Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Yovanna Spills On “Snake Gate” / Turns On Nene Leakes?

Published: Tuesday 14th Jan 2020 by Sam

The drama on the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ reached a hissing high this week, following the broadcast of the infamous “snake gate” episode.

Teased in earnest over the course of the show’s 12th season, viewers watched with jaws ajar as much of the cast confronted Yovanna Momplaisir over claims that it was in fact her who recorded Cynthia Bailey sharing less than pleasant views about her former friend Nene Leakes.

After chaos ensued, the story is surprisingly still at a stalemate because it remains unclear a) if there’s a recording and b) if so, who recorded it.

Looking to clarify the confusion, Yovanna stopped by Sister Circle on TV One – where she seemed to intimate that Leakes (who brought her on the show) may be perpetuating a mistruth.

Watch her insightful interview below…

Say what folk will about Ms. Yovanna, she’s definitely stirred things up on this season of the RHOA.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lol January 14, 2020

    Like I’m gonna believe her when she’s a known liar and a pot stirrer lol

  2. i hate black n whuyee bitchh and some of yall chinese bithesss too January 14, 2020

    …marc daly you are a pice of pure s***.. a man who has several businesses did not know that he did not want to die with kenya moore…..what a piece of s***…she should marry a man from africa see that is the problem with you black american bitchess…an afican man would have kneeled at her feet…..

    • Jam January 14, 2020

      girl bye, there are ain’t s*** men of EVERY RACE AND ETHNICITY in this freakin mess of a planet.

  3. only facts January 14, 2020

    This needs to be NeNe’s last season. NOBODY likes her, and it was revealed by B. Scott that Nene is the one who leaked the card! She is a LIAR and insecure and realizes her spot in this group no longer stands. Bravo, fire the b*tch and keep everyone else. Lying about a recording? That’s been your ONLY storyline Nene. Just a mess

    • Bravo!! January 14, 2020

      True! There’s no need for NeNe On the show. Nene got cocky when she was getting booked for tv shows. She thought she was going to be bigger than life. Now no one Booking her for sitcoms etc. that why she made up Wendy Williams. She even thought she was going to be bigger than Wendy Williams. I see right through NeNe she desperate to remain a housewife because no one checking for her. Once bravo bring back Phaedra who will have a story line there will be no need for NeNe. #timesupNene

      • PinotNoir January 15, 2020

        Yeah, her ego didn’t allow her to get into an anger management program, like Porsha, to keep her job. Instead, she chose watered-down “life coaching”.

  4. Truth January 14, 2020

    But she on camera saying she got receipt (recording) of cynthia so..she can’t blame nene…these girls will do.anything to try to slither they way into a circle..just like kristin from basketball good ever come from it

  5. Olivia January 15, 2020

    I been rocking with this show since day 1 Now its weak.. and I dnt know why they even brought kenya ass back so after this week episode iam done it’s to damed scripted for me and NeNe does make the show but now everybody’s trying to get her out!

  6. Felecia Davis January 15, 2020

    She is lying,, there was an espidsode where she told Nene and I think it was Marlo about she record and she have receipts. I don’t like Cythina and never will. She is just as mean as the rest, but try to act innocent. I remembered how she kicked porsha in the stomach and just look how she went off on Marlo. Then she gonna start the tears, lolooo. Gurl bye. Nene was right, about that side. She did not want people to see that. I live Nene and anyone should go it Kenya. Look how she tried to mess up Cythina engagement, but that’s her friend

  7. Gloria Jones January 16, 2020

    I think the whole show needs to be replaced

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