‘Basketball Wives’: YouTubers Target Evelyn Lozada After Anti-Black Tweet Surfaces

Published: Sunday 6th Oct 2019 by David

Evelyn Lozada‘s public relations crisis gained a fresh pair of horrid legs this week when YouTubers joined efforts to hold her accountable for what many deem to be anti-black behaviour.

The Reality TV star, who now identifies as Afro-Latina, has seen her brand take a hit following her feud with her ‘Basketball Wives’ costar OG Chijindu. A feud, which has seen Evelyn call the African athlete a monkey and use several racist tropes to mock, degrade and humiliate her.

Unfortunately for her, it has backfired….and an effort to slam claims that she is racist by pointing to her own African heritage was stifled by the resurfacing of the tweet below.

How YouTube’s stars are responding to the drama….and claims that OG has been fired from the series?

Tune in below…


Twitter was just as enraged…


Shaunie O’Neal insists that Ms. Chijindu has not been fired from the series.

Watch below…

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  1. Danny Bey October 6, 2019

    Not on any team in this trash show but that tweet was a reach. She literally explained what she meant but of course people on the hate Evelyn train ran with it.

    • High Price October 7, 2019

      Lmao! Hate train?!?! Sike! She’s ALWAYS been glorified! Even after acting a COMPLETE fool all these years. She’ll be alright.

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 6, 2019


  3. Tyty October 6, 2019

    Chile Og done shook the table and I’m loving it!! Evelyn is not Afro anything she can’t even point to one Immediate family member who is black. Having 2% African dna doesn’t count otherwise… AA for example would all be Bi or multiracial. Because of a small amount of European dna. ??

  4. IG : mixedboy October 6, 2019

    This is so dumb

    • Swim Good October 6, 2019

      Dumb or scary. Yall aren’t used to black people sticking up for ourselves. This is what it looks like. Get used to it.

      • Lanafan1 October 6, 2019

        When do we not? Sometimes, some of us are too quick to be offended.

      • Tia October 9, 2019

        Exactly. They don’t have no idea. Every day you have to fight for your respect because of bums like Lozada who are trying to be something that they are not.

  5. Only Facts October 6, 2019

    Shaunie is nothing but a bully. Evelyn needs to be fired. Shaunie no longer needs to be a producer or a cast member. Kristen needs to be fired with her no storyline having a**. The whole show needs to go. But at this juncture, they cannot get rid of OG because if they do, all hell is going to break loose and viewers will really stop watching. Evelyn and Shaunie must be pissed knowing the general public is on OG’s side. And nostrils is on live talking about “who gets bullied at this age.” That’s the most ignorant statement. Bullying can happen at ANY age! Ugh!! So ignorant!

    • GeeBaby October 6, 2019

      Ha not everyone, I’ll still watch it! I hope OG gets the ax because SHE has no storyline

      • JUST FACTS October 6, 2019

        Don’t know what you’ve been watching. She is the only storyline, ALL SEASON

      • High Price October 7, 2019

        Well, tgj definitely wouldn’t have put up this post if it wasn’t for OG.

    • Tia October 9, 2019

      Agreed, agreed, agreed. How about this, can the show. It’s a bunch of mess with a bunch of women who are not even basketball wives. If they are not a basketball wife, why are they even on the show? The show needs a reboot starting with terminating every woman that is not a basketball wife. Maybe there will be more than one person on the show with an actual story line.

  6. Tanya O Bardi October 6, 2019

    Why is everyone trying to cancel her I’m sick of all this cancelling people. It’s a tv show who cares. All I see is people saying latinas hate blacks and blacks hate latinas shut up! The real people who should be canceled are the white people making money off us as we fight with one another

    • Tyty October 6, 2019

      Nice try Latin is an ethnicity not race Cameron Diaz is Latin and she is white!! So no you are not black peoples ally or brethren

      • Lanafan1 October 6, 2019

        STFU @tyty

    • GeeBaby October 6, 2019

      You’re my freaking hero!!!!

  7. Anon Hilda October 6, 2019

    Shannir2face video about her show, shows her fakeness and her unfairness as an employer. Evilyn makes those racist comments on the show and as you do reprimand your other staff openly the same should be with Evilyn, on the show she is an employee just like the other ladies. You and that show are not important to me poop. But as a person who had endured racism and it was bad and open like your show the bosses did nothing. You can be bullied at any age. Stop being stupid. Your statements made no sense. Your laughing and messy comments are helping me make up my mind not to watch your show. Your laughing at some matters that are serious, racism to serious. I hope OG CeCe sue Shannir2face, Evilyn and VH1. You can’t be entertained with racist remarks. Just openly put a stop to it. Tell Evilyn she can’t use statements now she is Latino/Black, it’s a slap in the face it like saying some of my best friends are black. Shannir2face we will not stand by entertainment or not whatever you call it and laugh at racism. We matter

  8. Neiko October 6, 2019

    Evelyn has never given y’all a reason to think she’s racist…. out of all the seasons y’all have seen her on tv, however here’s a fun fact. 3 million slaves were captured and brought over here. Only 300,000 made it to North America the rest went to South America …

    • GeeBaby October 6, 2019


    • High Price October 7, 2019

      Her references says otherwise. And being AFRO Latina doesn’t give her a pass to act an ass. And say those racial slurs.

  9. Margaret October 6, 2019

    I can actually sit here and see Malaysia sittng at home ???? at Evelyn right now

  10. Tanya October 6, 2019

    Did Shaunie said people are too invested in the show. Ok time to cancel them all. Shaunie is a part of the problem she doesnt check Evekyn

  11. Vee October 6, 2019

    If Og goes than evelyn should go. When evelyn was jumping on people in the past she still was forgiven. OG has not did anything. People are two faced!!!

  12. Winner October 7, 2019

    Evelyn may be Puerto Rican, and most of the time they are part of the black culture especially in NYC or up north. OG is nosey and it was messed up for her to talk about Chad and get into Cece and Kristen’s family drama. The only person that needs to go is Kristen because she has no story but Evelyn and OG are bringing it this season so I don’t want either of them to go!

  13. Rose Washington October 7, 2019

    Shaunie O’Neill is as false as they come. I’m soo happy that Tami is not returning to the show. Now back to Shaunie, girl where did you get your high school or college degree from. Did you are you production crew even bother to look up the word aggressive. But we all understand how the ratings work. You do what you have to do. But actions speak much louder than words or did you miss that somewhere in your life. One can say they are going to do something, Shaunie that is a threat. Actually doing it that is showing aggression. I never like Evelyn in the beginning and for her to bring her hood rat ghetto friend whom can’t even speak proper English. Girl be gone. Why do you act all self righteous and yet you are just as mixed up as your friend. What kind of example are you setting for the world. An as far as that Evelyn and Chad goes she knew all along that this man was seeing other women. So for her to be bragging that she was married to him: b*******, she needs to stop trying to use that one it just will not work for those of us that really know the real truth. Like the beautiful young woman that gave him a baby be

    • Tia October 9, 2019

      Yes Rose Washington, your response was that strong black tea with a pinch of sugar! The Truth! I agree 100%

  14. Neiko October 9, 2019

    You clearly see what she said “ figuratively “ meaning … nvmd y’all all dumb

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