Report: Nene Leakes Allegedly FIRED From ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Published: Thursday 18th Jun 2020 by Sam

According to an explosive report, “the door is closed” to Nene Leakes for season 13 of the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta.’

Full story below…

Citing sources close to the situation, LoveBScott reports that the RHOA original has not been invited back for the show’s next instalment.

A polarzier in recent seasons, Leakes has notably fallen out with the lion-share of the cast and was shown attempting to spit on foe Kenya Moore.

Elsewhere, she’s clashed with cameramen, likened her treatment on the show to the killing of unarmed Black man George Floyd, and just this week suggested Andy Cohen should be fired in a retweet. She’s also made several allusions to taking legal action against an entity – which many have interpreted as Bravo.

All, it seems, has contributed to her not receiving her pick-up letter for season 13.

“Pickup letters went out last Friday via emails to each of the ladies’ representatives and NeNe did not get one. Eva Marcille already announced she isn’t returning.

Leakes notably took to social media moments ago to tweet:

“You are NOT gonna get away with this. I promise!”

Interestingly, B.Scott adds that several reps for Leakes (from PR to management) are countering the claim that’s she’s been “fired” and that negotiations are on-going.

But there’s a strong possibility it’s the wording that’s the issue (e.g. “fired” vs “walked away on her own volition”).

It also presents questions around whether a reduced role/rate is why things are at a seeming impasse.

However, with fresh sources re-confirming that she legitimately doesn’t have a letter (yet), it’s not looking good. Especially with filming said to be starting in less than 30 days.

Also of note is this spot of tea poured out by an insider (about Leakes’ predicament):

“There is a larger NBC/Universal conversation happening it’s [all] folded into.”

Could this lend credence to the rumors of a major overhaul across a number of the Bravo franchises in a bid to freshen ’em up?

In any case, let us know…

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ June 18, 2020

    Someone is always getting fired, leaving the show or returning

    Imagine how tired we are.

    • Lanafan1 June 18, 2020


  2. I+love+big+black+c** June 18, 2020

    Mmm hmmm finally got some good news!!!! This camel needs to go! Byeeee

  3. Only Facts June 18, 2020

    The door is closed!! We stopped liking you 5 years ago. Nasty attitude! Bye wig!

    • E+Jai June 18, 2020


    • Meme June 18, 2020

      Exactly. She’s messed up 2 reunions and has made the show cringe worthy to watch. She has no story line and nothing going on.

  4. tyty June 18, 2020

    To think she was once the breakout star of the show 😂😂 her nasty attitude and arrogance has led to this

    • PinotNoir June 18, 2020

      Ain’t her stank ‘tude reminescent of Minaj’s? Sagittarians are funners central, but these two … whew, chile.

  5. Neon June 18, 2020

    If it’s true – about time!

  6. Tokyo Vanity Fan June 18, 2020

    Bravo has said it isn’t true, so its a non story

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH June 18, 2020

      when n where? 👀

      • Tokyo Vanity Fan June 18, 2020

        It was in the Hollywood life article

    • Danny Bey June 18, 2020

      They said she wasn’t “fired”. They said that as a liability. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. It’s all in the wording.

    • Gee June 18, 2020

      This has been a rumor for many years now, only time will tell. But based on the source itself B.Scott who is anti Nene I will say what until an official word from Nene herself. But I am sure if offered she will be back. She makes great money for very little work, and it also helps her build other business ventures, and other relationships.

  7. Brenda Wilson June 18, 2020

    Not watching boring Kandi and ignorant Kenya. Not watching that ridiculous series anymore if Nene is gone. Bye Felicia

    • E+Jai June 18, 2020

      Lol you calling Kenya ignorant? But did you forget how unintelligent Nene is? She can’t say bridesmaid…..she tried to read kandi and said unforgettable…..she splits verbs and adjectives all day long! Chile bye

  8. Bravo!! June 18, 2020

    I’ll wait for the Receipt. Knowing bravo she might have her own show in the works through bravo.

    • PF June 18, 2020

      Yeah right!!! Not with the way she’s been dragging Bravo and Andy. Isn’t she suing them as I type?????

  9. Keith June 18, 2020

    Get rid of the show all together. Those ladies have made enough money off that gravy train and its horrible depictions of women of color. Let it go! Bye, y’all….

