Kim Kardashian Rocks Beyonce’s Adidas x Ivy Park Line

Published: Wednesday 29th Jan 2020 by Sam

Beyonce‘s Adidas x Ivy Park line may be sold out worldwide, but one person not missing any kit is Kim Kardashian. 

The reality staple took to social media to flaunt her gift box – which, at time of writing, we can’t confirm was from Queen Bey or sponsors.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying KKW certainly looks great.

And with her vast reach, we’ll file this one under “the more the…merrier.”

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  1. Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

    Beyonce sent it to her.

    Stop acting like beyonce is above kim .

    Beyonce is using kim cause hate kim all u want, kim is the biggest Instagram influencer in the world.

    And I have to admit, kim looks better in the outfit than beyonce. Sorry not sorry
    Kim is selling it unlike beyonce who looks tired in the outfits

    • Nicky January 29, 2020


      And you say Camicky is the next beyonce.

      I can’t breath ???????

      Can’t dance. Can’t sing. Can’t perform. Can’t sell tickets. Can’t sell records. Can’t get a Grammy

      A medicore fan for a mediocre artist. Bow down peasant

      • only facts January 29, 2020

        Nicky, stop talking to this loser. Don’t give it any attention. That’s what it wants. We will pay him what the general public pays Camila….dust.

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        Camila- 59.5 million monthly listeners on spotify

        Yes the public is paying Camila…….dust.

      • only facts January 29, 2020

        59 million monthly listeners and all are coming from Havanna and Senorita. Both of which were main stays on the main pop playlists on spotify (payola). Most people like the songs, and just listen to them when they come on the playlist. Most people don’t even know who Camila Cabello is. They know those two songs. Hence, her album being DOA and she’s 6 singles deep. Where did “Living Proof” chart again? The GP doesn’t know Canola Oil. You think she’s bigger than she is. She will never be Beyoncé, Britney, Mariah, Ariana status. The GP only wants a cute latin flavored bop with an urban feature from her – she’s boxed herself in so early into her career. That’s why you’re so insecure about her star power and try to convince yourself she’s bigger than she is.

        Only FACTS!

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        Damn I got triggered and pressed u had to write a whole essay.

        Nobody know Camila? Those 59.5 million monthly listeners beg to differ

        They hate to see it.
        Romance already has 1.8 billion streams.
        8 million streams daily.

        “59 million monthly listeners and all are coming from Havanna and Senorita.”

        But they are her songs if I’m not mistaken?
        She wrote and sang both songs.

        Liar a flop on the charts has 217 million streams , more streams than normani’s motivation (150 million streams)

        Crying in the club another flop has almost 500 million streams.

        Numbers dont lie.

        Normani got the industry buzzing but where is she?
        Number 135 most listened to artist on spotify

      • only facts January 29, 2020

        I’ve notice that anytime someone presents you with facts, you reply by saying they wrote an essay. You rant on every post about Canola Oil. You’re like someone bragging about how much money they have. Rich people don’t brag on their money, honey. You’re insecure about the star power Canola holds, hence you trying to convince yourself (not us) that she’s a bigger star than she is. If she is a star, why did “Living Proof” not chart in the US with ALLLLL of the performances she did? Save your energy because all of your ranting does nothing. Take away Senorita and lets see if her album would be certified gold. Lets take away DaBaby and lets see if Flop Oh Flop would even grace the charts in New Zealand. She is nobody without a male feature and payola.

        Only FACTS

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        Another essay

        What facts?
        The only person here presenting facts is me honey

        59.5 monthly listeners are not streaming Havana and senorita.
        And what if they are? The last time I checked they are her songs.

        Why should she take away senorita? It’s hersong dumb àss
        It’s like taking away drunk in love from beyonce’s self title, the album would have no top ten.

