Explosive Preview: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Mid-Season Trailer

Published: Thursday 16th Jan 2020 by Sam

If folk think the season 12 of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ is delivering the drama, then buckle up for a whole lot more.

A titillating new mid-season trailer has been released and points to an array of twists and turn-ups that promise to bring the action to boiling point.

Per the sneak peek below, the drama between Nene and Kenya boils to hissing (and spitting?) degrees, while Porsha and Dennis attempt to rebuild after his cheating, and Kandi and Todd clash. Elsewhere, Cynthia and Nene get real about their issues. All this and a whole lot more.

What are you waiting for? Watch after the jump…

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We’re already hooked, so we know we’ll be watching. Will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. only facts January 16, 2020

    Please for the love of EVERYTHING, get RID of NENE! She is so intolerable! Eva, you don’t have a storyline either aside from being pregnant

  2. Tori January 16, 2020

    I really dont understand Nene and Kenyas b******* beef. I believe it was made up by production because both of them say they were cool when they left their last reunion together 2018 then all of a sudden they were both throwing light shade. Bravo hyped up that damn kindergarten finger pointing and we got absolutely nothing. Now shes making with everybody but Kenya and even has 2 more fights with her? It’s time for recasting, were tired!

    • Dirty January 16, 2020

      Light shade? Kenya showed up to Cynthia’s event and Nene called her the devil and her unborn child a buffalo. Nene has always had it out for Kenya. She’s a very insecure woman.

      • Tori January 17, 2020

        I know. That was after the “beef”, if we can call it that, was already reignited. Kenya and NeNe we’re giving saying and tweeting little shady things about each other and Nene claimed to not have a problem but didn’t want to be around Kenya. I think it was for camera purposes, and when she insulted the baby and blow up on Cynthia, that’s when things even got more out of had.

  3. Happy n Rich January 16, 2020

    I don’t know if I would call that explosive.

    It’s time for a cast shakeup. I think it’s time for Nene and Kandi to take a break, to be replaced by Sheree and Phaedra. Eva isn’t really bringing anything this season, so she might be better off as a friend next season. My ideal cast for next season:

    Quad (since I don’t think she’ll be back on Married to Medicine)

    • Jam January 17, 2020

      Omg Quad being on this show would be everything. We saw he she handled herself well against Kenya on WWHL.

      • REAL January 17, 2020

        Oh please! I disagree. NO ONE wants to see Quad, Sheree, or Phaedra!! First, Quad’s fake, lying, country ass would get chewed up and spit out by this bunch. Next, Sheree is an overly pretentious snooze fest with nothing interesting and Phaedra is a proven liar who no one can trust. Not to mention, none of them are housewives or in serious relationships. If they do a cast shake-up, bring in NEW faces,

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