Wendy Williams Slams Nene Leakes / ‘Real Housewives Star’ Responds

Published: Tuesday 7th Apr 2020 by David

Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes may be feuding again.

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Williams feels that Leakes is using her to boost ratings of her hit show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ by ambushing her with telephone calls as she films scenes for it.

Her complaint comes just months after they buried an almost decade-long hatchet.

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Honestly, here’s where the ambush comes in. She said, ‘Wendy, look’ — she was in hair and makeup and wardrobe with all her people — she said, ‘We filming and I want you to be on the speaker.’ I said, ‘NeNe, I did that for you one time.’ Remember my appearance? One time!

She explained that she isn’t interested in appearing on ‘Housewives’ because she believes it is beneath her.

I made it very clear, I am not a Housewife. Sorry, my career is a bit…different…then being a Housewife. I don’t need that kind of attention.

The Wendy Williams Show. Like, I know I make this look easy and I know I have my ratchet ways, but the fact is I worked 35 years of my life to sit here for 11 seasons. It’s a full motion picture behind the scenes.

I’m not slumming for being some add on out the suitcase for some Housewife. And yeah, for me, that is slumming. For where I am.

The pair have not spoken since the fallout.

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  1. kelly April 7, 2020

    weak sauce of nene scary leaks!!!

  2. Only Facts April 7, 2020

    Nene, I need you to keep the same energy with Wendy that you had with Eva and Kenya these last few weeks. Call Wendy our by name. Tag Wendy. Go on live and address Wendy. Don’t punk out now b****. Buck up. This is the fight we all want to see. Mano y Mano. Man to man. Wideback vs. nothing but back.

    • J April 7, 2020


    • Adina… Adina… Say Adina April 7, 2020

      BIIIIIIIHHHH!!!! I lost it at the end ???

    • Jamon_84 April 7, 2020

      I’m rolling ????

    • Fancy BISH April 7, 2020


    • Lizzo & K.F.C. April 8, 2020

      Bish stop????

    • King Usher ? April 8, 2020

      Factssss ??

  3. Bravo!! April 7, 2020

    Nene mos def better hold onto this peach even In afterlife. Nene getting want she deserves. Like Eva said no storyline at all..

  4. DC3 FOREVER April 8, 2020

    If you fight with EVERY SINGLE LAST FRIEND at some point you have to realize it’s 100% YOU!!! Nene you are my favorite housewife and have been since season 1 but girlllll IT IS YOU!!!!!!!

  5. Beylover April 8, 2020

    Basically Wendy reminded Nene that no matter how MESSY she is….. She is 35yr VETERAN in radio and tv personality with Nationally syndicated talk show! Not some reality star who argues on tv and has made up storylines for a check!

    -Management ??

  6. XYZ April 8, 2020

    This picture. Both could be transvestites…

    • I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte bitchezz April 8, 2020

      Then your gay, they are not men.
      trannys come in all shapes sizes and colors rupaul drag and Maury povoich girl or boy show….. in fact shout out to Maury Povich

  7. I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte bitchezz April 8, 2020

    Hot97 should have fired and blacklisted Wendy when sh e argued with Whitney Houston we would have never heard from her again…but nooo

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