Don Lemon Responds to Dave Chappelle’s Criticism Of His George Floyd Media Coverage [Watch]

Published: Friday 12th Jun 2020 by Rashad

Dave Chappelle is making headlines for his new intimate Netflix special, ‘8:46.’

No stranger to controversy, the 46-year-old is sure to drum up more of just that once viewers get wind of some of the sensitive topics he’s covering including police brutality and the outrage that followed the death of unarmed Minneapolis Black man George Floyd.

One viewer he’s already offended apparently is CNN anchor Don Lemon – who has made his own fair share of headlines over the past few weeks for openly criticizing celebrities for ‘sitting in their mansions and doing nothing’ amid protests against racial injustice.

Yet, despite his solidarity with the movement, the 54-year-old ‘CNN Tonight’ host was a target of Chappelle’s criticism in ‘8:46.’

“I’m watching Don Lemon, that hotbed of reality. He says, where are all these celebrities? Why aren’t you all talking? Does it matter about celebrity? No. This is the streets talking for themselves. They don’t need me right now. I kept my mouth shut and I will still keep my mouth shut.”

Look inside to see Lemon’s reaction:

Taking to ‘CNN New Day,’ Lemon stated:

“I think that the young people who are out there in the streets don’t really care what we have to say,” Lemon said. “They think that part of the world that we created and what we did, maybe we didn’t move fast enough and maybe we weren’t strong enough. So they are out there fighting and said, ‘Listen, we are tired of what is happening. We tried to do it nicely and we tried to do it peacefully and we have tried to do all these things and you rejected it.’ They are not only speaking to white people in this country but all of us in the establishment. So I agree with him in that way.”

He continued, stating:

“But I do think that this is not a moment for modesty,” Lemon stated. “I think that this is a moment that we should all be using our platform to do whatever we can, and at least to show young people and those out there that we support them, and it doesn’t mean taking all of the credit for it or speaking out for them. I think they can do that on their own… But I think they need to know that people like Dave Chappelle or people like me or whoever supports them. And that’s all they need to know.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Re June 12, 2020

    I think celebrities should speak up
    I disagree with dave.

    • Detruth June 12, 2020

      Yep as a black man if I had a platform I would definitely be vocal.

  2. Cody+s June 12, 2020

    There’s a difference between using your platform and someone else’s. Kaepernick used someone else’s platform (nfl) to make a statement and suffered the consequences because fans weren’t in agreement. Now Don wants to force someone to use their own platform not knowing whether they feel comfortable doing that. When we go Swimming at the beach just because I take my shirt off I shouldn’t make you take Off yours, you may not feel comfortable doing so.

  3. Misty Knight June 12, 2020

    And here is celebrity Dave Chappelle talking ALL ABOUT IT, just as Don Lemon suggested black influencers and celebrities should. What’s the problem. Chappelle rushed this special to netflix because he JUST HAD TO TALK about the issue and he comes for Don Lemon?

  4. eric June 12, 2020

    It goes back to the words of MJ: “Republicans buy sneakers too.” Some celebs don’t want to risk their career or alienate a segment of their fanbase by getting into politics. If you support BLM, it’s assumed you side with the left. If we knew the political beliefs of every celebrity, movie director, co-worker, teacher, business owner and neighbor, everyday life would be unbearable.
    It’s easy to tell other people what they should do when you’ve already reached a peak in your career and you can afford to speak out with minimal fallout. Don Lemon is comfortable talking because his permanent left-wing employer agrees with him. Not all celebrities have that freedom.

    • J June 13, 2020

      he’s a Black man in america, hard to not discuss what’s happening right now you know

  5. flawda June 12, 2020

    The fact that ya’ll even think celebrities affect your lives, but i bet ya’ll don’t know who your council men, judges, sheriff, governor, and senators are. Ya’ll be focusing on crap that doesn’t even affect ya’ll. All obsessed with celebrity culture. Your elected officials affect your lives.

    • D June 12, 2020


  6. Nicky June 13, 2020

    You see what happens when you give dummies like Dave Chappell a platform?

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