Rah Ali Responds To Cardi B Jab

Published: Wednesday 12th Feb 2020 by David

Following their violent Nicki Minaj-centred altercation at New York Fashion Week, Rah Ali and Cardi B remain at odds after one of Cardi’s closest friends allegedly threatened to attack Ali’s parents.

Disgusted, Ms. Ali used her platform on the internet to condemn the violent threat and call the girl who made it a “bum.”

Now, after Cardi took to Instagram to blast Rah’s suggestion that her friends are of the impoverished persuasion, the Reality TV royal struck back by accusing the ‘Press’ powerhouse of being too stupid to understand what she meant by the insult….and working with unethical media outlets to generate fake news stories designed to bamboozle the masses.

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“I haven’t initiated or antagonised either of them. Cardi trying to play the victim is crazy to me because you started the entire situation. As far as you dummy, Cardi I don’t know why you would ever try to check me. I called your friend a bum because she is one. Cardi, you’re mentally incapacitated. See, she tries to control the media…hanging with bloggers pretending to be her friend so she can control the narrative. When that doesn’t work she threatens them.”

Following their aforementioned run-in, the world learned that it was Rah- and not one of Nicki Minaj‘s bodyguards- who placed a large knot on the ‘Bodak Yellow’ royal’s forehead.

She is yet to respond to Rah’s latest statement.


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  1. Ugghh February 12, 2020

    I hate cancel culture but when is the Black Community going to start canceling Love & Hip Hop and all these raggedy, tacky men and women on these shows and shows like this that put us in a bad light?

    Stop giving them a podium to stand on. They aren’t inspiring, the don’t give anything to the cause and create drama in a world that already has enough problems.

    • Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

      Says the CardiB fan who enjoys StripperHooeeess and Twerking

      • Ugghh February 12, 2020

        Lol when have I ever soda I’m a fan of Cardi B haha 😂 like what?!?

    • Here we go again February 12, 2020

      So u only hate it when it’s ppl u like? Got it

      • Ugghh February 12, 2020

        Has nothing to do with people I like or don’t like. Cancel culture is toxic but if we are going to cancel things let’s cancel shows like Love & Hip Hop and so on and stop giving negative racial stigmas a podium to shine on.

        Understand the message rather than gathering what you will from the surface.

    • C**-ila February 12, 2020

      They’re always fighting and screaming tbh the same people who criticize Nicki here for coming for other females should be doing the same do Cardi right now.
      And I love the fact she’s beefing with Rah Ali i’d love to see if she’d beef with Laila Ali instead (I know the two aren’t related)

  2. Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

    This has Absolutely Nothing to do with Nicki Minaj but watch the Haters bring up The Queens name for their daily dose of shyts and giggles Miserable Birds 🐦 who are Jealous of the Queen

    • only facts February 12, 2020

      The only one brining up that dusty troll is you.

  3. Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

    Let the CardiB is Over Party Begin

  4. Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

    I wish Nicki Minaj would have just gave that stripper Hoooeeee the business that day 🥊 Nicki should of just Rocked that loud Mouth 👄 Stripper with all that mouth but No Hands . CardiB is Weak AF everyone seen her ass get beat up 🤕 on those YouTube videos. Play with Nicki Minaj if you want too, she stabbed Safaree , CardiB you can definitely get Rocked

    • Dc February 12, 2020

      Try again. Nicki soft ass stood right there scarred 😂😂😂😂

  5. Gee February 12, 2020

    Rah Ali knows that no one really cares about what she has going on. This feud is beyond dead. Even if she is still friends with Nicki you don’t really see them in public together anymore because Nicki knows Rah is a bad look. Rah is looking for attention. She should stick selling shoes, and perfecting her podcast, and leave everybody else alone.

    • Bluebird February 12, 2020

      This 300 POUND goon looking like a man, needs to Fall back. Cardi is actually making BANK.

  6. only facts February 12, 2020

    UGH! I cannot STAND Rah Ali! She is a BUM! Got fired from Love and Hip Hop, looks like a man, hanging onto Nicki Minaj for clout. You are a CLOWN! She is trying to be a social climber. First Rah was best friends with Remy, then she’s best friends with Nicki, who’s next – Doja Cat? Selena Gomez? Obama? Girl BYE!!!!!

  7. Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

    If CardiB was really about that life she would of ran up on Nicki Minaj without Security and Cameras but since she’s a Love and Hip Hop Actress she put out this tuff girl role like she’s bout it bout that’s why Nicki Minaj paid you Dust CardiB. Your Not that Girl and will Never Be Her

  8. only facts February 12, 2020

    And Cardi, for the love of EVERYTHING, STOP REPLYING TO EVERY SINGLE THING!!! Do you think Britney and Beyoncé responded to everything that was said about them or their friends when they were at their peak? NO! Stop it! You’re an a-list celebrity now. STOP IT!!

    • Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

      A List Celebrity girl you are Delusional just like her CardiB can’t sit at the Table of Legends she doesn’t even have a Hollywood Star

      • only facts February 12, 2020

        She’s one album in. I don’t see Beyoncé’s star on the walk of fame (I only see Destiny’s Child – sip that tea). Cardi is A-list. Get over it, loser.

  9. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie February 12, 2020

    🤣🤣🤣 I’m over here gagging!!! It’s time black people wake up to the foolishness that this Stripper rat and her trashy labels is up to. This clown Farti threatens the media, befriends them in order to control the narrative. She is nothing more than an industry plant and the GP is already waking up to the B*******. I want to see those first week sales for her sophomore considering Payola is being investigated.

    • Beautiful One February 12, 2020

      Girl shut your dumbàss up. You’re team Rah because you possess the same nasty spirit that she does. I swear you hang out on every Cardi article, and be one of the first ones to comment something nasty. Yet y’all claim to dislike this girl so much. Go take some of that pent up energy and apply it to something positive. Y’all are the most ignorant, delusional, young minded followers I’ve ever seen.

    • Dc February 12, 2020

      Meg b**** song flopping all over falling in billboard 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie February 12, 2020

    Team Rah! Hepatitis B knows better than to try Rah, guess the bad breath bird didn’t learn nothing from that Knot she was given. #Clown

    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 12, 2020

      Did Meghan The Proboscis Monkey get a nose job yet?

      • Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net February 12, 2020

        Your hate for black women is going to be your downfall in Life

  11. . February 12, 2020

    I really wish Cardi would not engage in this bird behavior. You’re an A-list star, mogul, and a Grammy winner. Let your team run all your socials and stay above the fray.

  12. Adonis February 12, 2020

    RAHnoceros 🦏 needs to stfu already this story is soooo pointless and nobody cares that u put a knot on her head that story made cardi even bigger a star than she already was at the time! Just move on sir stop milking it.

  13. Molly February 12, 2020

    Cardi I Love you stay sitting pretty like the queen u r n let me dog walk this ugly b**** rah Ali whatever tf she is lmao 😂 🤣 ugly monkey looking ass RS 💯 I’m Camden born in Brooklyn they don’t call me Molly for nothing drop the location 💯💯🤦🤷🤦😂🤣🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👊👊👊👊

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