        It’s like taking away sunflower from post malone’s Hollywood bleeding, the album will have no number 1. (Itbwasnt until later he scored a number 1 with circles)

        I’m not trying to convince anybody shìt. I’m only stating facts, u hate to see it and it makes me happy as f****.


        Now ur trying to imply that da baby gave Camila a hit with my oh my.
        Yes da baby an artiste with only 1 top hit gave Camila an artiste with 2 whole number 1’s a hit.


        The question u have refused to answer is where is normani, miss I got the industry buzzing, legends giving me cosigner and acknowledgement.
        Where is the bìtch?

        Ur a loser and ur faves is a loser.
        Remove dancing with a stranger and love lies from normani’s spotify and her most streamed song will be motivation 150 million streams.

        Camila flop loar has more streams than motivation.

        Facts are facts. U hate to hear that why ur pressed and in ur feeling

        Hold this L

      • You Tried January 29, 2020

        Only Facts, Clarkson is a troll! It does not care about Camila hence bringing up useless numbers when we all can see she isn’t doing well. This thing just wants to argue to generate comments.

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        “hence bringing up useless numbers ”

        Hòes mad
        Hòes mad

        59.5 million monthly listeners on spotify are not useless numbers

        Romance has 1.8 billion streams so far, these are not useless numbers

        My oh my, a song with no music video has 124 million streams so far, these are not useless numbers

        Liar a song that flopped has 217 million streams, these are not useless numbers

        U hate to see it
        Cry about it RATS.

        We are waiting for normani the girl that got the entire industry buzzing to do these numbers. Where is she?

      • You Tried January 29, 2020

        You and these fake numbers Troll!

  2. Cleo January 29, 2020

    This was a good idea to send it to Kim. Kim can sell anything.
    But I seen that someone said Kim looks better than Beyoncé in the clothes lol
    Kim can never sit next to Beyoncé if this generation wasn’t so superficial and materialistic where would the Kardashian’s be?

    • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

      Stop being emotional.
      Kim looks way better than beyonce in these outfits

      Kim looks happy and fresh in these outfit while beyonce looked tired, sweaty, fat and greasy in the outfits.

      These ivy park outfit are ugly and dated but kim wearing these ivy park outfits have made them look manageable and a little bit nicer and cooler.

      • Back@ya January 29, 2020

        Ha! Just cause your broke ass ain’t got any doesn’t mean they’re ugly. There’s a reason they sold out sis. Have a seat b****. You’re stupid.

  3. Ms teabag January 29, 2020


  4. Fancy BISH January 29, 2020

    I have to admit, Kim is selling that ish *two finger snaps* lol…say what ya want, but the girl can work a IPhone?

  5. only facts January 29, 2020

    Ugh. I love Bey but I’m over this big orange box already. Give us music or nothing.

    • Fancy BISH January 29, 2020


  6. Beylover January 29, 2020

    Kim looks good! I know many fellow Beyhive are GAGGING! They want Beyoncé and Kim to have beef so bad!!!

  7. Lol January 29, 2020

    So you wrote articles about literally everyone else who got some like Beyonce is really kool with them but when it’s Kim you’re questioning if it was her? Did the author of this article actually graduate or did u get a certificate from an online school?

  8. Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020


    Female acts with the most Spotify monthly listeners:

    #1. Camila Cabello (59.5M)
    #2. Billie Eilish (55.4M)
    #3. Nicki Minaj (47.7M)
    #4. Tones And I (47.6M)
    #5. Selena Gomez (47.6M)
    #6. Dua Lipa (47.4M)
    #7. Ariana Grande (46.9M)
    #8. Halsey (42.7M)
    #9. Taylor Swift (35.5M)

    They hate to see it.
    After releasing a “flop album” Camila is still number 1.

    I thought u guys cancelled Camila, So why is she still number one?
    U cant defeat a bad bìtch
    Queen of spotify.

