Shaunie O’Neal Suggests VH1 Uses Editing To Mislead Viewers

Published: Monday 7th Oct 2019 by David


Shaunie O’Neal is urging fans of her series ‘Basketball Wives’ not to invest too much time or energy in the series….as portions of it are edited to deceive them.

Full story below…

The successful entrepreneur is an executive-producer on the show, and has faced fire from viewers in recent weeks following her supposed mistreatment of co-star OG Chijindu and refusal to use her powers as an EP to stop the bullying the Nigerian athlete is facing on the series.

Bullying, said to be coordinated by Evelyn Lozada.

Learn more here.

O’Neal recently used Instagram’s Live feature to reach out to her audience and urge them not to allow the on-screen drama to affect their day to day lives. Why? Her belief that her employers at VH1 use editing to make things seems far worse than they are actually are.

Watch her explanation below…


Don’t get so invested.  I sometimes think people don’t understand how Reality TV works. We have a whole lot of filming and it gets condensed down to highlights.

Then, after spotting a comment from a fan who “credited” VH1 for editing these highlights, the producer revealed that some of the show’s scenes are out of order.

They do have a great editing. I even watch-when I get some of the edits- and say damn that was good….I don’t remember that happening in that order…but the way you did it…you made it real good.

She insists, however, that the series is not fake.

It’s not fake because it’s really happening. It’s just that sometimes you miss the middle because there’s just too much footage. It’s not fake…it’s just…edited.

Shaunie was once married to Shaquille O’Neal and is said to have a net worth of $35 million.

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  1. Bravo!! October 7, 2019

    No one can edit a racists comment Shaunie!! L.A basketball wives was ok until ya brought ya cougar ass back on the show.

    • Bravo!! October 7, 2019

      No one can edit a racists comment Shaunie!! L.A basketball wives was ok until ya brought ya cougar ass back on the show.

      • Bravo!! October 7, 2019

        You, Evelyn and Tammy need to edit ya self of the show

  2. only facts October 7, 2019

    Sure, nostrils.

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN October 7, 2019

      Whole they’re mislead, you’re trying to push a narrative that a strong outspoken beautiful black women is “aggressive” when your friend Evil-lyn has been the most volatile toxic person in the shows history.

    • Nikki October 7, 2019

      Sorry Boo Boo Tammy is off the show

  3. menudi October 7, 2019

    GIRL BYE!!!!

    Ain’t nothing was out of order!

  4. Blanche neige October 7, 2019

    This woman is fighting to get the ongoing fure off her racist friend ass.

  5. 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 October 7, 2019

    Why is she even on the show? She does not need the money and she will get a check regardless if she is on the cast. She seems thirst for attention and really she is like that older petty auntie nobody truly likes.

  6. Tonya D Pelt October 7, 2019

    If it fake why is Evelyn suing og

    • only facts October 7, 2019

      RIGHT! Shaunie needs to take ownership because she produces BBW which fosters a bullying environment. Every season they bully one person. She has caused some real sh*t and I won’t be shocked if Vh1 finally pulls the plug on this trash show. Too much of a liability. OG is the OG. F Evelyn. She’s only mad that OG schooled her with those texts from Chad, and she’s also mad that she rolled down the hill like an eggroll after trying to chase CiCi on the show. Good riddance.

  7. Stephtacular October 7, 2019

    Ha! Shaunie is getting kinda defensive. In addition to this bull crap, there is an article on B***** from of course, an “anonymous” source accusing OG of being very aggressive off camera. And, the final straw, Elvelyn is allegedly suing OG for defimation of character. News Flash EVELYN: YOU DEFAMED YOUR OWN CHARACTER long before OG came on board. Now go pat-your-puss to that! Pretty mean girl whose meanness makes her pretty ugly. IMO

    • Carolynn October 7, 2019

      She would have to have character in the first place to get it defamed. That bottom feeder need to take several seats. Girl you know they working overtime to make OG look bad at any cost I’m sure . I wish they would cancel them soon I know they have been renewed for another season but to much lower viewership I pray.

  8. Are You Kidding Me? October 7, 2019

    She’s Exective Producer and edits the show to make her look good. Silence BIG NOSTRIL!

