Eva Marcille Rules Out ‘Real Housewives’ Return

Published: Wednesday 29th Jul 2020 by David

After putting an end to its working relationship with the public figure, producers at ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ have learned that Eva Marcille would not return to the series if they changed their minds and asked her to.

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Eva’s time on the series came to an end earlier this year following an intense virtual reunion which saw her clash with fan favourite Porsha Williams.

The weeks following the event saw Eva take to social media to reveal that she was still spending time with a number of her cast mates which gave some fans reason to believe execs had had a change of heart and invited her back on the series.

She says that this is not the case, and explained that she would return because she isn’t impressed by its portrayal of women.

Where she broke the news? During a filmed conversation with Kandi Burruss.

 Kandi, you’re gonna make me tear up. Because of you, because of Cynthia. You guys have been such a proper representation of Black women on TV. We don’t have that. We look for the buffoonery. We look for who’s going to flip over the table or who’s going to act crazy. Or who’s going to bring up someone’s slanderous f—-ed up past. That’s what this show is for us and the idea that you can sign up knowing that’s what it is.


Eva rose to fame as a contestant on the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and enjoyed a fruitful career in entertainment thanks to a fan base which now eagerly awaits her next move.

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  1. Druex July 29, 2020

    Eva girl stfu.

    Unless you’ve been living under a ROCK for the last 12 years, you knew exactly what RHOA was about. As a matter of fact, the entire Housewives franchise. They were good enough for 2 seasons and their checks, but oh REPRESENTATION!

    The viewers watch for fashions, shade and drama! Which you brought none of the above. You couldn’t take the heat so you got your forgetful ass up outta the kitchen.

    RHOA will go on sweetie. Trust. Most of us didn’t even like your corny ass.

    • Be July 29, 2020

      Yea but weren’t people saying they’re over the Housewives franchise?? Eva was a wife and had kids..I wished they showed more what she is doing other than that..the whole last season was about Nene drama nothing new

  2. Meme July 29, 2020

    Horrible move by the production team. I will never understand for the life of me why she cut. It’s not like this is Kim who clearly didn’t fit the group. Eva held her own, brought what being a housewife really is to the show. She had he own story line, fought her fights well, she look damn good and she’s younger and fresher. I just don’t get it.

    • NeNe Leakes July 29, 2020

      Worry about why Riri scared to drop an album

      • Be July 29, 2020

        Go buy Fenty Skin

    • Happy+n+Rich July 30, 2020

      She got cut to make way for new or returning talent. She was pregnant two seasons in a row, and thus on light duty. She also had a bad (for TV) tendency to avoid drama. Early last season when Cynthia surprised Eva by bringing Marlo to lunch with them, Eva took her whole meal to another table. Production was NEVER going to allow that to go on for too long.

      She should have acted like she knew Gail (Yovanna) sooner and cooked up something fresh for her storyline.

      If they offered a “friend” contract at a reduced rate, she should have accepted it. Yes, it’s embarrassing to be demoted, but it’s still a good check, and being on the show still brings status and other opportunities — and she might have regained her peach later.

  3. Keon July 29, 2020

    EVA dahhhhhhhhling !!! U should’ve remained “friend of the show”. I don’t feel Eva had anything going for herself to hold a peach as well as Marlo , Tanya , Cynthia and others. She missed her mark. Being pregnant I guessed would be the reason. I feel Andy should get rid of most of the cast if he wants to see the show get bigger. Its almost as if the season is predictable now. A lot of them if not all are taking up space.

    • Happy+n+Rich July 30, 2020

      I agree, and yes, the cast needs a huge shakeup. I hope Nene takes a break from the show, and Kandi can take one too. They could cast 5-10 new women with the money they spend on just those two.

      And the new ladies need to be interesting on their own, and not just about arguing with the other ladies.

  4. IKNOWTHETRUTH July 29, 2020


  5. Love July 29, 2020

    Eva the p**** licking bull dagger lol

  6. TToka July 30, 2020

    EVA needs to be on there .Shes not pregnant either anymore and shes funny to me and she is beautiful to look at.u know the RHOA ladies on there are all accomplished in some sort of way and beautiful so EVA needs to stay!

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