    Hòes mad
    Hòes mad

    • Fancy BISH January 29, 2020

      #1. Normani at McDonald’s ?
      #2. Camila at the Grammys

  9. Holliewuudd January 29, 2020

    Unless she thanked beyonce, i doubt B sent it. But kanye is Mr. Adidas so the girl has connections and is privy to all things Adidas.

    • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

      U think kim would do this for free?
      Ur dreaming

      Kim is business woman, if u want her to post about ur product be prepared to pay or atleast beg her to post about ur product which beyonce probably did.

      Kim dont play. That’s why she’s rich and will continue to be rich. She knows her value

      Cant believe I’m defending kim Kardashian, the world is coming to an end. ??

      • Who cares January 29, 2020

        She wouldn’t do it for free but she will defently do it for attention.

  10. Hits studio January 29, 2020

    Um so
    Why is it important to know if it was from Beyonce or Her sponsors. After all the celebs that got delivered pieces, why try to get the convo started?

    • Holliewuudd January 29, 2020

      I’m just continuing the conversation thatgrapejuice started…which is what the comment section is for ?‍♂️

  11. MessyBoots January 29, 2020

    Perhaps she sent it or she didnt.

    Who cares?!

    The Ivy Park box giveaway is so two weeks ago. All of the celebs Bey sent them to unveiled their gift boxes within days of each other. This is rather late and hopping on the bandwagon.

    Also, Kim and Bey may not be enemies but they’re far from good gal pals lol

    Bey and Jay did not attend Kimye’s wedding in 2014 said everything we need to know. Hence why Kanye and Jay became estranged.

    Also, Kim has been super famous for quite a long time. Have they ever been photographed actually posing TOGETHER.. ever?!! ??

  12. Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

    I’m surprised beyonce hasn’t sent ivy park to normani
    Beyonce doesnt like associating herself with flops.

    • ??? January 29, 2020

      lmaoooooo that must be why camiltoe didnt get a box either lmfaooooooooooooo #theselfdrag

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        Camila has never been linked to beyonce but normani has.
        Normani has met beyonce several times
        Infact that’s normani’s brand, the next beyonce

        U guys call normani the next beyonce,

        Beyonce dont like flops with 5 million followers on Instagram

        Beyonce will rather send it to Camila who has 45 million Instagram followers and 59.4 million monthly listeners on spotify.

        They hate to see it

  13. ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine January 29, 2020

    That maroon ruched body suit is EVERYTHING!

    • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

      On beyonce is looks horrible but on kim it look sèxy and hot.

  14. ??? January 29, 2020

    lmfaooooooooooooooooo girl please. *still laughing in Fenty

    • You Tried January 29, 2020

      B !tch you can’t even afford Fenty nor the Ivy Park line….

      • Fancy BISH January 29, 2020

        SCREAMING ?

  15. K_man January 29, 2020

    Oh please you know she had to go through hoops to get those clothes since beyonce hates her. This is the equivalent of beyonce wearing something Amerie, Jennifer Lopez or rihanna made. It will never happen! Kim stop it!

  16. Ghetto Housewife Has Spoken January 29, 2020

    you know damn well Bey ain’t send Kim a starter kit like she did everyone else. this b* always trying the hardest.

  17. Theman January 29, 2020

    Kim looks amazing. Beyoncé is using Kim to promote her clothes because Kim is a major influencer lol. She’s very calculated.

    • Kevon January 29, 2020

      We all know by now theafyonce use people and play the saint

      • You Tried January 29, 2020

        We all know how you can’t spell..she’s living her life she’s a millionaire doubt she cares what you think in the comment section of a blog lmao

  18. Kevon January 29, 2020

    Jlo will forever be the original coca bottle

  19. Kevon January 29, 2020

    Theafyonce only likes and love people who are rich and famous, she na care of the steal,kill or what ever along the rich ahe good with then …to all her gay and crazy people over her go right ahead she more fake than the fake world we liv in

  20. High Price January 29, 2020

    Well, this confirms the Bestie rumours.

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