    • Are You Kidding Me? October 7, 2019

      Executive* to makes herself look good*

  9. Queef October 7, 2019

    On each scene she never check Evelyn about her behavior. When you’re friends with someone you shouldn’t enable them.

  10. Adina… Adina… Say Adina October 7, 2019

    AND HERE COMES THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN! So now they want to say she’s a drama queen and creates dissension behind the scenes… I CANNOT!!! They can’t take these L’s so now they wanna make stuff up. I know VaShaundya has the blogs on payola but #hey babe… #hey babe… # hey babe… the people can SEE you’re trash love…

  11. Kim October 7, 2019

    You are so full of s***!! So now you wanna protect you trifling ass friend!! Girl bye!! Evelyn Lozada is racist!! Malaysia and the rest of yall can jump off a cliff!! I still dont care for Tami hoodrat Roman but at least she was smart a left this chaotic show which I will not be watching anymore!!

    • Kenyetta Carter October 7, 2019

      Me Either!

  12. Janice scott October 7, 2019

    Hi Shaunie, I watch this show occasionally but less and less lately because of the way some of the women act on the show…I know it’s a reality show…but to an extent it’s real truth…I just wish and hope that it can be a little bit more on the positive side where everyone can get alone more then 5 minutes…the cursing and name calling from grown women is embarrassing to watch and its quite disturbing…but me myself I like who you are on the show…even when i read the negative thoughts of people about you…anyway maybe consider a name change of the show itself as are there more then 1 true wife on the show and I think that’s Jackie who is the person that rubs me the wrong way…anyway Thanks for reading

  13. Belle October 7, 2019

    Shaunie, I hope you are fair with these ladies. It was Evelyn who started it. You have said things at times Re: Evelyn stirring the pot. I think the show has become a women to women bullying eachother series. I won’t watch anymore if this continues. Us women need to empower eachother. Evelyn went low when she got on O.G’s toe. That was so low!

  14. Anon Hilda October 7, 2019

    Cross sue OG for racism on your job and decrimanation and if allowed add Doe(s) one and two Shaunie O’Neal and VHI for allowing continuing racism on the job. They are responsible for having someone on their staff that promotes racism and not putting a stop to it and Evilyn behavior caused you your employment because the supervisor Shannir2face made it clear that Evilyn is her age (when she took her with her and took her to the spa after uninvitjng OG to the luncheon) to confront OG with agressive behavior because Evilyn was truly angry. Maybe the other potential jobs she had the representives saw her behavior themselves and decided she wasn’t for them, I just don’t see them looking at a post saying she was a racist by someone she is having words with and release her. I think her actions period caused it

  15. High Price October 7, 2019

    Stfu Shaunie. Smh Shaunie ain’t sh!t!

  16. ChocolateBeauty October 7, 2019

    Blah, blah, blah Shaunie! You and Evenlyn had all of this coming!! Don’t u get it?? You don’t win this time around…goodbye!👋😟😒


  17. Faye October 7, 2019

    Shaunie O’Neal each time you come with another damage control PSA, the LIE gets funnier. That is the realist editing I have seen. Why not just admit Evilyn was wrong. Are you afraid she will beat you a$$ if you do that? Just come clean and you won’t have to keep inventing stories. Evilyn needs to be suing herself. If she indeed lost anything, it’s due to HER words and HER actions. Finally, we got to see Evilyn meet her Karma and who is really the non Motherf***ing factor. Thank you OG!

  18. Moti25 October 7, 2019

    Shaunie BYE! And you can be a bully and get bullied at ANY age. Stop playin

  19. Cia October 7, 2019

    Shaunie is a typical black woman that collects her check, cosigns, shows favoritism, laughs & talk about the other ladies with her ONLY friend on the show. Shaunie is a token black woman for the VH1 network. It’s a typical black woman move I just do as I’m told to get my check. She
    a YES SIR what you want me to do SIR [email protected]#.
    She don’t care about nobody but herself & for those stupid black b’s to keep her check coming. It’s a dirty business but somebody took the job named SHAUNIE. It’s equivalent to a PIMP pimping h*** for money. That’s her job!

  20. Lisa October 7, 2019

    Why do Shaunie feel the need to speak out now, OG was telling the TRUTH!!🤔🤔 now you fired OG. Shaunie trying keep her coins coming. Evelyn have done so much bs on this show.

