Kenya Moore Believes Nene Leakes Should Leave ‘Real Housewives’

Published: Friday 24th Jan 2020 by David

Kenya Moore believes Nene Leakes should take some time away from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

Read her words below…

The haircare entrepreneur has been feuding with her fellow businesswoman on the hit show and revealed that she believes Leakes is one of the “worst friends” a person could have in an interview with US Weekly.

She explained…

I’ve been nothing but a friend to her. I left the show as her friend and she just did some things while I was pregnant that made me say, ‘You know what? This woman is just not my friend and I’m not going to pretend anymore.’ I think that’s what pregnancy hormones did to me, just made me see people for who they really are. Absolutely the worst friend anyone could ask for.

When asked if she thinks the 52-year-old mogul should leave the series she said this…

I think that’s ultimately what needs to happen because the show’s just not a good place for her right now.

Do you agree?

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  1. Lanafan1 January 24, 2020

    Nene brings the ratings. And the episodes without her showed. Kenya’s drama is scripted and contrived.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 24, 2020

      SAY THAT

    • only facts January 24, 2020

      Uh, most of the viewers have preferred the episodes without Nene this season. She wasn’t even on last Sunday’s episode. Nene is not the same likable person she used to be. Her only storyline this year was this “audio” but now there’s no audio…so she was lying for a storyline. Now she has Wendy saying “if you knew the secret Nene had, you would be crying for her.” Girl bye. She’s LYING to stay on the show. NEXT!

    • Tee January 24, 2020

      I agree with Kenya’s part being scripted. We can like Nene and Kenya or not they bring ratings especially Nene!

  2. J January 24, 2020

    It feels like Nene is a producer at this point lol. Where’s the drama without her? This season would have been hella bland without her.

    That being said I think it’s time for her to go as well. She keeps putting her hands on the staff and that should call for immediate dismissal, despite who you think you may be. You can and will be replaced.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 24, 2020


  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 24, 2020


  4. MessyBoots January 24, 2020

    Nene left the show once already for two WHOLE seasons (8 and 9) and the show did fine without her. She left during the whole Kandi/Phaedra/Porsha dungeon storyline and NOBODY was thinking about Nene during that period. If anything, Porsha and Kandi are the true backbone of RHOA.

    Nene is an OG and she no doubt contributed significantly to show’s initial success alongside Sheree and Kim. However… that was so long ago. Nene stopped caring about RHOA after she won a few acting roles and her head began to swell. She began thinking she was better than the platform that made her famous and it showed in her rude interactions w/ the other ladies.

    Her behavior on the last reunion caused everyone in the cast to dislike her and that is why she is currently on the outs w/ nearly everyone. Nene’s own behavior is responsible for her current situation. Not Kenya Moore or anyone else.

    • Lanafan1 January 24, 2020

      But she’s still carrying the show. Without the ratings suffered. Hence why they invited her back with a raise.

      • MessyBoots January 24, 2020

        Yet Nene hasn’t been featured in whole eps this season.

        Tanya, Yovanna, and Marlo have all been given more screen time and they’re only ‘friends of’ the show.

        I know for a fact Nene’s presence does not affect RHOA ratings they way you’re suggesting.

        Nene left the show for two seasons and the show did fine without her. No one housewife makes a show. It’s an ensemble.

      • only facts January 24, 2020

        @MESSYBOOTS AGREED!! The show did JUST FINE without Nene for two seasons.

  5. Happy n Rich January 24, 2020

    Nene should go, but I think it should be a furlough rather anything permanent. ALL of these ladies need a season or two off the show periodically to freshen up the show and their storylines, and to give the audience a chance to miss them.

    As this point, I think any of the ladies can go, except for Tanya, Yovanna, and maybe Marlo. I say to definitely keep these 3 b/c there is room for growth in terms of their storylines.

    My ideal lineup for next season would be:


    • Tee January 24, 2020

      Most of you say this *I’m not watching thing* but are still watching and commenting. Who are you deceiving?!

  6. Ghost January 24, 2020

    Kenya wanting her to leave is the EXACT reason that she should not leave!!
    Like her or not Nene is good TV and RHOA is the house that she built (in Andy Cohen words!)! and that’s on PERIOD!!

    • MessyBoots January 24, 2020

      Except Nene wasnt even featured on the show AT ALL last week. She has been unseen in several eps this season. They only bring her in to fued w/ the other ladies. She has no organic storyline or interactions w/ anyone.

      She doesnt like or want to be around most of these women. I like Nene in small doses but why stay on a show you’re miserable being on?

  7. Teresa January 24, 2020

    Kenya you should go what is your storyline? After you and Marc marriage is over you don’t have anything going on. Porsha tried of her and Dennis , Kandi don’t have anything going on just passing news. Cynthia is boring so should leave.

  8. Greeneyes January 24, 2020

    Yes, I strongly agree

  9. Greeneyes January 24, 2020

    Well, Nene does bring the ratings Nene is exceptionally funny she’s a natural she is good to watch

  10. Greeneyes January 24, 2020

    The only thing with Nene for me is that she let the money go to her head she’s nothing like she used to be and I understand people change and we change every day I just wish her change was more happy her change was more strange.

  11. Andre Zanders January 24, 2020

    Nene brings the ratings whether you like her or not. When you think of the Atlanta Housewives ( Nene name is instantly the first name that comes to mind(

  12. only facts January 24, 2020

    If Nene is still on the show next season, I’m no longer watching. She’s a liar, thinks she’s better than everyone, continually proves she’s a gaslighter, narcissist, etc. Who TF still likes Nene? She hasn’t even been on most of the episodes this season and the ones WITHOUT her are better than the ones WITH her. Looking like a dolphin with a Donald trump wig and big fake teeth. Makes no damn sense.