    • Lanafan1 June 18, 2020

      They’re not depictions of women of color. They are their own depictions

  10. PF June 18, 2020

    The pic matches headline oh so perfectly LOL

  11. Gloria Hightower June 18, 2020

    I am positive that her comments agajnst Andy Cohen lead to Nene.not getting a letter of return.
    Moreso, as Phaedra was not allowed to return, after Kandi made it clear she was going to sue, and BRAVO rid of Phaedra informed by one of theit staffets, who gave info about Todd and Kandi’s claim agajnst Porsha that was learned untrue.
    Caucasian unjustices in Film, only.when they do not accept responsibility for their wrongs.

  12. Petty Pendergast June 18, 2020

    Cancel it. Idk how yall watch women bicker over literally nothing for 28 seasons.

  13. Meme June 18, 2020

    As she should be. Nene has not been the highlight for me seasons now so not sure why she is the highest paid. Both the last 2 reunions she has messed up the show by either not engaging and answer questions, or leaving set all together. Her attitude brings down the show for me.

  14. Dear Black People June 18, 2020

    i’m so bored of all these ghetto shows going nowhere.

    • Hmmm June 18, 2020

      You back again bish?? I thought I routed your ignorant racist ass the other day.

      • Fancy BISH June 18, 2020


      • Dear Black People June 18, 2020

        You wish your ugly ashy elbows could make me do anything. You couldn’t back up what you saying so you ran away, you are so pathic with you 197657880 troll acounts it’s laughable these days. Someone needs stop being the welfare queen and get a job you lazy vile thing, now poof be gone troll.

      • Dear Black People June 18, 2020

        Piggy HAMM & Fancy |sis supperter are the same ghetto welfare queen LOL

  15. DC3 FOREVER June 18, 2020

    Y’all say this about here EVERY SEASON every knows she always gets her contract last due to the payout. Trust me her Kenya & Kandi are the only ones who have job security

    • Fancy BISH June 18, 2020

      What a shame that can’t be said about Kelly and Michelle the back up animals.

  16. Gwen Carson June 18, 2020

    If Nene not there. I won’t be watching…
    Nene brings class to the show

  17. Carmen Allende June 19, 2020

    The truth is that if Nene goes then close down the ATLANTA SHOW…IT’s going to be one boring show…Nene will survive on some other show..she is not done yet..

  18. Peggy June 19, 2020

    the whole show needs to be cancelled to much bickering I don’t even watch it fire them alll!!!

  19. No name June 19, 2020

    I think Kenya should go also

  20. J June 19, 2020

    B Y E N E N E ! ! !

  21. Karen Faison June 19, 2020

    She look better gone. I watch the show faithfully and look forward to each new season BUT I was really getting tired of NeNe Leaks. Her richness has truly gone to her head.

    • P C Carter June 19, 2020

      SO TRUE, LET HER GO!!!

  22. Lou June 19, 2020

    Instead of NeNe it should b Kenya Moore she do way Moore dirty shade than NeNe n always put it on the other person rating will probably go down because Kenya gets over to much with the stuff she does.

  23. Mary June 19, 2020

    It’s about time!!! Nene is angry and no longer the fun loving lady I used to watch. It’s about time Bravo clean a lot more of each house. The cast is very boring on most of the shows.

  24. P C Carter June 19, 2020


  25. Sharon June 19, 2020

    I am glad she is not returning! She is mean, a bully, and just has no morals or respect for anyone! In my opinion she is just a trashy person with money! What grown person wants to spit on another person? Low class! She acts like she thinks she is so above everyone else!

  26. Linda June 19, 2020

    I think she should have been fired several seasons ago. She only adds negatively to the show. She is not pretty, she is masculine looking, and has one of the most disgusting mouths I have ever heard. Several of us watch this show and when she comes on we fast forward until she is off.

  27. Pamela Williams June 20, 2020

    I thought she should have been fired long ago! Namely, the scene in her closet with the camera man. But spitti g on Kenya was just wrong. I am not a big fan of Kenya but no-one should be spit on!

  28. Jackie June 20, 2020

    Why does everyone have to be humiliated because of Kenya, let her step up to the plate and admit her faults as well as the rest of the ladies do.True, I don’t agree with everything NeNe does but Kenya always whining about what is done to her, step up and admit what you do wrong!

  29. Sylvia June 21, 2020

    Its time. For NeNe to move on SHES VERY JEALOUS OF CANDI from day 1..JEALOUSLY has gonna the best of her

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