Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence After Kanye West’s Divorce Revelation

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020 by Sam

Kim Kardashian has shattered her silence.

The socialite/reality star has been notably mute about the actions of husband Kanye West – who, in just 72 hours, has slammed Harriet Tubman, implied his wife wanted to abort their daughter North, and claimed he wanted a divorce.

Now, Kardashian is speaking up and out.

Her words below…

Via Instagram Stories, she wrote:

Per her statement, it’s clear Kim is taking the high-road approach. Although, it’ll be interesting to see if this more a case of calm before the divorce storm (given Ye’s words) or simply her present sentiment.

Whatever the case, The Wests are in the headlines…again.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan July 22, 2020

    She’s divorcing him. Watch. When he said Kris can’t see the kids, that was the final straw I’m sure.

  2. Ugghh July 22, 2020

    Very well said!

    I’m sure this situation is not easy for her or Kanye of course. People give her a lot of shît (some of it needed), however this woman has grown a lot and she is standing by her husband.

    Regardless if they divorce or not, it’s not our right to judge the outcome. I know I personally would have a very hard time if I was in this situation with someone like Kanye.

    • ME+YOU+US July 22, 2020

      This white supremacist is standing by her buck broken sell out c00n…until she will mom over him like commercial grade lawn mower..

    • C**-ila July 22, 2020

      Compassion and empathy? These family of C U Next Tuesday’s all their life has stump on others, defamed other, attacked others all publicly and sometimes for things like disagreeing with their opinions (Like Chloe Grace Moretz and many others). They used all the cheap tricks in the book to get publicity and have everybody speak about them.
      So compassion and empathy is something I’ll never had or will have for this family.
      They can go Kafuck themselves, Kris Jon-Un and the rest of their clan 🙌🏻

  3. Hmmm… July 22, 2020

    OK, but what are you doing to HELP him? Just letting him go off the deep end publicly and then releasing a statement that basically says, “It be like that sometimes” is not good enough. Letting him publicly humiliate himself and breakdown in front of the entire world, while you are silent because “it’s Really hard” is unacceptable. Letting him use his platform irresponsibly because YOU think he’s a “genius” is irrational. Ok, mental health is a problem and Kanye is complicated, but what are DOING about it Kim? You’re “powerless“ because he’s not a minor? So that’s it? Let’s just sit back and watch? Pay for the babies and wear the Yeezy and that’s just… it. Lol, I have never.

    • Paulo July 22, 2020

      Kanye threw the bait and people are biting it… how on Earth would you know what she is doing or not, stupid? For all we know she tried to get him to a doctor according to his own testimony and got slutshamed by her own husband online for it

      • Hmmm… July 22, 2020

        You are so simple. That’s the point. There should be some obvious indication that she has been desperately trying to help him. Because this is not new. He has been sick for years. Prioritizing his health is not co-signing his utterly ABSURD antics under the guise of supporting his “genius”, and then remaining silent for years on end until he finally drops the revelation that he wants to divorce you and for once, you are publicly on the receiving end of his rant. I would hope that you as his spouse, has enough influence over him to tell him when he’s wrong. If anybody should be able to tell Kanye, that he is not a god, that he should not be calling himself more important than the apostle Paul, that he should not be running for president, it’s his spouse. Blindly supporting him is not helping him. Kanye is not a child, he is an intelligent human being who has a mental disorder. So I think, that Sitting back because you’re “powerless” and simply calling a doctor and when the person refuses, going, “I tried”, is defeatist and irresponsible to him, yourself, your children, and to everyone else. Because it’s not like his episodes have no consequences for the rest of the world. Let’s just say, that he did end up splitting the democratic vote. Who’s going to deal with the impact?? Not the West’s. Other people will end up paying for his mistakes, and unlike you and your family, they can’t afford it.

        And furthermore, when you’re desperate to save someone’s life, which is what’s at stake here, everything else takes a backseat. The fashion, the makeup lines, the clothing lines, the presidency, the social media presence, the reality show, etc. All of it should take a backseat. He’s not her friend, he’s not her boyfriend, he’s her husband. Take a year. Take two. And focus on you, your family, and your health. They have the means. That’s what I’m talking about. What are her DESPERATE measures for these DESPERATE times. Calling a doctor on the phone…? No sale.

      • Hmmm… July 22, 2020

        Also? He s***-shamed Amber MULTIPLE times. He wasn’t put in his place a loooong time ago. It’s all good until you’re on the receiving end.

      • Paulo July 22, 2020

        Do I disagree with you completely? No. But do I think we have enough evidence to jump to these conclusions even though I agree with some of what you said? No

        And regarding Amber we definitely agree.

