Tyler Perry Dishes on New Film Studio, Battling Criticism from the Black Community, & More [Video]

Published: Tuesday 8th Oct 2019 by Rashad

Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry may be no stranger to history-making as the plays and films he’s penned, directed, and/or starred in have made him one of Hollywood’s biggest names in front of and behind the scenes, over the weekend the 50-year-old saw his name penciled in history books for the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios – a feat that made him the first African American to own a major film studio outright.

A massive complex in Atlanta, Georgia, the lot spans over 330 acres and is larger than the Burbank, California lots owned by Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Walt Disney Studios combined.  Taking to “CBS This Morning” recently, Perry joined resident anchor Gayle King to reflect on his journey from homelessness to history-making achievements and all the doors slammed in his face (literally and figuratively) along the way.

Airing in full this morning (October 8), look inside for the insightful sit down:

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  1. Tanya O Bardi October 8, 2019

    No one cares lol it’s not like he makes good movies

    • Swirly October 8, 2019

      No one cares, yet he OWNS a studio sitting on 330 acres which used to be a Confederate Army Base. His $600 million net worth and highly successful filmography also says otherwise.

      • Clarkson October 8, 2019

        Dummy, just because something is popular or rich that doesnt mean its good

        Tyler Perry movies are harmful to black people, his characters especially madea is a caricature and a terrible stereotype of how black women are.

        I dont understand why black people support his movies, they are harmful to the black community.

      • Swirly October 8, 2019

        What you said has nothing to do with my response troll. If no one cared about Tyler or his works, he wouldn’t be the successful man he is today. SOMEONE is watching his movies and TV shows which means that SOMEONE cares. Your thoughts are irrelevant like your life.

      • Clarkson October 8, 2019

        Black people are the ones supporting him, He is giving black people what they want which is caricature stereotypical characters. These harmful stereotypical characters are what whites fed blacks in the movies back in the day, now Tyler is doing the same today. Its pitiful

        Ur too unintelligent to understand but so many black figures have criticised him for his movies especially that madea character which he has retired if I’m not mistaken.

        Demand better from him. 3 dimensional black people who are not loud or religious or ghetto or mammy like in nature.

      • Swirly October 8, 2019

        Listen. Tyler has built a $600 million legacy in two decades because of Black Aunties and church women who love his work. SO MANY POWERFUL BLACKS IN HOLLYWOOD COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING, BUT WERE TOO BUSY TAP DANCING FOR MASSA. He is beyond trying to appease Mr. Whitey and Hollyweird. He has what they WANT. Don’t watch his s*** if you don’t like it. Your coin will not be missed.

      • Clarkson October 8, 2019

        At what cost? Portraying black people as caricatures, the exact same thing whites did in the 60s and 70s and 80s.
        Tyler Perry is McDonald’s, rich and popular but very bad for ur health

        Film making is an art form that should be respected and treated with care. Tyler Perry movies insult the art of film making and storytelling.
        If ur not celebrated by ur peers it means u ain’t shìt. nobody has ever cited Tyler Perry as an inspiration for film making.

      • Swirly October 8, 2019

        Yet hundreds or even THOUSANDS of his peers showed up to celebrate him over the weekend. Make that make sense???

  2. Tyty October 8, 2019

    Good for him don’t like his movies but a successful black man is something to admire. Gayle is a twat.

  3. Clarkson October 8, 2019

    happy about his new studio. But he needs to stop making bad movies with bad stereotypical black characters

    Nobody in the movie industry takes him seriously. all his movies receive negative reviews and win multiple razzies. He isnt a visionary film maker like Scorsese or Tarantino or Mendes.

    • Gworl Bye October 8, 2019

      Apparently he could care less about approval from White Hollywood, or ignorant c00ns like you.

      • Clarkson October 8, 2019

        Black Hollywood ain’t checking for him either example Spike Lee

        Tyler Perry movies are bad BAD.
        He needs to stop feeding the black community this junk. its harmful as hell.

        And Tyler needs to come out the closet. successful man like him with all that money no wife, no sèx scandal or affair, no rumoured girlfriend, no pap shots of him and a mystery blonde or brunette etc.

      • Swirly October 8, 2019

        Thank you! LoL. He is doing just fine without their “approval”. Tyler Perry Studios is hiring. Maybe some of their hating asses should apply.

      • Swirly October 8, 2019


        Black Hollywood including Spike Lee showed up to Tyler’s grand opening in NUMBERS!! When a lot of our legends couldn’t even get an audition, Tyler was there to give them work and a healthy check. Check Spike’s IG. His latest photo and accompanying caption says it all.

        AND BTW TYLER HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND SON who were both present at the Grand Opening.

    • pat October 8, 2019

      you stan stiff @zz Camila. shut up!

    • PT October 8, 2019

      Look shut up and do it better you just talk to much. Dont talk to much go an do it better! BLABLABLA!!

  4. Keith October 8, 2019

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of his movies, Tyler has done what no other African-American has (at this point) in creating his own STUDIO. That’s not asking for a “seat at the table”, that is creating your own table. And for that he is to be commended. The magnitude of legends and A-list stars that showed up to celebrate speaks volumes…still not a fan of Gayle King, though.

  5. Jay Amina November 3, 2019

    Thak you for sharing this was so awesome !! I enjoyed it very much , It’s a great encouragement for me , and many others that are dreaming big !!
    Thank you very much.

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