Kelly Rowland’s ‘Merry Liddle Christmas’ A Ratings Winner for Lifetime

Published: Sunday 8th Dec 2019 by Rashad

‘Commander’ singer Kelly Rowland commanded yet another solid viewing audience for Lifetime, this time courtesy of her starring role in the holiday film, ‘Merry Liddle Christmas.’

Airing last Saturday, the movie – loosely based on a true story from one of the Grammy-winner’s past Christmas hosting experiences gone wrong – tells the story of a successful single tech entrepreneur [portrayed by Rowland] who hosts her dysfunctional family in her new home over the holiday.

Executive produced by Kelly and husband Tim Weatherspoon, ‘Christmas’ went to ratings battle against the likes of highly anticipated Hallmark holiday films, “must see” college football, and more on November 30.

Curious to see how it fared? Look inside:

Viewership = 1 million

Ranking #19 on the list of the day’s highest rated cable programs overall, ‘Merry Liddle Christmas’ ranked 4th among the most-viewed scripted telecasts of the day (3rd among the most-viewed scripted telecasts of its viewing hour).

Congratulations are due to Kelly and co.  See the ratings chart below:


[main photo source:  Lifetime]
[ratings source:  SBD]

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  1. Done December 8, 2019

    Well done, kelly

  2. Clarkso00n December 8, 2019

    Kelly doing a lifetime movie, YIKES.
    She’s washed up just like ciara.
    Doing menial jobs to stay relevant. Sad

    • Done December 8, 2019

      I actually think it’s okay for her to not be as huge as Taylor. Sometimes you need to take responsibility for who you are.

    • Jay December 8, 2019

      She gave you an unpaid internship though. With yo’ lame, hating ass.

  3. Clarkso00n December 8, 2019

    Like this
    Lay it on me
    Rose coloured glasses

    All these songs were supposed to be big hits especially commander but yall allowed her to flop.

    • d Richards December 8, 2019

      Everybody in the industry got some flops. But some work harder non the less. Thank you for researching all those great songs.

      Stay pressed about Queen Kelly.


    • PT December 8, 2019

      Commander and work was realy huge in Europe dont talk if you dont know nothing! Everybody here knows those songs!!

      • Clarkso00n December 8, 2019

        I’m talking about America, dumb f****

        And how many charts did commander top in Europe?

    • cT December 8, 2019

      Shut up man she is a very succesful Solo Artist. When Love Takes alone solde over 10 Million Unites world wide. Commander was in over 20 Countries in the top 20 Charts. Work Excatly the same. Dont talk if you dont nothing. You are so dumb.

      • Clarkso00n December 8, 2019

        Shut up.
        Kelly is a flop. Periodt

  4. Music December 8, 2019

    Great Job, Kelly! You all could’ve used the correct title throughout the article. Its ‘Merry Liddle Christmas’.

  5. DC3 FOREVER December 8, 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!!!!!!! With all that coin from writing, directing, producing and staring in that movie this album will be top notch!!!

    • Clarkso00n December 8, 2019

      What coin?
      It’s a lifetime tv movie.

      How much do u think the budget is?

      Yall are funny as hell.

      Kelly will never be hot anymore.
      She had a breakout moment with motivation and she should have continued the momentum but she threw it all away.

      The finally nail in the coffin was her releasing that motivation knock off ice feat lil wayne,
      she tried to recreate another motivation, biggest mistake u can make as a musician, trying to recreate ur biggest hit again. career killer.
      She never recovered after that and she will never recover again.

      • d Richards December 8, 2019


        Happy holidays to you, you sad broke nobody

        Hating on Kelly getting coin, staying black, beautiful and paid. Meanwhile you on here doing what???

  6. The truth always comes to light December 8, 2019

    Congratulations To the Godiva Goddess! Much success! Can’t wait for part 2 next year & the album is coming as well!!! Exciting times for the Rowlandstones

  7. TM December 9, 2019

    Kelly I like your movie. And I’m going to watch number two. Black girl magic. And if she’s a flop I can’t tell she got a big ass house in Beverly Hills. How many of y’all got a big ass house in Beverly Hills? In a gated community m, I bet the ones talking s*** can’t even get in. Plus why you so negative, just STOP!!!

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