Watch: Adrienne Houghton Weighs In on Tamar Braxton & Departure of Amanda Seales, Tamera Mowry from ‘The Real’

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020 by Rashad

As celebrities continue their outpouring of support for GRAMMY-nominated singer-actress-TV personality Tamar Braxton in light of her recently reported emotional health crisis (click here to read more), some have expressed disappointment in stars of Braxton’s former daytime talk show home, ‘The Real,’ for keeping silent.

Despite her reported fall out with Tamar, Adrienne Bailon Houghton – tired of the ongoing criticism – took to her official YouTube show, ‘All Things Adrienne,’ to make an official statement Tuesday (July 21).

Answering fan questions live in a special segment titled, ‘Ask Adrienne,’ the former 3LW frontwoman revealed:

“I also think it’s important to know that real life is so much important than social media,” she stated. “For me, I hold myself to a higher standard in real life than I do on social media. I absolutely want to encourage people to pray for [Tamar], but in real life that’s what I’m doing…I absolutely believe that we should be praying for her, but not praying for her on social media posts.” 

That’s not all she said. Look inside for more:


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Sorry guys! Here’s the THE FULL VIDEO (it didn’t upload fully on the first attempt! 🧡) : #AdrienneBailon explains why she did not POST about #TamarBraxton after she was rushed to the hospital in an apparent suicide attempt 🙏🏾💓 Thoughts? @tamarbraxton #tamarbraxton @adriennebailon #adriennebailon

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In addition to addressing Tamar’s situation (as seen in the video above), she also discussed Tamera Mowry-Housley‘s recently announced departure from ‘The Real.’

See it below (start at the 13:05 mark):

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  1. Susan July 22, 2020

    Wishing Tamar a speedy recovery. TGJ please also post about the massive Free Britney protests happening right now outside of the LA courthouse. The latest conservatorship hearing is happening right now

  2. Tori July 22, 2020

    Beautifully said, and I wish everyone would take notice to what she said “EVERYTHING IS NOT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA”! Everyone has been saying they’re praying and sending positive thoughts, do it for real privately!

  3. hate bllackk nn whhytee July 22, 2020

    tamar did not get along with those catty ass bitcheszz from the real so why are they commenting, on her mutha f***** life. the f*** did Toni say?

    and tamar the only way i see out is the f*** do u know that…b**** you better be glad u didnt end up braindead on a coma like bobbi k…now keep it real

    • hate bllackk nn whhytee July 22, 2020

      so adrinne stfu..the girl from 3lw said u are a b**** too u f***** up the real and 3lw

    • Kris July 23, 2020

      It’s ignorant people like U leaving IGNORANT comments like THAT NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR! There’s waaay MORE than ENOUGH NEGATIVITY OUT HERE, NOBODY WANTS O.R NEEDS YO HATE-FILLED..Idek what to call it Satanism? Stupidity? Maybe U should take Adrienne’s advice & SIT YO B*** DOWN (PREFERABLY FOR GOOD!) & PRAY. Pray a FEW PRAYERS because U NEED SOME GOD & SOME CLARITY in YO LIFE!

    • Kris July 23, 2020

      & one more thing, only because I accidentally hit send before I was done, MOST DEF NOT bc YO IGNORANCE matters that much, but U, WHOEVER THE HECK U ARE (Sry, but NOBODY CARES because U STANKING so bad we all smell u across the globe from words like that) but U would give ANYTHING to be sitting at that Real table BUT U AIN’T. It’s OBVIOUS why though, but “too bad so sad” as my 6 YR old so well states. SO U DON’T KNOW ANY.THING ABOUT WHAT U CHIRPING ON! Girl BYE! P.S. Maybe u can ask nicely & sweet Adrienne just might say a prayer for U. Because I ain’t strong enough in the Lord right now for U & God knows U NEED IT! Gonna ACTUALLY comment some IGNORANT stuff like THAT on SUCH A SERIOUS & REAL SITUATION of which YO B*** KNOWS NO.THING ABOUT!! Whew Lord, PLEASE take my advice & ask SOMEBODY (ALOT of somebodyS!) To PRAY FOR U!!

  4. Bertha Dunn July 23, 2020

    You can look to be hated, because you all the best of what you do.!!!

  5. Kle1077 July 23, 2020

    How many times did she say the word “me”???

  6. Robert July 23, 2020

    I think people that live in Glass houses.. should not throw stones.
    One thing I’m going to stay. people deal with married man and then they married then and then they want to get up here and act like they so holier-than-thou. People are dealing with a lot of jealousy and their life is just not all that it cracks up to be and they want to get on television act like a husband is just sew peachy cream and everything when they were dealing with this man when he had a wipes don’t get up here and act like you so picture perfect okay I don’t agree with nothing you say because you think you’re better than people that’s how I

    • Kris July 23, 2020

      It was so OBVIOUS she felt insecure & a little embarrassed doing this more natural, WITHOUT ALL THE MAKE-UP, so please, HOW IS SHE ACTING LIKE SHE’S BETTER THAN ANYONE? CAN U SAY? Why, because SHE has a loving husband & supportive followers that ENCOURAGE her to do so? Don’t U wish U did? Heck, WE ALL DO! Don’t hate on HER for that, maybe take a cue & find that HEALTHY self-esteem THEN u might get it. U wouldn’t be posting videos without FULL make-up & outfit (IK I wouldn’t!) So quit hating, TRY being happy for someone sometimes because believe it or not THAT DOES ALOT OF GOOD FOR YOURSELF! U DON’T KNOW HER O.R WHAT SHE GOES THROUGH!

  7. Cindi July 23, 2020

    Mr and Mrs Houghton…you guys are extremely beautiful and I know Israel would have gotten you water and more..keep loving on each other 😘

    • Kris July 23, 2020

      Right! I stumbled upon this video & couldn’t put it down. Like your loving husband said girl, IF Y’ALL DON’T LIKE HER OR HER VIDEOS OR WHAT SHE’S SAYING then dang JUST KEEP SCROLLING!

  8. Velda Britt July 23, 2020

    You look beautiful without your makeup. Please just stay focused. Don’t get distracted. Hello to Israel from Lakewood choir. We miss you so much.

  9. Patricia Dougherty July 23, 2020

    I am envious of your strong faith. I pray daily and it has helped me through many a tough time. We should all pray for one another.
    You have beautiful skin. What products do you use each day ?

    Congratulations on your marriage. My husband and I have been married going on 40
    Years. May you be as happy as we have been.


  10. Yvette Wynn July 23, 2020

    This chick her annoys the hell out of me she don’t give nobody a chance to talk she don’t want nobody on that show but her she’s a ignorant ass lawyer on girl Adrian wants to take over the show she run her mouth too much if anybody need to leave is her

    • Kris July 23, 2020

      LMBO. So I guess U are smarter than allll the producers & the many, MANY people who run the show, right? Oh girl, bet U turned down that job just because of Adrienne right? LMBO! Adrienne honey, listen to exactly who you’ve been listening to because these people out here are soooo full of jealousy that can’t even stop watching YOUR videos! 😂🤣 Keep making that money honey! 😉

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