  21. Connie October 7, 2019

    this show is like watching high school girls. Evelyn is an evil b****. She’s the one that’s violent. Throwing drinks into people’s faces. Chasing women to fight them. Who cares what anyone says about her daughter. Be an adult and ignore the words. You’re worse than a high-school girl. I can’t believe how these women want to fight over words they have been said about them.SO HIGH SCHOOL. You all backstab each other and stir up the pot. And Shaunie you’re just as guilty. all of you give black women a bad name. Shame on Shaunie and Evelyn.

    • Kenyetta Carter October 7, 2019


  22. Carolynn October 7, 2019

    Shaunie is so full of it. Just like we all see she’s just trying to give Evelyn an out. In or out of order her racist ness came through. Remember when CeeCee said they edited a portion on her that made her look bad Shaunie didn’t come to her defense. Now editing is the problem. Editing is convenient when it can help your friend who has shown her true color (not black) and we all saw the unedited version. Shaunie claims she’s not a colorist and have tried to defend it with the help of her ex, but not once have she admitted she shows favoritism not once. If OG is fired I’m one ex-viewer.

  23. PATRICIA HOWARD October 7, 2019

    Our girl Royce, said it best, BIH, BOO, BYE, if things are edited, then there shouldn’t be any lawsuit

  24. Mrs.Akins October 8, 2019


  25. Mrs.Akins October 8, 2019

    Shaunie O’Neal is just as dumb for letting this happen. she sit there and let this BULLY Evelyn L. sit there and think she is all this and that but now when they say you will meet your match one day b….. You have meet yours O to the G and then call her a monkey b**** you ugly from word on the street you are a w**** messing with Tammy husband b**** stop and then they said you was messing with your friend Shaunie man but you no they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer and lets get on prego girl you would not be back on the show if it wasn’t for Jackie you need to really stop shaunie could not stand you didn’t want to even film with you until jackie begged her to give you a chance so in all realty this show is going dowwn hill all because of you shaunie regardless of what you say.Facts

  26. Gorjussssss October 8, 2019

    Regardless to whether the viewers know how reality TV works or not it is utterly disgusting to watch an executive producer stand by as a cast member has chased another with a weapon without ANY accountability or repercussions for their behavior. Thrown bottles, glasses of liquid and other things to mention and u keep bringing this violent person back on the show to express and act out violent behavior on other cast mates. Violence is violence and NO type of editing can make a situation as such appear any different than what it is……shameful

  27. Atlalien October 8, 2019

    These women have sold their souls for $$$ and negative attention. Jen and CeCe are too classy for these hoodrats (Shaunie included). She’s got amnesia…to 4git Evilyn sleep with Shaq. When she brought Evilyns name up to Shaq, he didn’t want 2 even talk about her a**. Shaunie’s dumb as rocks. Kristen chose a reality over her fam. Byron will never f** with her. Hell she wasn’t his daughter in law technically anyway. Don’t worry Kristen, Shaunie or Jackie can hire u as their maid. Malaysia stop tryin stunt for the masses with ur Build-a-Body and go take care of ur kids. I’m done watching this trash show that teaches borderline hoodrats it’s ok to pat ur puss on national tv…smh

  28. Wanda October 12, 2019

    Shaunie never see the wrong Evelyn do!! Evelyn always starting s*** r jump in where it ain’t her business!! Shaunie scared of Evelyn that’s why she go along with Evelyn’s wrongdoings!!

  29. marie3548 December 27, 2019

    You cant edit bad behavior this is what these ladies have always shown this is who they are and this is what VH1 wanted and payed them for. OG is absolutely right Tami has slapped someone and taken another person’s property Malaysia punched a person in the first episode I Think Evilyn jumps on tables and throws bottles, Tami chases a person down the street in a foreign country but yet they show aggressive behavior and they sit on the stage. Why does OG have to sit separately from aggressors for which Shaunie supports and says nothing oh yeah and smiles and laughs at everything that they do. Evilyn, Malaysia, Shaunie and Tami act so ugly and most of these women r bullies which Shaunie supports. This crap need to be boycotted for supporting the paper bag test and bullies.

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