Issa Rae Denies Rumored ‘Set It Off’ Reboot: ‘I Would Never Remake a Classic!’

Published: Wednesday 12th Feb 2020 by Rashad

In late 2019, multi-talented media maven Issa Rae set off a storm of criticism after news surfaced she was looking to reboot the 1996 F. Gary Gray film, ‘Set It Off.’

As the announcement earned thumbs down from many of the movie’s enthusiasts, one of its flick’s stars – Vivica A. Fox – joined the chorus slamming the reports when she said:

“It’s a classic, leave it alone. There’s absolutely no reason to try to redo it.”

Now, hot on the promo trail for her forthcoming film, ‘The Photograph’ (click here to see the trailer), Rae’s clearing up rumors of her intent to recreate the cult classic.

More inside:

Taking to our friends at Entertainment Tonight, Issa kept it short but sweet:

 “Oh, I would never remake a classic,” she said. “I don’t know where that came from.” 


See the interview in full by clicking here.


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  1. Tino February 12, 2020


  2. Bryant Christopher February 13, 2020

    NO! she was supposed to remake the film. it was no rumor. the project fell apart when the script wouldn’t be accepted and the cost of paying for rewrites wasn’t worth the investment. then, the black community began to rally against the idea, so the project was scrapped. Issa is lying. she absolutely WAS behind a “reboot”, but the initial draft was god awful & there were far too many comedic moments to make the film meaty.

    • Ugghh February 13, 2020

      Where you behind the scenes? Do you have first-hand knowledge? Because we never heard this from her mouth or her team

    • Clarks0oñ February 13, 2020

      I believe u

      There’s no smoke without fire

      Issa is a snake. She’s lying with this bullshìt statement
      She’s so annoying.
      I dont know why u guys made her a thing.

      She’s like black amy Schumer
      She’s like black lena Dunham

      So fùcking annoying.

      • Lanafan1 February 13, 2020

        She’s nothing like Lena and Amy. Please stfu

  3. Fast_Persuader February 13, 2020

    Thank. You.

  4. Jeans February 13, 2020

    Issa know she lying. She backtracking! Girl after VIvica voices her opinion Issa backed off! Girl bye!

  5. Just Sayin’ February 13, 2020

    I don’t believe Issa. She wanted to do the reboot but because of all the backlash she getting she scrapped the idea.

  6. Me… I Am Shayla ? Y’all Höes Could Neva February 13, 2020

    Girl you tried ???

  7. eric February 13, 2020

    I would have respect for Issa if she had been honest. Reports identified the writing and production team for the remake BY NAME! We’re supposed to believe all that was made up and allowed to spread through the media for 5 months without Issa saying anything til now? Is she friends with Jussie?

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