Charlamagne: “Jada Pinkett-Smith Is Toxic”

Published: Monday 13th Jul 2020 by David

Charlamagne Tha God is leading the chorus of critics who feel Jada Pinkett-Smith is morally bankrupt.

Find out why below….

Though some would like to believe her frank conversation with husband Will Smith about her relationship with August Alsina was a PR success, the earthy and maternal image Mrs. Smith has cultivated for herself has been shattered by talk that she manipulated the R&B singer when he was at his weakest.

Fans of the ‘Testimony’ star will know that his life has been marked with a number of deaths and near-death experiences, as well an ongoing health battle compounded by the stress he faced as an artist in the major label system.

Now, the praise Jada earned for coming clean about the romantic entanglement finds itself stifled by criticism from those who would argue that her decision to enter into a sexual relationship with a young man who turned to her for emotional support  was indecent, immoral and downright dishonourable.

Charlamagne Tha God had this to say….

DJ Envy wasn’t convinced either:

That young man was hurt. He was at the lowest point of his life so at that time he just wanted love. That man just needed love. I think she took advantage of him.


Hit this link to see August’s side of the story.



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  1. Really July 13, 2020

    I still don’t think he had to say anything at all. The timing is just off. I get he was asked about it so it may not have been some thing that he was expecting to talk about but at the same time this industry is so preplanned he probably knew the questions . To me it’s just nobodies business and it’s OK to decline to comment on the situation. It is OK for the world not to know everything about you. And very true maybe Jade is not healed, but at the end of the day it should not have been brought out to light in my opinion

  2. Ajm265 July 13, 2020

    A hypocrite criticizing anyone is laughable. All the times he has stepped out on his wife. Stfu Charlamagne!

  3. Pp July 13, 2020

    Char needs to stop being so …judgemental because a lot of folks from South Carolina too judgemental and doing the same thing if n worse hyporites

  4. That’s the Jezebeel spirit in her.She want to control things. July 13, 2020

    That’s a Jezebeel Spirit she has.That os controlling.

    • Eric July 14, 2020


  5. ERIC July 13, 2020

    He can’t criticize Jada for her excuse of wanting to feel good and paint August as a victim for wanting the same thing. It can’t work like that. These were two grown people looking for something that they did NOT have to try to find in each other.

    • Holliewuudd July 13, 2020

      Completely agree. I think that its safe to say that they both were at a time in their lives where they needed to feel good. The difference is that Jada had someone to go home to, August did not and therefore it hit him harder. August is a grown ass man, albeit mentally unstable, still he knew she was married. Period.

    • Hmmm… July 13, 2020

      Exactly. This is not some teenage boy we’re talking about. It was a bad decision that 2 consenting ADULTS made. 🙄

  6. Kim,Keisha&Pam July 13, 2020

    Men are trash, I’m convinced. Go Jada. Do them boys like they do these girls!

  7. Timothy Burns July 14, 2020

    August was a grown man there made a grown decision I won’t feel sorry for….#livewiturlifechoices #beAman

  8. FK those tacky af Yeezy 4 taking my tax $ July 14, 2020

    august is the epitomy of bithas$ness for turning their private situation into a public affair… and that lil GIT seriously thought that grown as$ woman would leave that father of her adult children and a near 3 decade long marriage; for his wack a$$…. FK AUGUST… his going public with the little fame he has managed to secure; is an act of aggression and predatory in itself.

  9. Trevor M. Millett July 14, 2020

    Charlamagne really thinks he is God. He knows all. Such humility! So he and all the good people, the self-righteous people, the infallible people are raining criticism on Jada Pinkett Smith for a romantic “entanglement” with a grown ass man. This isn’t sweet innocence we’re dealing with here. This is naivete that was exploited. This is a grown ass man who got involved in a consensual relationship. I haven’t seen Jada’s shingle as a clinical psychologist or a therapist. She needed to comfort and help him, why? Whether she is a cougar or not that’s her damn business. They both got what they wanted out of their relationship.

    And concerning her marriage, what about “for better or worse”?

    She needs to work on herself? What about you working on yours? Hell.

  10. Georgann Wright (Tex) July 14, 2020

    Easier said than done. August is very appealing and it was new. We asked women not often can risk the temptation – will try it and deal with the consequences later. He was younger but he wasn’t a child. They both played a role – they both wanted each other – that’s life. I believe there is no blame. They did what they wanted to do and them – only them have to deal with it . A lot of hurt has been fished out – but mistakes – good or bad is a part of life.

  11. Colette July 14, 2020

    I think everyone should mind there own business… No one on this panel is perfect. Especially You who calls himself That God.. Please 😷

  12. Kim July 15, 2020

    August did that as an publicity stunt to sale his new album. He was a grown man sleeping sleeping with her. Please remember he was broken and needed help but Jada was equally as broken her husband no longer wanted her. Her marriage was going down and when a spouse tells you that they are done with you it literally messes up your mental. Plus she had a lot of trauma in her life that hadn’t been dealt with. So, they found each other at an opportune time and what happened, happened. There’s no victim’s here and for him to do this now truly shows how manipulative he can be. He thought he loved her but obviously he only loved himself and he knew what was up. It takes two to tango. He gave her attention and s** and attention and she gave him security and access to her wealth. So it was a win win until he realized she was not going to leave her husband.

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