LaKeith Stanfield’s ‘Knives Out’ Rocks The Box Office With $70 Million Opening

Published: Monday 2nd Dec 2019 by David

LaKeith Stanfield has just bagged another box office hit.

Hit the link to below to find out how the African-American actor has carved out another cinematic hit with the murder-mystery ‘Knives Out.’

‘Knives Out’ tells the tale of an 85 year old crime novelist who is found dead the night after he hosts a party for his closest friends and family to celebrate his birthday.

His passing is ruled a suicide but things take a turn for the dramatic when an anonymous figure hires a private detective to get to the bottom of what may be a very sinister case.

The movie also stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Katherine Langford and Ana de Armas and is now rocking the box office with a global opening of $70 million.

$41 million of this was generated domestically!

Forbes shares…

The film earned $27 million over its Fri-Sun debut, nearly tied with the $29 million opening of Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express two years ago.With $41 million over the holiday, it snagged the eighth-biggest Thanksgiving debut for a live-action release, sans inflation, behind Creed 2 ($56 million in 2018), Enchanted ($49 million in 2007), Four Christmases ($46 million in 2008) and Unbreakable ($46 million in 2000), Back to the Future part II ($43 million in 1989), Creed ($42 million in 2015) and The Muppets ($41.5 million in 2011).

Great news for Stanfield.

For, this movie’s success comes after the box office glory he enjoyed with ‘Get Out’, ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’, ‘Death Note’, ‘Sorry to Bother You’ and ‘Straight Outta Compton.’




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  1. Bey Best December 2, 2019

    LaKeith is BAE!!!

  2. Jasmine December 2, 2019

    Somebody’s got a crush on Lakeith woth this click-bait headline. LOL. Daniel Craig, Chris Evsns, and Jamie Lee Curtis were top billed

    • ? December 2, 2019

      I know it may be hard to grasp this concept but TGJ is a black owned website so then spotlighting a black actor whose been in back to back box office hits has more to do with them showing support to a brother than it has to do with anyone crushing on him. As the new year approaches my wish for you is that you find the self confidence and self esteem you need to see that your hole doesn’t need to double as a urinal and should be used for excretion. Clearly, because you’ve abused your hole for so long your Dookey has lost it way which is why so much SHI* runs out of your mouth. Never too late to turn things around . Ok?

      • Jasmine December 2, 2019

        You vile trash do not come for me unless I send for you. You know all about holes don’t you because you have no walls.

        I will qualify my opinion to put you back in your place.


        1. 99 percent of the TGJ articles on Lakeith are written by David. This, this proves David likes Lakeith.

        2. If TGJ is such a ‘black’ website then why are 80 percent of the articles on non-black people (Taylor, Ariana, Camilla, Madonna, J. HO, etc) and the few articles about black men that are not Lakeith are almost always in a negative light (Cosby, R. Kelly, Bow Wow, etc). Again, this proved the writer has a crush on Lakeith.

      • ? December 3, 2019

        All of the men you mentioned have been accused of molesting underage girls, drugging and raping women or breaking Ciara’s fingers. Secondly, TGJ gives more coverage to Beyonce than any other artist. By your warped standard wouldn’t that mean they have a crush on her too. I know it must be hard but try your best to imagine what it would be like to talk Or think about a man without wondering how big his Johnson is. You are so desperate for men that you can’t even consider the possibility that a guy can write about another one without there being anything more to it. I’ll be sure to ask Santa Clause to slip a shot of testosterone under your true. You most certainly need it. G’day.

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