets wasn’t enough, the funnyman was later unceremoniously slammed for being insensitive to the LGBTQ community thanks to his commentary surrounding rapper Lil Nas X‘s coming out (click here to read).  The latter backlash ensued while the 40-year-old was recuperating from injuries he sustained from a heavily reported car accident.

Now, with his back, ego, and reputation concurrently in recovery, a woman who the comedian reportedly had an affair with is looking to bruise his pocketbook. Details inside:

Our friends at TMZ report:

As was widely reported, Hart repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the recording but did apologize for the incident to his wife.  See that video below:

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  1. Only Facts September 16, 2019

    Camilla Cabello is a FLOP who bought 38 million followers on Instagram, and also buy streams and likes on social media. 38 million followers and she is expected to debut at #55 and #79 with her two solo singles? Wow. Sounds like a flop to me.

    She needs features to have a hit. “Never Be The Same” didn’t hit the top 10 until she did a remix with Kane Brown. WHAT. A. FLOP!

    • Shayla Queen September 16, 2019

      Normani’s only two top tens are other artist’s singles that she featured on. Your point?

      • Gworl Bye September 16, 2019

        Camila fans tried to drag Normani for her #33 debut, its only fair to drag camila back for her two solo flops lol ?

    • Nicky September 16, 2019

      Facts on Facts!!!!

      Camicky is done.

      Her songs debuted and missed the entire top 50 on Billboard


      And they’re tanking on iTunes and Spotify.

      Poor thing!!!


    • #TheTruth September 16, 2019

      You must surely love her and be obsessed with her tooshie to keep talking about her everywhere.
      Clearly the girl is doing something right. What about your own life child ? You also have millions of $ on your bank account like Camila’s flopping career ?

    • Ken September 16, 2019

      @Only facts, this post has nothing to do with that scarecrow. Stay on topic, you fking dolt.

  2. Justme September 16, 2019

    So who recorded it then???

  3. Clarkson September 16, 2019

    Damn 2019 is not Kevin hart’s year

    First they removed him from hosting the oscars due to his homophobic past

    Then he had an accident, injured his back.

    Then he received serious backlash from the way he spoke to lil nas x about being gay while he was still in the hospital recovering from his accident

    Now this lawsuit

    Miss hart u in danger girl.

    • GardiBang September 16, 2019

      Bahaha I could hear Whoopi’s voice???

  4. Danny Bey September 16, 2019

    Have you guys seen Hustlers yet?

    • Gworl Bye September 16, 2019

      no thanks, already saw showgirls years ago. Same difference lol ?

    • Da’Veed September 16, 2019

      Did you see it? Is it good? I need to do something interesting this weekend. Other than that, I don’t think Kevin Hart orchestrated this especially when it’s so close to the #metoo campaigns. Anybody had to know that it would have been bad timing. He also did get caught up in that as well.
      Look bey, rih and Taylor are getting older. There are big open spots for the taking. There is also a thirst for that new international “it” girl. I like Normani and Camilla but I like them better in 5h. That was the only way they could have gotten them to such status, if they invested more into the group. It will be clearer when they get older.

  5. Jaquan September 16, 2019

    Can we cancel his black a** already!?

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 16, 2019

      Too late. According to his latest box office numbers his films appear to have been underperforming among African-American audiences, constituting about 25 percent of the ticket buyers for a Kevin Hart movie. When you are not pulling in the numbers you used to the white man will cancel you and this is how they do it. Kevin is literally giving the white man the ammunition to cancel him by desperate stunts like this one. It is criminal in many states to secretly record people n*** without prior consent.

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