    • Tee January 24, 2020

      I thought you said everyone should go except for the 3 you mentioned which I was agreeing with until I saw your lineup? and it was only Nene who wasn’t on there! Contradictory though.

    • Tee January 24, 2020

      Most of you say this *I’m not watching thing* but are still watching and commenting. Who are you deceiving?!

  13. only facts January 24, 2020

    Nene needs the show more than the show needs Nene. RHOA survived just fine without her for 2 years. And in the 2 years that Nene didn’t do RHOA, she had money trouble and owed a huge chunk of taxes and had a mansion with no furniture. Nene ain’t nobody. Sorry.

  14. Sharon Thomas January 24, 2020

    Take it off

  15. Ann G January 24, 2020

    Absolutely Nene needs to leave the show. Her ego has swelled far beyond her acting ability and she doesn’t give anyone credit except herself. She also should lose the blonde wig. She would look so much better with a more natural hair color.

  16. Shirley January 24, 2020

    Both of them should get off the 0show. Both of them is envious of each other. They to dam busy put each other down. STUPID, SMH.

  17. Anthony Peart January 24, 2020

    No she is the first housewife and she has been through a lot. No ones perfect and she has taken steps to have a deeper look into what’s happened to bring her to the place she is at right now. Give her a chance, she’s been open and is not rejecting changes need to be made to make her a better person. Give her time, and I hope her and Cynthia do reconcile, they do mean a lot to each other, that’s the problem, but they can’t see it. I hope they put everyone to the back of their minds and work on them and continue to be loving loyal sisters.

  18. Novella c. January 24, 2020

    No. I think you should leave because you’re not a friend either undermining your friends relationships. She is a sneaky person.

  19. Audrey Anita Webb January 24, 2020

    Why don’t you leave?

  20. Gee January 24, 2020

    The fact Kenya tried to play hardball with Bravo after she got married before season 10 and her unwillingness to share her husband with the cameras at the time she had her peach snatched for season 11. She was only asked back after the tension between her and Nene on the season 11 finale, also she had add Marc to her storyline. Also she took a major pay cut. Honestly she was downing the show while she was off the show, and Nene was the only one to stick up for the show during that time. Kandi and Cynthia formed an alliance to get Kenya back onto the show this season in order to get at Nene to help save Cynthia’s peach. The fact is Nene is a strong force all by herself. The real puppet master is Kandi. But no one wants to call her out because she plays all sides of the fence. Honestly everyone plays a role to make the show successful, but Nene is the heart and soul of the RHOA franchise whether you love or hate her.

  21. Charity January 24, 2020

    She can not leave I love nene she doing a good job, if she leaves the show wj) not be good without her.

  22. Pamela Williams January 25, 2020

    If anyone need to leave is Kenya she is very dirty an nasty she upset with NeNe because she don’t have to pay for a man an her husband that she paid for don’t want an now she stuck with a baby who is going to pay now.

  23. Tracy Reid January 25, 2020

    Why is Kenya so proud of being use as a shade slave. Girl wait until ???? Grow up and all you did come back around. It’s a show now but wait until what you sow I wonder the reaping.

  24. Arthus Nico January 25, 2020

    I’m so over Nene, she’s not fun, she has anger issues and she’s not friends with anyone in the group

    Porsha and Kenya are the Queens now, Bye Linnethia !

  25. JACQUELINE Henderson January 25, 2020

    Poor image for young ladies. She needs a to leave. Not interesting to watch. Evil and mean .
    Does she know how to be kind to anyone?

  26. Ace January 25, 2020

    I feel like the whole new season of Rhoa is boring and all they talked about is porsha fat boyfriend cheating ass , and snakegate and that’s just boring . They need to start fresh for the new season with better story line and bring all the old OG back. Bring Sheree , Phareda, Kim like spice that bish up . Currently married to medicine and rhop is winning .

  27. Karen January 25, 2020

    Bravo should let her go. Nobody likes her, she think she’s better than anyone. Her noise is stuck up in the air. She’s too much get rid of her please.

  28. Priscilla January 25, 2020

    Absolutely NO Kenya wants her job…..

  29. Goldie61 January 26, 2020

    You make the show worst. You’re a messy liar whose only truth is you have a beautiful daughter. You’re shady as hell and very rude. Get your life together first before you come for someone else. You only returned to the show because you need the money who takes a million dollar pay cut?? KENYA MOORE….that’s who that means you weren’t worth it Ms. America

  30. Olivia January 26, 2020

    No! I dnt think she should leave she makes the show if anyone should goes it kenya.

  31. Charletia January 28, 2020

    Kenya should be the one to leave because she is a chit starter and not a good friend. Her life is in turmoil and her husband doesn’t really care as the old saying goes misery. Loves company.

  32. Jacqueline R Fields January 29, 2020


  33. DOLL July 22, 2020

    Nene is vital to this show. Kenya is not. Kenya is mean, hateful and full of lies and hatred toward folk. Kenya does to others what she cannot take them doing and saying to her. There are many, many of us who will not watch this show if Nene is removed. We love her and we want Nene on Housewives for the long haul. Thanks for allowing another point of view. TEAM NENE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  34. Doll August 12, 2020

    TEAM Nene, We love Nene and many will stop watching this show if she is gone!!!
    I love her and will support her in everyway!

  35. Doll August 12, 2020

    TEAM Nene!!! We love Nene and will always support her!!!

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