      • Hmmm… July 22, 2020

        Of course, There’s a lot we don’t know. My comment was more about how I’ve heard her say in the past after one of his outbursts something like, “y’all know how Kanye gets, he’s passionate, he’s a genius, he’s a free thinker, etc.” Like girl if you don’t tell that man he’s WRONG. Enough of the, “he’s different, he’s an artist” excuse. Mental illness and all. Tell him that he’s dead wrong. Don’t just accept it. Correct him. Advise him. He doesn’t have “big dreams”, he has bad ideas. Don’t even try to equate that. And yes, maybe she just says that publicly, and we don’t know what happens privately, but she needs to know that you can be loyal to a fault.

    • Que July 22, 2020

      You simply have no clue what it’s like… Educate yourself. We are not in their household. They are not in yours as well.

  4. J July 22, 2020

    We’re tired Kim.

    • DonnaTomaselli July 22, 2020

      Hi Kim my name is Donna tomaselli I am 58 years old I have suffered with bipolar disorder the 30 years it is very hard do you have a relationship but it’s very hard for the person who has it because it’s in their brain at all times and want to know how to get rid of it I have lost a son to violence and when things happened in your life it makes it much harder I’ve been on so many medications people really need to start talking about Mental Health bipolar disorder has very bad depression was very manic and no in between I wish nothing for the best of your family and single mom is raised two sons and they had to deal with this so I can understand the heartache and the pain in the family trying to just deal with it but remember people with allergies disease don’t even want to be themselves we do not like ourselves either and wonder why people put up with us that is what goes on an hour ahead I hope you get this message I’m really not sure how to do things like this very old-fashioned thank you Donna tomaselli

  5. Haterz+Gon‘+Hate July 22, 2020

    We can never know what gets said inside their home behind closed doors, and it don’t matter as long as he stops plaguing our eyes and ears with his rants 🗣🗣🗣If she cares so much help him take his meds or divorce him and hook him up with Azellia Banks. Those two together would cancel each other out with their rants. Whew chile. 🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

    • Ashawo July 22, 2020

      😂😂😂😂😂that part…”cancel each other out” …I just cant 😂😂😂😂

  6. Jackx July 22, 2020

    He’s mentally unstable. The men in the white coats need to come get him

  7. Truth July 22, 2020

    He is surrounded by enablers… which is not good… he need strong people that are not afraid to put him in his place when he get out of line.. making excuses for him when he does things like this is not helping him at all

  8. Biancacook July 22, 2020

    she’s powerless because u can’t make a grown per do anything. as long as he isn’t violent or harming himself she can’t do anything. no one can. all she can do is watch him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.

  9. #TheTruth July 22, 2020

    She didn’t write this, her team did.
    But it’s well put together regarding how mental illness can affect someone’s words and actions to the point they act brand new.

    So if people think he can be President, they also need help. He needs to lay low and get whatever treatment will work for him.

  10. Ugh July 22, 2020

    She has NO right to ask for privacy. Her entire self absorbed out of reality life has been aired for decades and she PROFITS off of it. Sorry sis, you can’t have it both ways. She wants us to leave it be? Ok! I’ll give her SOME credibility if she doesn’t include ANY of this nonsense, into the upcoming seasons they have. You know DAMN well there will be at least ONE mention of this on camera. If she does that or allows it, she’s the most evil person in the world. Until then, you’re a PUBLIC figure. Your entire empire is made off the PUBLIC.

  11. AJ July 22, 2020

    I can’t help but question the timing, given that he has an album due out. There’s always some drama around the time he has an album coming.

  12. WRTW? July 22, 2020

    Yes, I love that Kim’s PR person wrote this. Very beautiful

  13. AJ July 23, 2020

    Kanye is deeply unwell. People should stop buying his music and stop encouraging him so he has chance to step away from the limelight.

    As for Kim, I have ZERO sympathy. She forced her way into the limelight and as a culture vulture and media hore, she has no right to ask for privacy or compassion. Her family has leached off the drama and other peoples’ misfortunes for years.

    There’s also male privilege going on otherwise it would be a Kanye Conservatorship Spears situation going on

  14. D. McCauley July 23, 2020

    I understand the illness and hold no negative opinion of West or Kardashian Family. I applaud the entire family for their love and support. I see them as examples to others who are faced with this situation. This makes me have more love & respect for ALL of them. Kanye & Kim have NOTHING to feel ashamed of. She has husband a who adores her. 💯 Many know it & are haters because of it!!!
    “God Bless The West & Kardashian Family” 💜

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